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  1. Cascade M11. Exceptionally comfortable. Unfortunately Bauer bought them and I can't tell which Bauer helmet has the same characteristics as the M11.
  2. I've used various Bauer sticks for 10+ years. I recently tried ABHS. Total fail. The curve that suggested they were the same as the one I was using was not, full stop. They were close - so not a deal breaker - but different enough it took numerous games to dial in the difference. They broke, fast. I'm getting older and weaker, and I break a stick maybe once every 3 years these days with the Bauer sticks I have been using. (And I never buy top of the line.) In 3 months, 2 of the 3 sticks I ordered broke, both at the same point. So I'm back to name brand sticks. For fun, I tried a few sherwood T90s (because Bauer was refreshing their models) and they are so much better. Much more durable and every bit as effective.
  3. Thanks for the pointer. Says in stock when everyone else is showing pre-order. I'll give them a shout tomorrow.
  4. Hi folks - q on release dates. I need to get some new pants and I've been wearing Bauer Vapor quite happily for the last 4 years, so I'd like to get another pair. Unfortunately, every on line store in the US seems to be either out or almost out - impossible to find a L in black. I assume that's because Bauer will be bringing out a new model at some point and they are clearing inventory. Anyone have any idea roughly when their news stuff might appear? Thanks!
  5. Good point. My latest experiment was to spray my gear with Funk Free (hopefully alcohol works just as well), let it sit overnight, then use the enzymatic stuff the next day. Worked brilliantly ... no odor before or after my next game; basically good as new for under $10 and 20 minutes of my time.
  6. I have tried everything suggested in a number of similar threads - Fbreeze, Funk Free, etc. Those work pretty well, but this stuff is fantastic: MiraZyme. You fill up a bucket with water and a bit of that stuff, soak your gear for 10 minutes, and hang it up to dry. All odors gone. It is a bunch of naturally-occuring enzymes that essentially eat the odor-causing bacteria. You can get it lots of places - REI, Campmor, etc.
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