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    Sherwood rekker ek15. Pp88 75 flex
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    easton eq

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  1. the p26 curve is pretty close to the standard " p92 for bauer, p29 ccm and w03 for warrior" almost all level of sticks will have that curve option avalible as it is the most popular pattern in hockey. check out hockey monkey for some older models that might be on clearance, in that pattern there should be multiple options.
  2. glad you liked the flylite as much as I do. there are some reviews on other sites that are just down right wrong with mis-information about it. one guy legit said his arms were burning from puck handling a stick that's sub 400 grams. cant comment much on the 2x pro.
  3. that's the curve I use, p28 and I like it. I just prefer a softer feel as I let the stick do a lot of the work on snap shot and pass's. so when it comes to the feel I'm at a different end then you are. catching pass's you have to choke down a bit make sure it doesn't fly off. but its on par with my bauer 77 flex.
  4. hi, I use a 75 flex in all my sticks now and to me, it feels like the flex plays true to specs. not sure if the dual kickpoints have anything to do with what you might feel. for me I would go with the 85 as I like a little more flex in my sticks, and also don't take many slap shots. hope this helps.
  5. Thanks for the help. Have a few ideas to go off from now.
  6. Skated on the LS5 twice before I went back to LS2. The slipping part was almost like I was on top of my steels. I think a lot of this is just not being used to it. Also being a higher steel I’m sure plays a huge role. The shop I go to does a very nice job with what I ask and tell them I’m feeling. I just want to give the LS5 another shot since I hear how great they hold up and all. LS2 edge dies quick.
  7. jus recently got the 2Xpro skates after skating on the O'G total ones from 2010. my gawd what a difference fresh wheels feel like. the only issues I have come across is what I think is a easy fix. I used LS2 since I can remember with a 1/2" hollow profiled to the standard 9' of the steel. the LS5 I feel like I have been slipping while pushing off and going in a straight line if that makes any sense. I had them re-cut at 7/16's as I have read that will increase some added bit. I am curious if anyone has had any issues like this. new steel with a 10" radius might take some getting used to also. I have heard great things about the LS5 so I want to give them a honest run. thanks for any help.
  8. plus one for the flylite. I left you my review on sports2k. its my fav stick hands down.
  9. I've had a back and forth this this guy before. seems to know a good bit but also thinks he knows it all.
  10. I have two flylite's and had them since mid July. Zero issues with anything so far aside from not keeping pucks out of the net. I have read some of the reports about them breaking, but honestly, with any new top end stick those reports are always around. Hope this helps.
  11. From the 1x lite to the flylite no, they have not. One thing I notice once my gloves are starting to go is the grip on my sticks. Take a look into new gloves or redoing palms.
  12. It’s funny. The total ones clock in at 780’s grams. No skate in the top line ccm or Bauer is under 800. My 2x pros are around 870. I think a few things come into play with tech and overall construction. The lightest skate isn’t as important as stick weights. I noticed no difference on the ice with them. If anything I felt I could dig into the turns more.
  13. I did some research and I am realizing how much of a noob post this really is. 😑 give it to me
  14. hey guys, got a new pair of skates for the first time in about 7 years. I have been skating on the O'G total ones. I have got great life out of them. i got the 2x pro's after the scanner recommended vapor fit. tried them on, felt good, spent the money. to my surprise I was comparing the weight to my total ones, and the 2x pro's are heavier. now I know weight isn't the end of the world but I was expecting them to be about the same, if not the vapors to be lighter. any thoughts one this? my head is telling me that the new tech will make such a difference in energy transfer and power that it wont matter much about the weight. also I have bigger steels and the boot is new vs a worn down skate. few thoughts I had. anyhow I'm excited to take them out today and start the break in process. thanks
  15. ordered a RX3 online after a buddy of mine got one. for the price I was curious to test this out. I went to their warehouse sale a few years ago here in Baltimore and they had tons of pro stock gloves and sticks. I missed it this year but will keep a eye out next year. retail sticks priced at 75$ and pro stocks about the same. I have also been chatting through twitter and facebook about the construction of some of their pro stock sticks, as I'm always interested who is trying what...etc. they are extremely open with info and I hope that keeps up. about 2/3 years ago I was working next to a local rink and I stopped in mid day to get my skates sharpened, when STX was having a pro day and filmed a bunch of promo's with Vincent Trocheck, Trevor van Riemsdyk, and a few others. They all couldn't have been nicer and I asked Trocheck what stick he was using since it looked different then his normal one at the time ' rx2 '. He told me it was a new prototype for the RX3 build but not a final product.
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