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  1. And this is the problem with the newer skates IMHO. Baking them is almost a necessity but as soon as you do they are not returnable. Even my LHS will not bake skates until you purchase them first and then you are screwed if they don't fit. In the end it hurts CCM. It's entirely possible that these Super Tacks would fit awesome and I would become a CCM convert. But I'm not willing to bet $600 on it.
  2. It's the back part of the arch. I don't have that issue with my Supremes. The issue with my Supremes is I had to go up 1/2 size to get the volume I needed. Looks like I need to revisit the Nexus N9000's or go the VH route.
  3. I've attached pics after wearing the skates for 20 minutes. The circled area is where I get pain and redness. Is this something that will be fixed after the skate is baked?
  4. Yes, I have custom carbon fiber orthotics. I also tried the included CCM Sidas foot beds.
  5. Thanks JR. Guess they need to go back.
  6. Is the 30 day trial for the CCM Super Tacks skates still valid? I have a pair that I purchased from Hockey Monkey in a 5 EE but they cause arch pain after wearing them for more than 5 minutes. I don't want to risk $600 hoping that baking them fixes the arch pain and HM won't take them back if they have been baked.
  7. Anyone know if the 30 day guarantee is still valid for the Super Tacks?
  8. I don't have a width issue with the Supremes. Vapors and Jet Speeds would only make the volume issue worse. While I appreciate all the suggestions I have already tried every pair of retail skates available. The only ones that have the potential of a better fit than my current Supremes are the Ultra Tacks or Super Tacks. My concerns were the heel in a EE, is it much wider than the standard D skate? And the stiffness, will either of these be too stiff for a rec league player?
  9. I was in Jet Speed Max 2's before the Supremes and they were way too shallow. The Nexus skate was the new N9000 and it was too wide. Even with the VH skates the stiffness issue is there. How stiff is too stiff for a rec league player?
  10. I've tried Nexus skates and they are too wide in the forefoot and the heel lock is lacking. The width of my 190's isn't the issue, it's the instep depth. The outer edge of the right skate also slams against the side of my leg just above the ankle. The pain gets worse as the game goes on and by the middle of the 2nd period I can no longer push off with my right foot. My orthotics are designed for hockey skates and are thin carbon fiber. They only take up the same volume as a pair of Superfeet. I've tried a pair of 2014 Tacks but I could feel my heel slipping. I didn't want to buy them in the hopes that baking them would tighten up the heel. The Super Tacks felt great in the heel but with the issues outlined above.
  11. Currently in Bauer Supreme s190's but would like something with more volume. I tried on a pair of Super Tacks in a 5d but was having some arch pain and some pain/pressure along the outside of my foot. Would I be better off with a EE or do these areas mold once baked? Also, I only an E league rec player and I'm worried these will be too stiff. I'm 5' 7" and about 210 pounds and the orthopedist that did my custom insoles recommended a stiff skate but will something this stiff hamper my progression?
  12. What are the main differences between these 2 skates. I've read the technical descriptions but I'm not sure what it means. Is there a fit difference between the 2 skates? I tried on the N9000 but was unsure of the heel lock and didn't want to commit $400 to have them baked. I'm currently in Supreme 180's but would like more volume.
  13. Does anyone know if they still charge senior prices for custom junior size skates? I basically need a size 5 Nexus 9000 with a narrow heel.
  14. I'm more concerned about the depth. I have never tried on the 8090's but the Flexlites and 2011 Supremes were not deep enough. I failed the pencil test on both. Are the Nexus skates going to be that much deeper than the current Supremes or am I wasting my time waiting for them?
  15. Anyone have experience with Perfect Edge in Howell?
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