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  1. Thx for the info Ya this seems to make sense as it feels like I need to add about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch to my stick. I appreciate the help.
  2. Ya I am definitely noticing a difference. It’s hard to explain, but I just can tell it’s a slight bit too short, despite being about the same size as my P30. I noticed it the most at top speed trying to handle the puck and also when I was shooting, I couldn’t load up properly and had to adjust in an awkward way.
  3. They still make Wheaties? Whoa... I’m pretty sure at my age I didn’t have a growth spurt in a week.
  4. My bad, I actually have all three curves and mix up the P28 and P29 all the time for whatever reasons. The new curve is a P28 (McDavid) and it feels shorter than the P30 I used to use. I know the P28 is a 5 lie and the P30 is a 5.5 lie, so it shouldn’t make that much of a difference. Never had this issue before so I’m trying to figure out what the deal is.
  5. I recently grabbed a senior CCM Trigger 4 p28 and extended it just a little like I usually do most of my sticks. However, it felt too short for me today on the ice... yet it’s slightly longer than my old Trigger which was a perfect length for me. My old stick is a Trigger 2 P30. Is there a difference in the lie between the two sticks that’s making my P29 feel shorter?
  6. Thx for the reply. Do you mean they don’t make the black label at all anymore, or just in 1.5? I think I’ve found some on EBay, but eventually the well will run dry if they stop producing it. It’s unfortunate because that tape had some serious grip like I’ve never seen in any other brand of cloth tape. Guess I’ll just have to go back to using wax.
  7. Ya the label looks exactly like that, but that looks to be a 1 in roll and mine is 1.5 in.
  8. Ya I figured it was some kind of premium brand. I looked on the Renfrew site and they only have green labels. Figures I find great tape and they don’t make it anymore.
  9. I’ve been searching on this topic for awhile, but most posts seem to be from 7-8 years ago. Can anyone tell me if they still make the black label Renfrew tape? I recently found an old roll I bought way back and immediately noticed a difference when I hit the ice. The grip was amazing and it was some of the best tape I ever used... almost like I waxed my blade. The roll I have looks to be 1.5 x 30 and it feels pretty gritty, with a black label. It looks like IW, Pure Hockey etc just sell a green label version. I assume the roll I have is different version because most of the Renfrew tape I’ve used in the past was pretty smooth and not very grippy.
  10. So is the chin strap just floating when you strap it on or is it pressed agt the shield?
  11. I got my daughter a Bauer Concept 3 junior shield for Christmas and installed it. How do I make sure this shield is properly fitted on her head? It has this floating chin strap and I’ve never used anything like it before (just cages with the chin strap against the cage and half visors). Thx for any guidance.
  12. Well they are two different manufacturers so... Thx appreciate it.
  13. Which of Howies and a&r are the thickest?
  14. The extra wide laces? Are they around 1/2 in or so?
  15. Does anyone know what the thickest laces are that I can buy? I hate the Elite laces because their thick ones thin out as you pull them tighter. Last topic I could find was from five years ago, but back then it seems the Bauer Supreme laces and Howie’s laces are the thickest ones you can get?
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