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    Bauer Nexus 8000, Graf G35
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    Sherwood T120, T-Unnamed(95 Flex Stastny) STX Stallion, STX Surgeon, (X92, 95 flex) CCM tacks (95 flex, Twink curve aka NGR) Easton V9E Schlemko Prototype looks like a PM9 with a huge tall blade Easton S19 pro stock 85 flex Sakic clone, CCM500 Price Curve, RBK Pro Stock Price Return
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    STX Stallion, Warrior Franchise Wolski, MIA Chris Neil
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    Bauer 5100, Bauer ReaKt
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    Ottawa One95's Heritage, Oilers Bauer Supreme
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    Graf GS
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    Easton Synergy 700
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    Easton ProNHL models (whatever that means on the tag
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    the best Junkyard Athletic bag ever made

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  1. you need to work on flexibility bro. I dont know if you work out, i take my lunch hour at work at just spend the entire time in my in house gym at work. Work on stretches, work on leg strength building. No better way around that, when i look at my videos from the last two years (been playing for 3 now) i can tell a huge difference in my flexibility and movement. simply put, stretch, work out.
  2. And thanks to my friend Matt for giving me pointers in the last few weeks there's a reason I like putting up footage, so better goalies can help me out he's been talking to me how to challenge more which I felt I was doing better In This one theres lots for me to improve and thats been a glaring one
  3. I've been playing on and off for three years now including almost 1.5 year of time off from injury in the last two years I'm aware I suck but I'm a gamer when needed i went to Las Vegas for the NCHL draft tournament and they finally sent me the video from February where I won the shootout for the B championship ive never won shit in hockey as a forward or goalie so this was a cool feeling
  4. not much action, i felt i faced better quality shots in the other side of the ice and didnt take the camera with me i'm in the yellow jersey
  5. That guy actually left the game so I think he got hurt and thank you, I think to make it feel natural and comfortable to my style of movement. If it looks lazy, it's cause I'm being lazy, this is more laidback than Anything. as for the straps it's all to everyone I would suggest starting semi loose and work your way around. Personally, I don't use boot straps and the pads I used leg straps on it was 2.5" at the toe ties before I switched to the monster hockey bungee style ones that are able to extend and go back to normal since they're elastic. for leg straps I had a loose knee strap and a semi loose calf one. Plus the elastic straps that's it with these warriors I use the elastic toe ties and the three leg elastic straps including the one below the knee for a very open knee landing
  6. well, had a game Friday, good game too. Camera somehow turned off after the first period, turned it back on, then some idiot missed the net by 5 feet and railed the cameras power button and got stuck and stayed off until last night, so heres 3 minutes of highlights lol
  7. I took off the awful wrist Velcro tabs for my C/A and used elastic bands instead, SOOOOOO MUCH better, and it stopped breaking my fitbit
  8. Accurate, thats a shell from the Draft Tournament in Vegas back in february, lots of fun, funky unis
  9. The first goalie is Matt, he has a rough time playing the puck but he plays out too, he's just kinda harder about trying to stop passes and poke away. I tend to be a little different with how i use my stick to take away shots only if needed, i've found that if i throw my stick out it'll most likely bounce to a player who can knock it in. Or in two cases, knock it in myself, I do however play the puck a lot in games since i do play out too. as for your gear, don't buy new, buy good condition pro stock or higher end used. As long as the internal plastics aren't broken, you'd be ok for a while on a lot of stuff.
  10. found it, here's last weeks scrimmage. I'm the one in the black senators blank jersey
  11. Also, Ive been playing in net non stop. Today might be my first time playing out in a long time. So here's the video for two weeks ago, cant find the one i took for last weeks
  12. Take your time man, go to stick times and have a friend or two shoot on you for specific movements, gloves, and legs, going down and trying to take shots and controlling them. After a while you will realize you can actually redirect rebounds to the corners or far out. I had the same issues in the last three years since i began playing. Now i feel ive gotten better with movements and have improved as time has gone by. Look up goalie drills and butterfly techniques on youtube. You can learn so much.
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