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  1. That’s awesome. I’m not even a good skater, I just enjoy nostalgic equipment. I skated the wrong way my entire life. Tying my skates like casts. Went shins under tongues one day for a rec skate and could never go back. I need the ankle ROM on ice. Learning about skate fit, blade profiling, pitch and all that has only complicated things for me, but still interested in dialing in on that ideal fit and feel. Current ice set up is 703 with tuuk plus holders. Way better feel For me than my 707s and G7s with cobra. Makos feel like a running shoe that is just an extension of your leg. Just not crazy about the ankle wrap.
  2. I like it at the top. I love how the mako wraps your foot below the ankle. I love how my 703s and 707s feel around the ankle (despite those being different skates with very different ankles. If I could combine the mako wrap, with a 703 fit and a 707 hinged ankle I would have the ultimate skate lol. I have all 3, so kind of attempting to combine the best of all worlds. My current tongues are reminiscent of an early 2000’s 703 tongue
  3. It’s not so much cosmetic as I’ve become accustomed to the thick Graf tongues. I really like the feel of them and you don’t get that nice cushiony feel around the ankle with the mako tongue
  4. Has anyone ever swapped the tongue in mako’s? I like shins under tongue with a flop. I have extra Graf tongues or I was thinking about some snipers. Just not sure if they would be too bulky in the mako boot
  5. Wow, thats a great point. So even less than i thought. Yea, initially i thought having a wheel that didnt stick out past a toe cap would be a huge detriment in terms of skating, but the more i research the more i become comfortable with the set up. I believe, even if you look at a size 11.5 skate with an 80/76 set up....that front wheel is underneath the toe....so it's not like you can't skate on a set up like that. It might even be beneficial for an ice player.
  6. In terms of the overall wheelbase (how far the wheels will spread across the bottom of the skate). So if you go to a 76/72 you will shorten the wheelbase by 8mm. That’s the difference between the New and old front and back wheels. So you shorten by 4mm from the back wheel and 4mm from the front wheel. You wouldn’t gain 16mm (the overall difference in wheelsize). Basically it won’t be the same as a 76/72 setup that has a bolt pattern designed for that since the wheels on a frame designed for that would be close together. When you do your swap the difference of the middle two wheels will now be filled with empty space. Hope that makes sense. It’s long winded
  7. Yea you could. I contemplated it. But you really only gain the difference on the front and back wheel. Going to a 72/68 setup on a medium frame might be more to my liking In terms of overall wheelbase length. I just thought it would be really awkward with huge spaces between each wheel. Right now the front wheel is basically flush with the toe cap. I’m getting more comfortable with thinking this is going to work out good. I’ll post pics once done. Already trimmed the plastic off one skate and it’s fitting much better already. Appreciate all the feedback!
  8. Idk if it was this thread or another but someone posted an article about how the wheels should be aligned under a roller boot. It was referencing ice players who were skating in roller blades. It said the front wheel should actually sit under the toe whereas the toe cap would stick out further than the wheel. My last set up was pretty close, but not that extreme. It almost seems crazy to skate with a front wheel under the boot. Then I came across this picture of Matthews and his front wheel is clearly recessed under the toe. Maybe it’ll take a slight adjustment but hopefully be better in the long run.
  9. That’s what I was thinking as well with it being centered. Considering the rocker of the marsblade, id imagine it would throw you off if it’s not. It’s funny, those pics of the pavel barber mounts are what made me think I can rock the smalls. Figured If he can skate on them, then who the hell am I? Lol. I just knew the 80/76 wouldn’t work for me bc I’ve hated it in the past. The small frame might sacrifice a little bit of speed and perhaps performance, but I like it bc it mimics my ice blade more and transitions are pretty seamless for me this way. Ideally, in a size 7 boot I’d prob prefer a 76/72 set up. It’s kind of dumb that roller skates are made more in terms of a one size fits all type of approach, but I guess it’s not cost conscience for them to make so many sizes.
  10. Thanks. I guess I will give that a shot. Since shaving that part down is doable, I may try small shims and dremel the outsole so I’ll be compromising the boot as little as possible
  11. So I got my marsblades today. They feel and look awesome. My issue is with the mako boot. The rubbery part that wraps the bottom of the boot with the vent holes is interfering pretty badly with the chassis being able to sit flush. Not sure what to do here. Was thinking shins but not sure how that would feel sitting up so high. IDK if I can shave down the rubber part on the boot. my 2nd question. Where should the chassis sit on the boot? I went with the smaller frame so it’s not 100% ideal so I’ve been eyeballing the wheel position. If I mount it more forward would that effect the rocker function of the frame?
  12. Yea it’s a mission penetrator 76/68 hi lo frame. I’m sure it’s fairly old. I also have the old kuzak split that ran the same set up. Anyhow, I went and ordered the small frame. I will be mounting it to a size 6.5 Easton mako. It seems like it will be a better overall fit for me. Appreciate your help!
  13. Thanks Per! I appreciate the quick response. My hesitation with the small frame would be, a potential loss of performance due to an even smaller wheel set up than my current jr. frame. . I guess I have some contemplating to do.
  14. Contemplating the new marsblade frame. I have the original ( all 72mm set up) and like it as a training tool. My question is with the wheel set up of the new frame and how it compares to a regular hi Lo. I absolutely hated the 80/76 set up on aluminum frames. I felt like I had clown feet. I wear a size 7 skate. I actually have a jr. frame (76/68)on my current skates to mimic a closer feel to my ice runners. Can anyone compare the difference in the marsblade to the a rigid frame with the same wheel set up? I don’t want to play ice and fall on my face because I’m used to Having a front wheel sticking out.
  15. Did you use nail polish remover on the holder decals also?
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