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Found 11 results

  1. Does Bauer still offer tech-mesh as an option in custom Vapors? I haven't seen a recent Vapor model dressed like that in the last few years. I've been nostalgicurious about Vapors lately. My last pair of Bauers were the original generation Vapor 8s. I loved how they got soft around the top 3 eyelets. The only pro I know of still wearing the tech-mesh build (was it called Mosoca towards the end of the glorious '10s? (Before the CoronApocalypse...)) is Thrill Kessel. Are there any others out there?
  2. Hello everyone. I'll preface this by saying I'm 6' 1" and 325lbs with short wide feet. The only pair of skates I've ever owned are an old hand me down pair of Bauer Supreme 7000's I got from my uncle in size 10. They've always been way too big but I've made them work in the past. I decided the other day that I'm going to get into playing in adult leagues to lose weight and for an overall love of the game. I went to my local hockey store and they put me on the Bauer 3D scanner. It said I should be in a pair of Bauer Nexus size 6.5D. I tried them on and they were too small. So the guys manually measured my feet and said I should be in a 7.0EE. So they have me a pair of CCM Jetspeed FT460's to try. They felt okay sitting at the store so I picked them up. I couldn't even walk in these things the next day. The toe box crushes my toes on the sides and cuts into the top of my foot when I'm standing. Also my ankles buckle from side to side while trying to walk or stand on them but I've read that it's probably my weight and I need a higher price point skate with more stiffness. I was thinking that maybe the scanner was right about the Bauer Nexus because of the higher volume in the skate but they only come in a D. Any advice that you all could give me would be much appreciated. This is the first pair of skates I've ever bought. Thank you!
  3. Hi Guys! I had a question for you guys. I just bought a new pair of Bauer Vapor X800 skates, in size 12EE. I wear a wide size 14 shoe. The skates fit pretty well, with some tightness along the sides of my foot. I previously had Nexus 1N skates, that I didn’t like because they had too much volume (my feet are flat) After getting them baked, I skated on them the other day and I noticed a crease on the inside of the Left skate, between the 6th and 7th eyelet. It was only an open skate, so I wasn’t going too nuts. . Is this any cause for concern? Any potential breakdown issues with this worsening? Thanks!!
  4. Looking online recently at the new Vapor line of sticks and saw how they have kept just to having 4 sticks, as the previois generation did. Today I picked of an equipment buyer's guide from le trio hockey (PHL in the rest of Canada) and the section of Vapors they the 2X stick advertised in the middle of the line priced at $269.99 CAD. I have to ask, was this stick dropped after something like this was printed, or will it be an exclusive to certain retailers? Seems odd that this store is the only place who has advertised the "mid-range" stick. $270 seems crazy for a middle of the pack stick!
  5. Skate: Bauer Vapor 1X Skate Size: 9.5D Shoe Size: 11.5 Solomon Foot Type: Normal Ht/Wt: 6'0" 225lbs Play Level/Experience: Current - Men's League. Previous - Jr. A (Canada) Last Pair Of Skates: Bauer APX Date Purchased: July 2016 Fit - 9/10 Depth: Felt really good to me. When lacing up the boot, I only pull hard on the top 3 eyelets which leaves the rest of the skate much looser. The sides and eyelets layer well with the tongue and I don't feel exposed. These is no creasing whatsoever when the boot is fully laced and my foot flexed. Width: I've had to use wide skates before (with Mission and Graf specifically) but these fit right in a D width. The heel is very snug and does not slip at all, but it really opens up in the toe. Sizing: I prefer my skates to fit like a second skin with just enough room for a Kevlar sock. I like my toes to brush the toe cap when I'm standing. The sizing seemed true as compared to the last Bauer APX skates I wore. For comparison, I usually wear size 11.5 or 12 "street shoes" depending on manufacturers. Other: I tried on both the Bauer Supreme and Nexus line. The Supreme felt much more boxy to me while the Nexus seemed more restrictive somehow. I did not buy the 1X skates for their looks; I much prefer both the Supreme and Nexus styling and colour schemes. These were heat moulded in store and when finished they felt like custom made parts of my body. I also tried the skates with both the included Speed Plate and aftermarket SuperFeet. I much preferred the stock footbed - especially after they too were heat moulded to my feet. I love the aggressive forward pitch of these skates. Protection - 9/10 I was disappointed to see the old style felt tongue come back on these skates but the pro shop told me it was the most requested modification to past models. I guess I'm one of the odd ones who liked the tongue on the APX. That being said, the protective coating to the outside of the tongue on the 1X has been fantastic. So far I have not had a single hint of lace bite. This