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    NBH one75
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    McAmmond SE16
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    CCM pro 4roll
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    CCM V10/ Mission Intake
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    CCM 692
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    Itech 655
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    RBK 6k
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    Jofa 8090

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  1. Weekend pickups (4 dolo shafts, the inno on the right as well as the SE16's next to it): http://img638.imageshack.us/img638/10/p1010022qz.jpg
  2. Winnwell sticks? Yeah Winwell G500's they are Vapor XXX repaints.......awesome sticks for the money...too bad I cant find anymore now if only i picked up a batch of 100 flex shanahan's when i had the chance to.
  3. the gloves look like the mission fuel's and the eagle paragons imo.
  4. i actually had my holders realigned like that on purpose. it fixes ankle pronation causing the player to stand up straight. as for the bad rivet job causing the wave, that seems like a job done by the repairs department at great skate.
  5. im pretty impressed with the 4rolls. i just bought them since they were the only thing that came in nylon for under $100 with shipping. i looked at the nbh 4rolls but the 14 was too small and the 15 had fingers that were too long but the glove itself fit. im normally a 15" glove but bought these in a 14. they take a skate to break in and once they did, i cant seem to put them down to use my easton z-airs (which says alot).
  6. this was the savior of me since ops came out in the nhl and i was able to get my hands on them. i would wind up getting them from the islanders and just having to buy blades. make sure you're careful when chizzeling the blade out because you can crack the walls of the shaft if you're not careful. just get a chizel and a hammer, tap lightly until it flakes off. turn it upside down and all the left over blade will just fall right out.
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