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  1. The purpose of Geppetto's business was not to sell Pro Stock hockey sticks made for the pros, but rather get sticks into the consumer's hands that have Pro Stock specs, for instance if you're a righty that wants to try Patty Kane's curve, your only hope previous was to hope a pro righty used it as well, and in your preferred flex. With Prostockhockeysticks you're able to order a twig with a lot of customization in small batches. He's taken on the cost of making the molds for left & right versions of many different pro's curves, to make them available to the avg consumer. BTW they're great twigs for the price & and has allowed me to dial in my flex, shooting & stickhandling...I even use different specs depending on if I'm playing defence or forward.
  2. Same boat here, 14" in Easton 85s shins & 15" in CCM Super Tacks & 21K, 14.5"or 14.75" would probably be ideal in CCM tbh, lol
  3. I enjoyed the puck feel on sharkskin blades, so I used to just tape up to 3" from the toe...
  4. Pro tip, I use golf grip tape & solution....slides on & off easy peasy
  5. I have no issue transferring my Tacki Macs to other sticks...
  6. To eliminate the easy stuff, are you wearing the same socks every time you skate? & are you skating the same time of day for each skate?, both of those factors can play a part in eliminating negative space in skate....perhaps it can be a simple fix like different skate socks?
  7. Pat & Ken over at Custom Pro Repair in Montreal do amazing work, dunno if they're accepting non-pro orders right now though....
  8. CCM HP70s are tanks, but a pain to break in...
  9. Pretty much, by having the outer shell "float" it disperses impacts...
  10. Were you properly fitted for the skates or did you just try on different skates until you found ones that were comfortable? I often find that middle of the foot pain is caused by "monkey pawing" almost as if you're flexing your foot in order get the feeling of stability in a skate that is too big.
  11. Just to add, for those that supinate (foot rolls towards the outside) you may find that after skating, you have pain on the outside of your lower leg. This is due to the peroneus longus muscle fighting to keep the skate blade straight or on the inside edge during the push of the stride. Until you correct the biometrics of that leg, stretching before you skate helps alleviate the pain, the following stretch was what helped me a lot.
  12. Well, if U need a pair Senior Medium, msg me.....
  13. Unfortunately they don't work for everyone, I have a barely used pair of S13 pads that I tried but found the Reebok 18k/20k style of straps to be best for me.
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