boot is VERY stiff and I've taken a few shots off the foot. I do not wear secondary boot protectors so I felt the impact but not enough to keep me from playing. Shots to the top of the foot seem to be the most sensitive but that could just be me. Weight - 10/10 These skates are incredibly light; feathers seem cumbersome compared to the 1X and sometimes I forget they are on my feet. These are the lightest skates I have ever owned and they feel that way on the ice. Durability - 9/10 As expected. I average 2 skates per week or so and press them hard to perform. They're properly aired out and dried between uses so I hope to get a few seasons out of them. The Bauer 1X ships with Lightspeed Edge and this is the first pair of skates I've had with that system. My initial impressions are good. The blades seem to stay tight in the holders but will release easy enough - especially when using the included "key". I have noticed slight scuffing on the boot but that is to be expected through normal wear and has not affected usability whatsoever. I like the new material on the inside of the boot slightly above and behind the top eyelet. It seems to be much tougher than the Clarino liner in past models which wore through from tongue abrasions. Intangibles - 9/10 I use terry cloth skate guards when the skates are in my bag so I have not noticed rusting or chipping of the steel. Speaking of the steel, it also seems to hold an edge quite well. I had my skates profiled to my usual 9F R2 and they felt like home after my first ice time. That being said, my feet hurt bad after the first full game on them but that is normal for me and now they feel amazing. I wish Bauer would ship their skates with waxed laces. That's the first thing I swapped out as soon as I got home. Conclusion - 9.5/10 For a top model skate with a price tag to match, I was expecting a lot out of these. I have not been disappointed one bit - Bauer has a fantastic product with the performance I dream of. If these are in your budget (or even if you need to bring in a little more recycling) I wouldn't hesitate to make this purchase.
  6. Skate: Bauer Vapor X90 Size: 9.5D Foot Type: Normal arch. Wider forefoot Ht./Wt.: 6'1" 197 lbs. Play Level: C level adult league. I play both Defense and Forward Previous skates worn: CCM U+07; size 9.5D Purchased: June 2013 I needed a lighter skate that would also give me more protection to my feet when blocking shots during the game. I first looked at the Skate bumpers as another option than spending a pocket full on new skates. After a couple of trips to the ER for X-rays to the ankle, it was in my best option to get a new set of skates. Fitment was a big concern as well as durability in the foot to take a blocked shot or two. I had the Vapors and the Mako's as my two choices. I went ahead with the Vapors at the end of the day, actually the sales associate convinced me to move from the X70's to the X90 for additional strength in boot. Had the boots baked in at the store and sharpened prior to leaving there. There was a tone of difference once I got on the ice. Blade/Holder (10/10) With the TUUK Lightspeed 2 holders has made a great difference from my previous set. No more having to tighten the nuts that hold the runners in. I even bought a second set of runners so I can change out if needed. I have only had to swap out once between periods, however it was quick and painless. My previous skates continued to make a clicking noise after a game which was annoying. With these holders and runners no additional noise during a game or walking back to the locker room. Weight/Protection (10/10) These have been the lightest set of skates I have owned yet so far. It doesn't feel like I have a set of skates on when I'm playing. So far I have taken many blocked shots while playing D and the boot has left me with no pain after a game. I have been extremely impressed on the protection of this skate. Durability (9/10) I have had some wear on the skates, mainly the silver that is on the upper boot and around the Bauer logo has worn off, nothing that hurts the durability of the skate. I have chips in the holder from contact with other players, but is still holding strong. I have not seen and loss of protections, movement from the boot yet. Playing every week through a 2.5 hour game these skates have done well. I did have to put a gel insert into my right boot for added comfort on the ball of my foot. This could have been from baking the skate and not keeping still as it set. Performance (10/10) With the added strength of the boot compared from my CCM's and it being exceptionally lighter I have seen my ability to transition and get up to speed to shorten. After a shift on the ice I don't feel like I have cinderblocks on my feet. The key factor here is the ability to take a blocked shot to the ankle and not feel it after the game. Conclusion (97%) I would have to say that this is a solid skate for any level of hockey. Yes, the price is a bit high on these models compared to my previous brand, but I believe that with a higher cost of the product, the better the durability of the skate. I would purchase this skate again if I had to.
