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  1. Iirc, he uses a T8 Alpha QX build, 85-90 flex..
  2. W03, W03A, W03D are the NXG build codes, W04 would be MX3 builds...
  3. M Reebok HP CCM 30/35/70 made overseas 520/7000 Made in Canada HP35 =520 HP45=RBZ HPUCLP=U+Crazy Light X models have waist zippers to add +1 C models use Ufoam P models use PE inserts
  4. 3/4 sleeve shirt would be ideal, I used to wear my long sleeve compression with the sleeves folded back to right where my elbow meets my forearm. I found this to be the perfect length as it kept a layer under my elbow pads but my wrist area was uncovered. I've since had the tailored to be that ideal length.
  5. The obvious answer would be a 2nd pair of gloves!, on days I play multiple games close together, I bring my my backup shoulder pads, elbow pads & gloves....I've even used a full backup set on a day when there was a couple hours between games...
  6. OP says his skates are 2 yrs old... If the boot is still good and not broken down too much, I suggest new runners. Step Steel would be a good choice.
  7. The only place I know of that always has stock is in Markham which is about 45mins from downtown Toronto if driving...
  8. Yup, bake the skate without the Superfeet, when the boots come out of the oven, slide them in, mold the skate as usual...
  9. So are pro stock if you know where to find them, I just paid $25cdn for 2 pairs of BNIB Penguins socks.
  10. IMHO: Reebok pro stock>>Bauer 900 >> Kobe K3G>Reebok retail> Athletic Knit>Tron
  11. Was there a specific color you're looking for? I can get you Kobe K3G socks for under $20cdn. Pm me for details.
  12. Shoulder caps on the QX are about the same size as the HD1, maybe just slightly more streamline, amazing mobility & fit (more so than the 1S).
  13. Was your fitter referencing heel lock?(which puckpilot pointed out has to do with the skate) or cupping the heel?(which Superfeet do, better than the stock footbeds). The size of Superfeet is based on heel cupping (locking) as opposed to skate size.
  14. There's an ims9 bucket & cage combo, the cage that comes with it is pretty light
  15. The VN foam is deff softer than the vertex used, I'm used to the feel of it coming from V08s, it doesn't soak up moisture as far as I can tell...it is only a thin layer on top of the vertex.
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