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  1. I think you are spot on...original JetSpeed with FT4 graphics
  2. Oates is their skill coach
  3. I saw an interesting observation that Adam Oates had Barzal and McDavid switch to a P92-ish blade to start the season. In the past couple of games they've both switched back to their normal curves. If you take a look at Getty Images at the start of the year you can see that versus the last couple of nights.
  4. Wow! I had forgotten all about the Easton message board (and the holiday toy drive #RIPMetalMatrixZBubble) Circling back on this, @dkmiller3356 I truly meant no disrespect to the all the people who've worked very hard behind the scenes for years. I appreciate all they've done but was truly curious about the current state of this community and what the future holds. Reading through some interesting replies and learning from them, my thoughts are: Gear market is stagnant; lack of innovation and interesting products in addition to reduced number of companies / offerings Increasing prices without perceived benefit to the masses Change in how people consume content; away from message boards and to social media (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook) Change in how companies message the release of their own products via their athletes and social media channels Great conversation all, thank you!
  5. I have been the biggest fan of ModSquadHockey since day 1. I came over from Corebeam. I loved visiting this site...finding out about the latest gear and talking with other fanatics while getting expert insight into the little details we all care about. This week Bauer officially debuted their new Supreme skate and CCM released the new Tacks skate and helmet. I came over here to read reactions...crickets. What has happened? Is the market stagnant and no one cares anymore? There hasn't been a product review in a year and a half or a new catalog in over 2 years. What does the community see as the future here? Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section
  6. Any word on the price points of the top two models that offer the 3 fits?
  7. Last night Schenn was using a new a Bauer stick that was referenced during the broadcast as having “a hole in the blade” and that Schenn was the first to use. Any insights?
  8. New Supreme and Tacks this spring
  9. Was there something that prompted Matthews to leave Bauer or was he just testing the market when he contract was up?
  10. Not sure if it’s the same one Duchene was wearing https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz1S5fVBqjU/?igshid=tok3go7cuebf
  11. Another shot of Matthews in head to toe CCM
  12. Thanks these are the first 2X (non-pro) pics I’ve seen in the wild. How much do they retail for? Could you compare to X900?
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