  7. Davetronz

    Bauer Vapor APX2

    Background: 31 years old / 5’11 / 215lbs / left-handed Men's div B/C and shinny hockey (former minor league rep team player) On ice ~5 hours a week Previous sticks (2yrs): True Hockey A6.0 (TC2, 85 flex)Bauer Vapor x6.0 (P14, 87 flex)Sherwood T90 (Ryan, 85 flex)Bauer Vapor APX2 (P14, 95 flex)Bauer Nexus 600 (P14, 102 flex) *current*Easton RS (E7, 85 flex) *current*Stick being reviewed: Bauer Vapor APX2 (P14, 95 flex)Blade 9/10 I'm a huge fan of the P14 (Toews) curve, and I actually had a bit of difficulty finding this stick in the P14 in my area. The blade has a slight tactile coating on it. I found that it was super easy to tape, held the tape and that the tape job seemed more durable. The blade itself has pretty good puck feel. When I first started using the stick, it was a bit "pingy" and a bit too reactive for my liking, but I got used to it over time. The entire length of the blade seems fairly responsive. Shots come off any part of the blade with not much issue. The blade itself held up well, and I didn't have any problems. Shaft/Flex 7/10 I went with a 95-flex in this stick, mainly because I wasn't able to find an 87-flex. I found the stick to be a bit stiffer than I'd expect a 95-flex, but not to detriment. The stick kept this flex/stiffness until it snapped, on the shaft. The grip was a bit "grippy" for my liking, but decreased over usage. Stickhandling/receiving passes 9/10 As mentioned in the blade category, the stick felt a bit "pingy" when stickhandling and passing. It was something I had to get used to. The stick is definitely "lively" in your hands. Overall, I felt that my passes were on the money, and my stickhandling was no better nor worse than when using other sticks. Shooting 9/10 When I first got the stick, I struggled a bit with the 95-flex. I found wrist shots a bit hard to get high and on-target. This quickly faded as I got a feel for the stick and the flex-point. The slapshots were great right out of the gate. Shooting remained crisp and lively right until the end. There was no degredation in performance (which may not be fair to say in context of this review as this stick snapped quite fast for me). Weight and balance 10/10 A light and well-balanced stick. Nothing to fault here, only praise. This stick feels amazing in your hands. You can tell they put some extra thought and design into ensuring it was a performer in this category. I don't think I've used a stick that's felt quite this light. Durability 2/10 In my opinion, this is where this stick fell completely flat. I received my True A6.0 for a LTR shortly after getting this stick, so my APX2 was used only as a back-up for the 2-3 months while I used my LTR stick exclusively. I'd say that I maybe used the APX2 for a maximum of 10 hours on ice, it was only taped once, and it showed no signs of abuse, damage, or war-wounds. The stick broke/exploded on the lower shaft during a shot. There was no incident, slash or event leading up to the explosion, it just went. Disappointing indeed when considered with the intangibles below. Intangibles N/A I struggled with where to put this information, because while it doesn't really affect the performance of the stick, people buy grip sticks for a reason. The red graphics (and grip coating over these areas) all over the shaft of this stick started peeling off immediately and continued until every bit of red (and grip over these areas) was gone from the stick, which I found weird. The rep said that there were some production issues with the paint that led to this problem, but that it wasn't a warranty issue because it wasn't structural. I found this fairly unacceptable for a $300 top-of-the-line stick. Conclusion (46/60 = 77%) Maybe I got a defective twig, but the rep didn't agree, and in the end I think there's far better sticks in this price-range. A $300 stick that loses all of its red graphics and blows up after less than 10 hours on the ice is not acceptable, especially from Bauer. In all other areas I felt this stick was a major competitor, but durability is a big factor. This stick fell flat here. Had the stick lasted more than a handful of games, perhaps I would have rated it much better. In the end, this one didn't sit well with me and has led me to explore other brands.
