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    Warrior Dolomite Shaft/Easton EQ50 Blade
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    Bauer 7500 / CCM 480 Cage
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  1. I currently wear the 4700's and I have to say they are a really nice skate. I wore G3's before these and 703's before that and bought these online and they fit pretty similarly. They are really light as well, at least compared to my G3's. I reached out to Graf as well before buying them and got this about the 4700's compared to 7700 as I had the same question: "The 4700 was a skate made to fit between the 4400 and 7700, good value product with nice performance. Some differences from the 7700, weight is a touch heavier, outsole is not as stiff, tongue is a bit less in density of foams. Overall the skate is very close in performance only very high end skater can even tell the difference."
  2. Hey everyone. Not sure if anyone else has tried this but I was curious. I currently own Large pro stock CCM HP30 pants. Used them for a few months and they are just a little too big. I have found some Medium HP30 lowers online for $30 bucks or so. They would have the same number of button holes, I’m thinking maybe they would fit. Has anyone tried this? Thanks for any help, just trying to save some cash if I didn’t need new pants.
  3. Step steel still makes them, I just got them ordered through my local hockey shop last month for the cobras. Its actually a much better quality steel than the stock graf, holds an edge longer in my experience.
  4. I would just throw a piece of clear or electrical tape over it so it doesn't splinter. But it won't affect durability.
  5. This thread makes me so happy. I have been using easton tapered blades (synthesis, synergy 2, synergy elite, se16, mako2) for years, but i only have one left and cannot find anymore in my pattern (E3/sakic). I have tried Reebok and they were okay, but those are not around anymore either. Based on what i can see, would the stiff option be my best bet if I were going for the easton style of blade? Also, are there different finish options for the tapered blades? Thanks.
  6. Its going to be tough to find wood tapered blades outside of eBay. Warrior and Bauer seem to be the only major companies still making blades, most of the big online retailers carry those but in composite only. Base is another option, especially if you are looking for a more obscure pattern, but again, composite only.
  7. I figure some folks on here would be interested in these. Cant believe there are still some of these around but I figure they are legit? pro stock Brett Hull Shafts. Love that metal matrix style. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Easton-Z-Bubble-Ultra-Lite-Pro-Stock-Grip-Shaft-Brett-Hull-80-Flex-/161877545002
  8. Regarding Crosby's stick, I'm guessing it's a bad batch and he will right back to using them. I would imagine the CCM sticks are the exact same spec as the reebok sticks that he has been using for years, made in the same place, etc.
  9. Yeah 85 isn't but they have even lower flex s19s of his on there as well. I'm guessing they made him a bunch to try out. And yeah of course their technique is what makes them great, just pointing out how they both use softer sticks than most nhl players.
  10. I saw those too, was considering picking one up but I saw the lie was 3.5. It would be fun to try and shoot with his stick being how light in flex they are. You can see why he can get so much on his shot so quickly, similar to ovie.
  11. I am a long time 2 piece user as well, and really liked using them. It is just too difficult to find the blades I like, and closeout/pro stock OPS are much more cost effective. I have gotten a couple Easton pro stock OPS in my preferred curve and flex this year (Sakic/Hall 100) for less than $100 each. I do have a bunch of shafts left over and would jump on a good deal on blades, but I can't justify spending $60 or so on a blade anymore.
  12. Thanks for the tip, I ended up deciding against the Base blades. I saw Peranis has some mako 2 blades on sale for $50 each. I held one a couple years ago and it seemed to be a bit closer in weight to the se16/elite blade. Realizing that it may not be worth the hassle anymore with the 2 piece setup, I just picked up a pro stock lupul eq50 for $85, it was almost identical to the Hall/Sakic. Seems like a better deal to go with closeout/pro OPS. Tough to keep spending $50-$60 on a blade when you can get a whole stick (high end) for $100 or less.
  13. Thanks for the info on these ktang. I have had to add tape to most of my blade hosels over the years so thats not a big deal. It's funny because the only shafts that dont need the tape with the easton blades were my warrior shafts. They must have a bit smaller dimension.
  14. I contacted the seller, he was nice about it and they appear to be tapered. I didn't care for the mako blade as much as the eq50, so I'm still up in the air on it. Ktang, what kind of shaft did you use the base blade in? How was the fit to the shafts? Thanks.
  15. Base quoted me at $60 per blade plus shipping. Decoy thanks for the link, I have tried the mako blade and I thought it was pretty good, but a bit heavier than the se16/eq50. I may have to jump on those though.
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