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  1. Maybe look for a large CCM V08, they fit like an XL compared to all other helmets..
  2. Aaah, you're one of those post counters.... "yOu OnLy HaVe xx nUmBer Of PoSts...", what are you 12yrs old? and you're still showing you inability to answer a simple question....why create a post to ask a question, only to disagree with the responses you get?
  3. "wHaT aRe ThEy WoRtH?" "I'd say $300-375 depending on how bad somebody wants them" "i'D sAy $300 ToPs" "$500 is fair price IMO..." "yIkEs, ThAtS bEiNg GeNeRoUs" Again, why even ask the question if you have a specific answer in YOUR mind about the value??
  4. Lol, I'm legit asking, why do you ask for people's opinions on pricing & when they give their opinion, U disagree & argue your point...legit, why ask?
  5. Are you just being a clown or do you have reading comprehension issues?
  6. Not quite sure I understand the point of this thread.....you ask for people's opinions on the price of old stock equipment, but when people post their answers, you disagree. If you have a set price in mind, that's what they are worth to you. If you find them for that price, great if not, it's worth as much as the seller is willing to part with them for. I sometimes price things a little higher hoping to get that amount but anything less & I'd rather keep it for myself. I do this in the hockey equip world as well as the sneaker world...
  7. Worst detective ever...my SLS locker is currently empty....
  8. Nothing that is said here will make him understand...he came here for justification of his lower offer & is mad that the seller wants about $460 for them...
  9. There is no absolute maximum, in the sense that it is worth what someone is willing to pay for them or what someone is willing to sell them for. If the seller wants no less than $400 & is willing to sit on them or keep them if he gets less, that's their perogative. Half of retail for a top end skate is not too far fetched...
  10. Listen, it's a great community that's been built here, no need for snarky remarks.
  11. What size were you looking for? I have a medium all black one for sale on SLS..
  12. Same experience here, 6.5D in Bauer supremes & 7R in Graf 755
  13. I have so many questions....If he's been playing AA & you say he's a good skater, why are you trying the new profile? Is his acceleration the reason for AA instead of AAA? What do his AA/summer hockey coaches say about his skating? Who came up with the +2 idea?
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