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    Warrior Dolomite Shaft/Easton EQ50 Blade
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    Bauer 7500 / CCM 480 Cage
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  1. I currently wear the 4700's and I have to say they are a really nice skate. I wore G3's before these and 703's before that and bought these online and they fit pretty similarly. They are really light as well, at least compared to my G3's. I reached out to Graf as well before buying them and got this about the 4700's compared to 7700 as I had the same question: "The 4700 was a skate made to fit between the 4400 and 7700, good value product with nice performance. Some differences from the 7700, weight is a touch heavier, outsole is not as stiff, tongue is a bit less in density of foams. Overall the skate is very close in performance only very high end skater can even tell the difference."
  2. Hey everyone. Not sure if anyone else has tried this but I was curious. I currently own Large pro stock CCM HP30 pants. Used them for a few months and they are just a little too big. I have found some Medium HP30 lowers online for $30 bucks or so. They would have the same number of button holes, I’m thinking maybe they would fit. Has anyone tried this? Thanks for any help, just trying to save some cash if I didn’t need new pants.
  3. This thread makes me so happy. I have been using easton tapered blades (synthesis, synergy 2, synergy elite, se16, mako2) for years, but i only have one left and cannot find anymore in my pattern (E3/sakic). I have tried Reebok and they were okay, but those are not around anymore either. Based on what i can see, would the stiff option be my best bet if I were going for the easton style of blade? Also, are there different finish options for the tapered blades? Thanks.
  4. Regarding the 2 piece sticks, I noticed that the blades only have the one spar. Other than that, would they be comparable to the blades on the high end sticks as far as performance and weight goes?
  5. Easton Stealth S19 Flex: 100 Curve: Hall Grip Height: 6' Weight: 175 Postition: C Time-frame of use: Since March 2012 Other sticks used recently: SE16 100 flex Sakic Grip, Eq50 100 flex Hall grip Aesthetics: This is a great looking stick by Easton. The graphics are clean and really look nice. 10/10 Weight and Balance: The stick feels very light and has a good balance point. It may not be listed as light as some of the other top end sticks, but once I got it out on the ice it felt just as light as anything I've used. No complaints here. 10/10 Blade: The blade seems to be well constructed and felt very solid, very stiff. I've used the stick about a dozen times and there has been no loss of stiffness yet. The puck really jumps off the blade on shots, which is nice. I prefer the slightly softer feel of my SE16 and Eq50 over the S19, but being that this is really designed to be a shooter's stick I can understand the tradeoff here. 8/10 Shaft/Flex: I cut the stick down to about the 100 flex mark as I do with all of my easton sticks. It plays true to the flex, which is great. I had heard that the S17 played a bit softer than rated, so they definitely remedied that with this stick. 10/10 Stickhandling and Passing: As I mentioed above in the blade section, I prefer the slightly softer feel of a stick like the SE16 or Eq50. This required a little bit of an adjustment period for me. That being said, I had no issues stickhandling through traffic and making passes after about 30 minutes of playing. Receiving passes was not an issue either after adjusting to the more lively feel of the blade. 9/10 Shooting: This stick is awesome in this category, probably the best I've ever used. Shots have a fast release and are very accurate. It's just a fun stick to shoot with and gives you a lot of confidence. Also, my snap shots seemed to be quicker with this than my SE16 and Eq50. 10/10 Durability: So far there has been no structural damage to the stick. The blade and shaft feel just as good as the first time I used it. 10/10 Conclusion: 9.6/10 It's a great product, and simply a fun stick to play with. If you're more of a shooter than a playmaker, you can't ask for much more out of a stick.
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