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  • Skates
    Nike Flexlite 12
  • Stick
    Warrior AK27 shaft x blade x Nike Ignite 2R w/blacked out Easton pro stock blade.
  • Gloves
    Nike Ignite 2R
  • Helmet
    Bauer 4500 w/True Vision cage.
  • Pants
    CCM w/Bauer Supreme pant shell.
  • Shoulder Pads
    Bauer x 20.
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer Supreme classic.
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer x 20.

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    Chicago, IL.
  1. Those Nike Ignite shafts (comparable to Easton Ultra Lite) and blade! AH! I wish I would have bought more back in 04 (I got 1 lone Ignite 2R for like $80) when they went clearance on Great Skate. Been on the hunt since then..but haven't come across any. Very nice!
  2. Damn. Since 2005..I've been looking everywhere for Nike wood blades..in a RH. I knew I should have just bought a TON back in high school when they were available. I actually found 2 of my old wood pro return blades that have held up..one's my favorite curve..ever..a Shanahan clone (after some tweaking) complete w/square toe..and the other is more identical to a Modano. Excited to try both out again..I may just do away w/the Warrior Gionta blade I have in my AK27..love the curve..hate the lie. THIS is amazing! Where'd you get your hands on this?? Mighty Ducks got me into hockey back when I was about 7.
  3. HELLA CURVE. Damn! I had a handful of $5 blades from Peranis (Easton pro stock wood as well as Louisville TPS pro stock)..do they still have them? I'd be interested in ordering more.
  4. Speaking of retro..since I was younger I've wanted the classic Supreme Custom skates w/black holder ie: Joe Sakic. Found a handful on eBay between $40-80 in my size range 7-8.5. Real tempted to pull the plug! Funny how..a top of the line skate..from almost 15 yrs ago..that was SUPER expensive..is now only double digit prices on eBay instead of breaking the bank at $400+. May be a while for the Vapors-one90/total one to hit those prices..but hey..I wouldn't mind getting a pair in 10 years for super cheap.
  5. @cheeseplz Those red/white/black Eagles =D Nice! That cuff looks awfully small though.. not afraid of slashes? With the way people play these days.. or have always played.. I'd be extra scared to wear gloves with that short of a cuff.. hopefully you wear slash guards? Nice roller/ice set up! But I've always wondered.. is it weird for you to transition from the Bauers to the Mission (or vice versa)? That always tripped me out when I went from my Nike or Bauer skates during the winter to my Mission skates in the summers during roller hockey. Never had the $$ to get 2 pairs of Nike/Bauers though.. so I always had Mission roller hockey skates. ..now.. I'm trying my hardest to find another pair of Nike Flexlite 12s (in a 7.5 or 8) so I have one pair for ice and another for roller. Haven't had much luck quite yet! I seriously couldn't use that much of a curve. Damn! I'm used to a Shannahan type curve.. Spezza's curve reminds me of my old Mylec street hockey stick I had back when I was 10.. lol the blade melted a bit in the garage and I remember it getting ran over..the curve looked much like that Spezza.. I used to rocket launch hockey balls/street pucks over my roof with that curve!
  6. i have ones that you have.. these.. but mine have the stock TUUK custom + (white) and i'm actually thinking of converting them to roller boots with a mission hi-lo chasis i have on a pair of old Mission Proto SV. JR-i know the ignite, quest and flexlite weren't dauoust.. i was trying to ask if the skates that Gretz used (these black ones and the one of a kind white with blue)
  7. so dauost made the last of the nike branded skates? that's probably why gretzky decided to wear nikes in his last season or two. these were posted on PHEW (on facebook) and the guy says they're gretzky pro returns. how many different models/versions of the white nikes are there? ive seen 5. they all came out around the same time though.. i was wondering why there was so many different variations (i know there's different models.. but even models that are the same.. still looked different) of the same skate. but i guess what you mean is.. they're like the vapor line in that.. there's different models.. there's an 8, 10, 20, 30,40.. with 40 being top of the line. . how did nike (back in the day) distinguish between its skates? cause i've had my white nike skates for the past 8 years and to this day (got them used from a family friend).. i still can' figure out what ones they are.
  8. those are very similar to the ones i have.. ^ but they're super beat.. what are they called?! differences on mine being.. -the ZOOM AIR is green and the swoosh below that is orange (on the tongue) -towards the tow i don't have that extra piece of leather. i get all of them mixed up cause they all look very similar but have slight variations.
  9. yeah.. but think about it.. if the RBK logo was backwards on their gloves or products.. wouldn't that look OFF? nike's shoes are all right.. why couldnt they do that with their older gloves? check the tongue on these nikes. the swooshes face the same direction.. the nike words.. go the same direction.. etc. that's what i mean.. don't you thnk the gloves themselves would be aesthetically more appealing if the swooshes were the same way? maybe i'm just super picky. but i guess the swoosh logo and the RBK logo are the only logos.. where it matters what direction the logos face. i'm done though. lol sorry.
  10. great gloves! but i'll never ever understand why nike decided to do that to the swoosh. the right glove (in the picture its on the left) is the correct direction the swoosh normally goes and the other one.. is off. plus check out the last name.. that's off too. were the people assigned to making these gloves, blind?!
  11. ^v9s with tblades.. that's ultimate hype. SMH. i'd kill for a pair of V12s..but what i've really wanted forever is a pair of ignite 1.
  12. what is the name of these gloves, i used to have a pair along time ago.. i have no idea what happened to them but i know theyd be too small now. id like to get a pair thats like 14" or 15" if i could find them.. but i dont know what they are called as far as i can remember.. those are BOLEROs. i always wanted those gloves.. actually still do. 2 kids on my team back when i was a peewee had them and i was so jealous b/c you couldn't get them unless you went out of town or to a different state that had a big big hockey store.. our LHS didnt' even carry them. i have these.. hm i was thinking about doing the same conversion.. cause i have an old pair of mission protos that i don't wear much anymore.. but the hi lo chasis is still in tact.. and i just need new wheels. now i'm super tempted to do that conversion. was it hard to fit them or was it pretty easy?
  13. i always always wanted these skates.. great pickup! if i can get my hands on a size 8.. i'll be all over it!
  14. not wearing shin guards or are they just smaller than normal? even for a pickup game/adult hockey/shinny i wouldn't risk not wearing them. hopefully my eyes are just deceiving me. haha great set up though! how do you like that christian blade? i've always wanted to try them out but i could never find a curve i wanted without having to order them online.
  15. hm. that's super super tempting.. i do need new shin pads.. and i definitely don't want to spend TONS of money on them.. considering i'll just be using them for pickup n beer league..
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