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    Bauer 8090
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    Bauer One95/XXXX
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    Easton S9

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  1. 90 Mazda B2200 Truck 91 " " for parts 94 Cadillac STS
  2. Adding sticks listed in order of usage: Synergy SE Chelios 07 Synergy SL Heatley 06 Synergy ST Heatley 06
  3. I've got a pair that I have yet to use.
  4. Just pick up(well not just i got it 3 weeks ago) a ESP EX-400 with 60 81 EMG pick up set, I just love this guitar play everyday I will NEVER sell this and I have a ESP EX-50 somewhere in the US---> I figured out the bad way that you should never get a guitar off of ebay. <_< My baby
  5. Just bought a synergy st 06 heatley, i'll post some pics later
  6. beautiful skates!!
  7. Gee that stuff is pimpin :P
  8. Helmet:Bauer 5000 Shoulder: old winwells Elbow: Bauer somtin Gloves: Vapor X, hopefully some new ones Pants: Prisms, Tacklas Shins: Nike Quest 12 Skates: 8090 Sticks: Response Plus(blake), Sl Shaft(lindros blade), Vapor V(hossa), Response(messier), R2Xn10,Vapor XX shaft, and soon to be added Vapor XXXlite (kovy) :D
  9. Nice stuff Megamandan
  10. If any one's been to national sports lately to check out the XN10's and adrenlines, are there any blake patterns?
  11. What Tps stick is that?
  12. O yeah forgot to mention I will be getting an ESP custom sometime in the near future
  13. Just thought it would be interesting to see the guitars, basses and drums you guys got to star off I've got a BC Rich NJ Series Mocking Bird. and ive got a pic of my amp. its vintage :D jk just very old. post your stuff
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