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  1. As a big Graf guy who recently just went modern with Machs this video had me longing for Graf’s again. If I were them, I would stick to the classic models and classic looks and just build them in composite form and some of the newer (sometimes gimmicky) features. I think people are getting tired of the radical color designs on all the new skates (I was never a fan of this) and I think Graf would benefit there. New companies moved to the 3 fit system whereas Graf has been doing this for decades with their different models of skates. I would love a full composite heat moldable 707 with a 703 heel and original graphics.
  2. Nothing scientific but if the holder is the same size you are skating on now you can compare the holder to the bottom of the boot on your skates vs the pictures of the 7000’s. If you are in 7000’s now then it should be very helpful. That’s one of the things I do when a seller doesn’t know the actual size. Get the holder size and see how much room it occupies on the sole of the skate
  3. Yea I was kind of the opposite. Never thought I’d wear a skate in a narrow fit, but some skates definitely allow you to mold them well. I went with the best heel lock and tightest fitting all around to the point where it feels uncomfortable when you first put them on. I found that after sitting with the mach’s tied up for about 10 minutes they’d start to open up a bit. Then the baking and punching process makes them ultimately feel like a glove. I do wonder if there was some kind of defect with my first pair. Size 6 fit 2 was crushing my big toe on my left foot. Two different pairs of size 6 fit 1 and I don’t experience that at all. That first pair almost had me go up a half a size which would’ve been a mistake. there’s not a ton of movement with the speed plate. You can hear it click back and forth. Few mm at most. I had to pry the stock footbeds out with a tool they were so tight. I have a feeling the 1.0’s coming today will fit bette r since they are meant for a 6.5 skate and apparently take up less volume than the 2.0’s, but we’ll see… edit: 1.0’s so much better for me. Size 6.5 fits perfect. Nice and thin. 2.0’s are too bulky for me. Completely changed the volume of the skate. I took out the stock insoles (also very thick) and have been skating on paper thin Bauer form fit insoles that had the tabs on the front of them. Speed plate also are very thin but more rigid. Excited to give these a whirl. Now I have to scour the web for more of these. Can’t find them anywhere in my size
  4. Yea, you helped me a lot in my search. Finally got the perfect fit and now the insoles are off LMAO
  5. Same. I’m down a full skate size from what I’d normally wear. Just annoyed that something that is supposed to fit as an extension of the skate is moving around inside it. Like you said I’m sure it won’t move when I skate, but…. i have a pair of 1.0’s on the way labeled 6.5 and apparently those are thinner than the 2.0’s so hopefully the work out better.
  6. Just ordered 3 pairs of speed plates as they sounded like something I’d really like. Got the first pair today and they are too small for my skates. I have a size 6 fit 1 skate and ordered size 6-6.5. They slide back and forth in the boot when I push my fingers on them. Pretty disappointed. They are also insanely thick taking up way more volume than I’d like. I’m still going to give them a go on the ice and see how it goes, but I can’t believe how off the sizing is.
  7. Not the skate as a whole, but some of its features. Ft690 was my first dip into newer tech skates, coming from Graf 707’s. The stiffness and responsiveness of the skate was very noticeable. More so on the ccms than the mach’s for me. Ccms felt stiffer and more responsive. Idk if that’s a one piece boot vs 2 piece or the fact that the Machs have much more forward flex, maybe it was the holder and steel, maybe the size 6.5(CCMs) were cut a tad higher than size 6 Mach’s?…..idk….but that’s how they felt for me. They felt stiffer. The tongue on the ccms was pretty cool. Very comfortable. The tendon guard has padding on it whereas the Mach’s is just hard plastic. I think the full interior wrap vs the comfort edge was an upgrade. Xs holder with step steel vs tuuk with pulse/fly steel. Ultimately, I like the Mach’s better. They fit me perfectly. But there were some really cool aspects to the CCMs imo.
  8. I went to an open skate recently and dropped the top 3 eyelets (which is close to 4 eyelets on the Machs) and all the stabilizing muscles in my lower limbs were feeling it. You’ll quickly notice if one leg is stronger than the other because that one will likely be on fire at one point. I felt good afterwards and plan to keep on doing this as a skating aid.
