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  1. Ya I'm a Port kid, are you from Port? The east side arena is still called the Teeder Kennedy Youth Arena (It's shutting down in March). But my team plays all of our games at the West side arena.
  2. Ya the shin pads showing is done on purpose...lol I like the look of it, plus a little air flow for my legs.
  3. This isn't mine but I found a Pro stock Spezza On ebay
  4. I was at the Hockey World in London Ontario today. They had some big toe curves in a mission fuel-ti (Range in flex from 75-139 flex) for $99.99. They also had some Warrior dolomite's for in the range of $100-$120 (All warriors were in 260 flex) range they were All Pro Stock sticks.
  5. Just got a New Vapor 30 Skates !! {Taken with my Cell phone, so there not very good}
  6. Some of my new stuff CCM v10 helmet with a 9500 cage and NBH vapor pro Graf 735 skates
  7. My Sticks Top to Bottom: easton aluminum shaft, with a lidstrom curve (street hockey stick) 110flex Easton Stealth. Ovechkin Curve. 100flex Easton II shaft. p91a curve 100 flex Easton green ST, p91a 110 flex Warrior Dolomite, Lidstrom 100 flex Ballistik custom shaft with a p91a curve and 120 flex Nike/Bauer one 90. P91A curve and 102 flex Warrior AK27 shaft. P91A curve and 120 flex Easton green st lidstrom curve. and 110 flex RBK 8K helmet with a pro stock Dion Phaneuf visor and a Nike bauer cage Pants: RBK 5K Shin Pads: Easton ?? Shoulder Pads: Easton Stealth 7 (good shoulder pads) Elbow pads: Easton ??? Gloves Left to right: TPS R8 14" Hespler ? 14" TPS Something Nike bauer vapor pro 15" RBK 5K pumps
  8. Me lining up a guy for a hit.(March 2008) I'm shooting the puck out of the zone (March 2008) http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z288/do...tteo98/Dom3.jpg Me after dumping the puck in the zone (December 2007) http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z288/do...98/scan0006.jpg
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