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  1. Plus to stitching it. It is even possible to do it manually with a sewing awl and strong thread. I have even replaced the broken toe cap completely.
  2. Guess this guy also doesn't know that he is a bender
  3. Depends on what boot you will have. I have RBZ roller boot converted to ice snd there are no problems at all. I've even read somewhere that RBZ inline is stiffer that ice due to warmer temperatures it is used, abd therefore to provide adequate stiffness. The only thing that can cause discomfort is ventilation in toe cap, can be cold if you use it on outside rinks and sometimes snow gets into it.
  4. Heard about similar problem on Tuuks, people just use dome stick tape on the runner
  5. The toe cap is stitched to the boot sides and also fixed by 2 front rivets (may be 4, depends on the model). Don't see how it can be punched out, but I think that you can remove the rivets, cut the threads and move the toe cap a bit to the front if there will be some place to stitch it back and fix with the rivets. I've replaced the broken toe cap on my skates, so I think this is possible. But not the easiest way, if I had the same problem, I would go with toe inserts.
  6. I guess eBay or Sidelineswap is your choice
  7. Here's the link with some better pictures https://www.avito.ru/moskva/sport_i_otdyh/maska_dlya_hokkeynogo_shlema_1332337289?utm_campaign=native&utm_medium=item_page_android&utm_source=soc_sharing https://www.instagram.com/hockeymaski/
  8. I've seen this mask on Russian classifieds website avito.ru. Costs 6000 roubles, which is slightly less than 100 USD. Don't know if the guy that sells it (and as I suppose makes) will ship it internationally
  9. You can use file tool to grind down roughly, then use sand paper to finish it off. That would be much faster
  10. Will probably be on next Saturday near one of leon-sport shops
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