  8. Souldriver

    Bauer Vapor Apx

    I had this stick for about a year before it finally snapped but it did good for a tax return gift to myself Body: Type: 5' 7" 250 lbs Stick: RH P88 Kane 87 flex cut down to the 105 flex mark, about 55-54" Recent Sticks: APX, Widow, DT1 Blade: the blade is stiff and has that great sandpaper texture to it. its not a lot but it does help tape stick better and the puck as well., the texture also holds up nice over time and doesnt smooth out. The feel though is average and unlike both Warriors i couldnt tell where the puck was on the blade, I left a lot of pucks behind because I didnt realize they rolled of the edge of my stick 8/10 Shaft/Flex: The shaft has that great small round contour for it and it really helped me get back into hockey and relearn how to stickhandle a little better. Though i outgrew this and wanted a little more shoulder to fill my palms i did enjoy this and it was a good stepping stone. The flex feels stiffer than rating by a little, really stiff compared to the easy loading warriors. 9/10 Stickhandling/receiving passes: stick handling was great and rolling your hand around the shaft was a breeze when you needed to. receiving passes was a little pingy but not too bad, a little wax helped this 9/10 Shooting: Wristers and snap shots were great, right on target and real hard. For me the more i put into the stick the more i got out of it with these shots. the widows and dt1s were a hair harder but its negatable. Slap shots though for me were an atrocity! Only once during warmups did a get a good one. Maybe i was trying too hard as others suggest but I havnt had a problem doing this with other sticks. To me the intelli-sense tech is there but it didnt work for me 7/10 Weight and balance: Weight is great and balance is too. the stick was a pinch shaft heavy before i cut it but post cut it was spot on. 10/10 Durability: Lasted a full year before it snapped which is good seeing how much i used it, It must be that new epoxy their using. the stick never fully lost its pop, it did drop off though but it never fully died. 8/10 Intangibles: matte finish was nice and so is the blade texture. micro shaft feel will be greta for those with small hands or those that love a tiny shaft. Itelli-sense seems great for some but flops for others. 8/10 Conclusion: A great stick but overall not for me. I would much prefer a tiny bigger shaft and just a straight low kick, non of that intelli-sense nonsense. Right now though im cruising with my DT1s and couldnt be happier, it seems like that stick was tailored for me. as another member said the APX is great at a lot of things, but is a master of none. 59/70 = 8.4/10
  9. Skate: Bauer Vapor X 7.0, Size 9.0, Width D Ht./Wt.: 6'2"/175 lbs Play Level: C/D level adult league. Primarily wing, occasionally D Previous skates worn: Vapor X:40, Size 9.0, Width D (Fall 2010-June 2013), Bauer Supreme 4000 Composite custom sized (late 90's, decade plus break, Fall 2010) Time Frame: June 2013-Present Fit (9.5/10) Let me preface this by saying that I have a very thin and fairly narrow foot. Stock skates are never going to fit me perfectly but a custom job just wasn't feasible at this point in time. Also I have excessively flexible ankles, for those familiar with running shoes I always have to choose the stiffest stability style that prevents over-pronation. ***Update***Switched to waxed laces, they've helped significantly with keeping the boot tight. Depth- No issues, but depth will almost never be an issue with my foot type. Width- The narrower cut of the Vapor line fits my foot as well as any stock cut out there. Toe Cap- No issues. Comfort- Not fully broken in yet but so far there's been no noticeable pain in any areas of my foot. ***Update***I've skated in them enough times to start get them broken in a bit. They feel very stabile yet responsive even with the boot being as stiff as it is. Blade/Holder (10/10) Stock Tuuk Lightspeed 2 with LS2 stainless steel runner Weight (10/10) At my LHS I did a "foot by foot" comparison between these and my old X:40s, these felt considerably lighter. I remembered when I first started looking at the current generations of skates a couple of years ago and picking up the X:60 and marveling how light top end skates had become, given that this is the next generation of the X:60 that still holds true. Protection (10/10) Solid feeling skate, have yet to take a hard shot off of it though. Durability (10/10) Since I've put relatively little use on these skates it's tough to make a fair assessment. However my X:40s held up very well considering I bought them used, I'm going to venture the guess that these will hold just as well. Performance (10/10) Once again referring to my foot type, I'm always going to need a lot of ankle