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    RBK 9K
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    Easton UltraLight, Zetterberg curve
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    Bauer Vapor XV
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    Itech with clip in visor
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    CCM UFit 09
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    Bauer Supreme 3000
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    RBK 6K
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    Nike V14
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  1. Great photographer, and I like your jerseys. My only complaint (about the photographer) is that almost every pic had only one person in it, and it'd be cool to see more "overall". Thanks for the props. The photographer is my wife. She tries to get pics of all the guys in some kind of action shot, but I agree, more team would be cool too. Although we lost that game, I scored a pretty nice goal. No pics of that though. In her words "it was too busy with that big crowd around you and stuff". I guess I have to work on that team concept with her. It's also tougher to foucus on wide shots as our camera is okay, but not fantastic. As for the uniforms, Pro Joy stock, we designed our own logo and found funky numbers to match.
  2. Here is a link to a 3.5 minute photo montage of my last game. The music and photos make us look good. Too bad we lost the game. We're the defending champs, but it's not looking good this year. Hopefully we can turn things around come playoffs. http://photoshare.shaw.ca/view/8017325576-...412654-65449/42
  3. What is the latest on Itech? Is Mission taking over the player side and Itech will focus on goalie and visors? Just wondering as Itech is on my radar, but I'm afraid I can't get out of the Mission = Roller mindset. Having said that their buckets seem to be popular.
  4. I think the inspiration for the spine protector of the V 10 shoulders came from the Klingons.
  5. Do the Furry Friends Youth Skates come in adult sizes?? :lol:
  6. The designs of the low-end skates are ugly. Hopefully they don't use that for future 5k and aboves. Interesting RBK is getting into the cage business, but no visors. Also, good to see ongoing progression of the protective. I'd love to try on a pair of them new spanky pants. I'm in the market for a pair.
  7. As an owner of RBK 9k's I can tell you they do not have a narrow heel. The pump system will help a bit, but a narrow heel will move in there -- especially if you're wearing slippery socks.
  8. The wife is getting pretty good at hockey photography! She says I move too fast to get a clear focus. Trust me, it's not my speed but a camera limitation...but I won't tell her that.
  9. Interesting how this thread won't die. Well it's a slow dog day of summer so I'll update as well: SKATES RBK 9k pumps They're working for me, but honestly, I'm not feeling like i'm getting $700 worth. Likely too much skate for my ability. SHINS: Nike V14 I like everything about them, except the alien green insides. JOCK: Top Jock About as boring as you can get. GARTER: Top Jock I just can't shake my old school garter habit! PANTS: CCM Supras Oldies but goodies SHOULDERS: Bauers (can't remember the model number, the black and grey ones that are solid in the front) A bit bulky, but lots of protection for shoulders and ribs. ELBOWS: Old Ferland Crusaders Tried to find replacements a couple of times but keep going back to the old ones that I have to tape on. GLOVES: Bauer Vapor 15 I like! Snug fit. Good protection. Not too bulky. HELMET: Itech HC 95 Fits my pointy head just fine. VISOR: Itech HX 50 A bit heavy, but I like the protection and quick release mechanism that makes it easy to clean and apply de-fog. STICK: Easton Ultra Light 85 flex, Modano/Forsburg curve (wood) BAG: Winwell oversized. It's a bug sucker, but I like how the skates go in blade up so I won't ding them if I drop my bag on a hard surface.
  10. 8rinks? funky goalie gear tehre Yes, 8 rinks. The goalie was good. Stoned me on that shot and rebound attempt.
  11. From last night's game of shinny: Thanks to the wife for the pics. Gee, I photograph better than I play!
  12. We have two alternates. The league is Hockey North America just outside Vancouver BC.
  13. Nobody told me we're suppose to take our helmets off for the division championship photo. Too bad we were demoted from a higher div about half way through the year. Some of our new competitors weren't happy about that.
  14. I don't think you can punch out the toe box.
  15. My two cents is to go with the Tacks if they fit. I think the Vectors still have a couple of kinks to work out. (Keep in mind that I'm bias as I've been a Tacks guy for years.)
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