  9. I had them, but returned them because ultimately they didn’t fit my foot properly. I thought they were pretty awesome skates though. I skated about 5x in them. I’m in Mach’s now and miss some of the aspects of the 690’s.
  10. Couple quick questions regarding the holder and steel lengths. I’ve been reading through some old threads about dropping down a holder size and stuff. But seeing the picture above of my Mach’s, the holder pretty much fills the entire bottom of the skate. I’m sure I could fit a 263, but the 254 seems to fit that boot well. It mostly feels fine but like I said, I’ve been stumbling at times when I get a little eager to pounce on pucks or trying to get up to top speed quickly. So…. 1. Would they have to shave a lot of steel for me to go to an 11’ profile? I’m assuming I’m skating on a 10’ right now. Just to try to get a little more steel on the ice towards the toe. Maybe even a combo radius. 2. Would keeping the current holders help improve my mechanics? I never stumble on a 263, but being that the 254 fit these boots properly, could that be a sign that my mechanics need improvement?
  11. Yea I’m familiar with it. Skated today and mostly felt pretty good. Definitely like the step steel better than the fly steel. Still tripped a few times, but I think it’s from the profile/runners. The runners on the ccm felt and looked “chunkier”. I was surprised I didn’t feel much difference on the ccms from dropping down a runner size, but on the Mach’s I feel it. I guess I’ll just have to get used to it. I’m fine when I’m thinking about it, but sometimes when I react on the ice is when I get a little too far on my toes. Only 3 skates in on these so, I’ll probably need another 3-5 and assuming I’ll adjust. If not, then maybe an 11ft profile or what I didn’t want to have to do which would be to put a larger holder on, but we’ll see
  12. No I just lace the Mach‘s normal. I compared the Mach’s to my 707’s and the top lace on the Bauer’s actually sits higher than on my Grafs but I used to tape my ankles a little bit on the Grafs. I’m going to assume the cut of the boot was a tad higher on the CCMs. Skating again tonight with step steel although, I don’t think that’s going to change anything since the profile was identical. I like to feel resistance in my forward stride but not a limitation. Idk if that’s confusing but idk how else to describe it. I think it’s a combination of forward flex and perhaps less steel at the toe which is throwing me off. But I probably just have to get used to it
  13. I don’t think I’d be able to take a video. I’m pretty used to forward flex. On the CCMs I was skipping the 2nd to top eyelet, going through the top and then coming back to the 2nd from the top. I would do that on my makos as well. Idk if the boot is cut a little lower since I dropped down another half size. It’s kind of hard to tell when comparing with my other skates. Just feeling where the tension is from the top lace, it does feel lower than my other skates. I think the steel has the same 10’ profile. And I just got step steel and matched it with my fly steel and it’s identical. Unless the ccm step had an 11’ profile which could be the case.
  14. 2nd skate didn’t go so great. I don’t know if going to a size 6 vs a 6.5 changes anything with the boot or if this is just something Mach specific but the forward flex has been an adjustment. I’ve never ever been able to crank laces all the way up to the top and not have any restriction at all in forward flex. I’m tripping over my toes on occasion and I feel much less power in my stride compared to the CCMs. These fit great but performance wise so far, the CCMs felt like I was getting more benefits from a much stiffer and more responsive skate than I am used to. The Mach’s almost feel like my Makos did if I skipped the top eyelet.
  15. This skate was my first skate on the Mach’s. Only tried hyperlites on in the store, but I own the Mach’s. The fit is pretty great. Like you said, it’s just getting used to them now and getting some things dialed in. I started playing with tongues out and quickly switched to tongues under shins. I also ordered step steel so I’ll probably skate on that next time opposed to the fly steel and compare there. I’m fairly happy though and I’m not sure I could’ve gotten a better fit. I feel more comfortable with them being slightly too small if anything opposed to slightly too big and I’m sure I can add a tiny extra space to that left skate if eventually needed. Thanks for all your feedback during this process. It’s been quite the journey but I’m not really 2nd guessing anything at this point in time.
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