support. My previous pair of skates just weren't getting it done anymore so I decided to move up the model chain. The extra stiffness of the boot makes such a big difference. I was having some issues with my edges slipping a bit in my old skate, particularly the outside edge of my push off skate during crossovers and that has been solved. I was also having an issue with feeling that I was tilted too forward when I was bending my knees particularly on long skating strides up and down the ice. Again, that's been corrected. I can't wait until these get a little more broken in and I get used to them more. Final Words I had long regretted having to move out of my old Supremes given that they were customized and the best fitting skate I had ever worn. For the past few years I had always wondered what a modern top end skate felt like. I know that the APX and APX2 are now considered top of the line skates, I was still intrigued that the X7.0s were a newer version of the X:60s. Not having skated in either of the APXs I can't comment as to how they feel and perform, but I am more than satisfied with the X7.0s. I realize that as of this writing they have been phased out and are no longer in current production, but I'd highly recommend these if you're a Bauer fan and looking to get into one of their top skates.
  10. Before I get into my review of the RX:60's, just a quick word about myself... I am 6'1", weigh about 175lbs, play competitive Roller Hockey... not bad for an old guy! :-) I have owned my RX:60's for 2.5 years. They have alot of miles on them, I play as much as 5 hours a week. I play year round in a variety of leagues, some recreational, some highly competitive. I have clipped a few sections from an old post that I made when I first purchased the RX:60, I have taken some of those words and have added my 2+ years of experiences on top of those comments. I give me ratings on the original skate itself and then I have added a "Follow-up" section to comment on the upgrades that I have added to take the skate. -- FIT -- I already knew that the Bauer Vapor line D width is a good fit for me... narrow heel pocket, low volume quarter, medium toe-box, all works for me. I was already skating on a pair of Bauer Vapor X:60LE ice skates size 10.5D and I was coming off a pair of RX:25's size 10.5R for Roller (which were too big). I have read online that there was some sizing differences between these skates. So, before I ordered my RX:60's back in March 2011, I had to use a bit of an educated guess on which size would fit best. Based on information that I could find, the RX:60's fit about a 1/4 size smaller then the X:60 ice skate. So I decided to go for size 10D. I was a bit worried that my toes would be crunched at the toe! Fortunately, they fit just about perfectly for length, toes just feathered the front of the toe-box. Even better when I put on a very thin pair of wicking sport socks! However, to get the RX:60's to fit just right... I had to have them baked, and I had a couple of hot-spots punched out, and after only a few skates, they were absolutely perfect. Getting hot spots punched out is a fantastic technique to really improve the level of comfort on these skates, as they are very stiff. You may never break them in enough just by wearing them, to get "hot spots" out. I highly recommend getting this done if you are experiencing pain in small specific areas of your boot. To provide a good comparison of boot length in the 3 skates mentioned above, here is what I found: - X:60 10D - toes touch, - RX:60 10D - toes feather the front, - RX:20/25 10R - toes have space at the front. Once I got the hot-spots worked out, they were the best feeling Roller Hockey boot I have ever had (and I have had quite a few). It almost felt like they were a part of my foot, they were so incredibly solid. The one thing that I noticed (which is the same for the X:60), is that you really have to crank up the laces to get that real solid feel. Most times, it requires a second tightening after a little warm-up skate. However, after about 4-6 months, they were broke in enough that I didn't have to do that any more. Now 2.5 years later and endless hours of use, the boot is still incredibly solid, completely comfortable, there is absolutely no signs of this boot starting to get soft, this is one tough cookie... truly the best boot on the market. Rating: 9.9 Follow-up: After about a year of ownership, I upgraded the stock Bauer foot-bed which was quite thin and had very little arch support to a yellow Superfeet foot-bed. Considering I always felt they were very comfortable before, I was very surprised how much more comfortable they were with the new foot-bed in place. Well worth the upgrade! -- CHASSIS -- Initially I used the Magnesium Vanguard chassis that came on the skate from Bauer. I thought they felt light and solid. I noted in my "first look" posting, that I thought they were much stronger and the fit and finish was considerably better then any aluminum chassis I had used prior. Where the chassis touch the bearings was an exact fit, and no matter how tight I put the axles on, it did not seem to slow the bearing down... solid! With aluminum chassis, I always had to find that "just tight enough" point where they didn't slow the bearings down. Rating: 9 Follow-up: After about 6 months on the Mag chassis, I switched to a set of Sprung A7's. The Sprung's are a perfect match for someone who wants to get the "ice hockey" feel on your inline skates. Especially for someone who goes back and forth from ice hockey to roller hockey in the same week. There is never and issue of adjusting to the feel of the rocker on ice any more! So I won't go into a ton of detail about the Sprung's, simply that they are a fantastic product and if you play ice, do whatever you can to get a pair, they are just that good! My hopes are their production will start again soon. -- WHEELS -- These came with a set of Labeda Addictions (red), first impressions are that they have excellent grip, I could hardly make them slip on quick starts or the hardest turns. The other thing that I noticed, was the sense that they were much faster then the Milleniums I had on the RX:25's. After about 6 months, I used them in combination with another set of Orange Additctions, I found that the Addictions had very good level of wear, I never chunked them out ever. After about a year of use, they still seemed to be in good condition, but they started to get a bit slippery, requiring replacement. Rating: 9 Follow-up: I eventually went with a set of Revision Variants. I used a number of different combinations between Bronze, Gold, Platinum and even Steels. I tried an endless list setups... everything from all one durometer, to mixing them up softer on the front and back with harder in the middle. I ended up liking the combination of Gold on the front and back with Bronze in the middle. I have been using that setup for the last year now. I am very impressed with the quality of these wheels, after the first skate or two, they never seem to loose their grip. I am still skating on the same set that I used a nearly year ago! -- BEARINGS -- The Mission Swiss bearings, seriously not impressed. Ok, when they were brand new, they felt good. But it didn't take long before they were vibrating and slowing down. Cleaning and relubing them didn't seem to help? Maybe I didn't get a good batch of bearings or something... but I was quite disappointed. Rating: 5 Follow-up: I switched the Mission Swiss for the Bones Swiss that I was using in the RX:25's after about 2-3 weeks. These bearings might just be the best on the planet. Immediately the first moment that I stepped on the floor with the Bones Swiss in place, I could tell they rolled easier and smoother. If I remember correctly, I got them back in 2009, so now nearly 4 years later, they are spinning just like they did on day one. I keep them clean and well lubricated... they are very fast and liquid smooth... incredible! -- WEIGHT / PROTECTION -- As I mentioned before, the weight seemed lighter then any other skate that I have ever used before. If you remove the wheels from the chassis, you can truly get a sense for how feather light this package really is. What is so incredible is how solid the boot and chassis is with such little mass. The main bulk of the weight is primarily in the wheels and bearings... which every skate has to carry! Regarding protection, I have taken a great number of hard shots off the toe as well as the side of the quarter panel, and never once, have I had to break stride or go sit down in pain! These things are simply incredible the level protection that they provide. Rating: 10 -- DURABILITY -- After 2.5 years of use, these skates still even appear to have that "new look", there is not one place on the skate that you can detect any severe wear or any signs of breakdown. The only place that seems to have any level of wear is the side bumpers up near the toe-box, which is designed for Roller skates to take scuff's away from the boot itself... it has done it's job admirably! One other small nit, is that the decorative felt on the top edge of the tongue is wore away from rubbing on my shin pad, as I wear my shins on the outside of the tongue, but note that the structure of the tongue is still 100%. The lace bite area is still in perfect condition. Rating: 10 -- INTANGIBLES -- A few comments about things that I have noticed regarding the sense of confidence that these skates give. I aways feel 100% confident that I can take very hard corners and these skates will hang on. That goes the same for braking maneuvers, prior to skating on the RX:60's, I always had one side that I felt more confident hitting the brakes on then the other. Over the time that I have owned these skates I have noticed that I am confident in making braking maneuvers on both sides equally well. I'm not sure how to gauge that sense of confidence, but I have noticed it repeatedly over the last year that I have been using them. I attribute this to a combination of things: the great fit, incredible solid feel of the boot and high level of grip that the wheels provide and the stability that Sprung chassis provides. Note, that I did not have the quite the same sense of confidence prior to my upgrading to Sprungs and the Revision Variant wheels. Considering these facts, I won't give a rating for this section. -- CONCLUSIONS -- Over-all, first impressions are "WOW, what a fantastic skate", fit and performance are at a level that I have never felt before in a Roller Hockey skate. After 2.5 years... my impressions have not changed... they might just be the best skate on the planet. The test of time has put its stamp on this classic model. Rating: 9.5 Here are a few pictures. RX:60 w Sprungs RX:60 w X:60's
  11. Reviewer Details: 28 years old / 5’11 / 205lbs Location: Calgary, AB Playing Level: Men's div A/B and rec league hockey (former minor league rep team player) After a lengthy search for "the best skate socks", I picked up a pair of Bauer Vapor performance skate socks on the advice of a couple MSH members. I've been using them exclusively for approximately 5 months now. Fit: The sizing on the package is true for my application. I'm a 9.5-10 shoe size, and I fit really well into a size large pair which is advertised for an 8-13 shoe size. The sock definitely fits tight all over the foot and doesn't seem to bag out, bunch up or relax over time. My calves are fairly muscular and I definitely struggle a bit to get the socks all the way up on my leg, especially right at the top hem of the sock, but they definitely aren't falling down when they're in place. While the socks are tight, they aren't restrictive or painful. Someone with larger legs might not be able to get them all the way up their calves comfortably. If you have a larger or wider foot (approaching the 12-13 size), the socks might be fairly tight for you. 9/10 Protection: This is definitely a thicker sock, but not in the same way as a wool sock or a regular old gym sock. I'd say they're slightly thicker than Coolees socks. This adds to the protective qualities of the sock. I feel that my foot is protected from any seams, rubbing, etc within my skate. The sock also has a double layer of fabric in the area most commonly affected by lace bite, and are double-walled in the ankle area. 10/10 Weight: I think the weight and protection of the sock go somewhat hand in hand. I will add that the socks are still fairly light weight, and don't seem to gain a lot more weight when wet. They feel like a well-built product in your hands. They aren't flimsy like a pair of sweat socks. The weight might also contribute to their warmth. I find these socks a bit warmer than most other pairs that I've tried, but I tend to prefer that over frozen toes. 10/10 Durability: I've been using these socks for approximately 5 months, an average of 3 times per week. I try to wash them after every use, and when that isn't possible I wash them at least once a week. I dry them in the dryer and this has not caused them to shrink or wear. I've noticed nothing in terms of durability issues. There's a bit of pilling around the ankle and heel, but it is extremely minor. No loose threads, no tears, no broken elastics. The socks remain as tight and functional as the day I first bought them. 10/10 Intangibles: I think I paid in the neighborhood of $17-20 CDN for a pair of these socks. At the time I thought it was a bit much, but they've been worth every dollar and more. I was buying a ton of other socks, trying to find something that worked and felt best for me. Since wearing these socks for the first time, I've had no inclination to so much as try anything else. There's no grips on the socks and they don't move around when I slide my foot into my skates. The sock stays where you want to wear it and doesn't twist or move. This is the most comfortable pair of socks that I've ever worn inside skates. Conclusion: These socks rock, plain and simple. I might just be the fussiest guy when it comes to skate socks, and I have a big box of all the socks that didn't make the cut to prove it. The Bauer Vapor performance skate sock is the best out of anything I've tried, and I'll continue to wear them exclusively. I want to thank the Overall Rating: 9.75/10
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