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  1. So it turns out I didn't notice anything because nothing had been done :) There was an error at the sharpener and the skates were done without the FBV. I'll be having them re-done and can't wait to actually try them out.
  2. Ok, so did anyone not notice anything? I just recently had my skates done with the 1/2" FBV (coming from a standard 7/16" cut) and used them on the ice today for the first time. Although I didn't feel any less grip in tight turns, I didn't notice any extra "glide" at all. In fact, if I didn't know they had been sharpened with this new method, I would have just thought I was skating on my standard 7/16" sharpening. I plan on talking with the sharpener about this, but I thought I'd see if anyone else was in the same boat.
  3. A lot of my stuff is a bit older, but I'm slowly upgrading :) Helmet: Bauer HH4000 Visor: In between Oakley straight pro and an Itech X100 (like the lower cut of the Itech but it fogs up more then the Oakley) Gloves: Worn out Bauer 300's but the pro 4-rolls are on their way for Christmas! Elbow pads: Bauer 2000's Shoulder pads: Bauer flak's Pants: CCM 652's (I really miss my old supra's :( ) Shin pads: Bauer, no idea on the model Skates: Brand new Bauer one55's, coming from Bauer Air 50's Stick: RBK 6k shaft, sakic clone e-bay blade
  4. tdjb

    RBK 6k Shaft

    Background: 6' 160lbs, first time using a composite anything (shaft or OPS). Shaft: RBK 6K Pro-Feel, regular flex Test Blades: Easton Synergy II blade Weight/Balance: I've used wood sticks the entire time I've played hockey (10+ years) so I was expecting quite a difference in weight. Of course the shaft by itself is way lighter then any wood stick, but with the synergy blade the weight savings drop. Sure, it's still lighter then a wood stick but I would not say it's earth shattering. As stated before, I've never used another composite shaft so I can't compare the 6k to anything other composite shaft. The balance was great for me. Naturally it's heavier by the blade, but it's not drastic enough to throw your feel off. 8/10 just because a lot of that extra weight came from the blade Shooting/Passing/Stickhandling: Initially I was pretty worried about just jumping into a full composite setup from wood, luckily I didn't have anything to worry about. I have not noticed any negative impact on my passing, shooting or stick handling that would be caused by the shaft (the blade took some getting used to however). I am not the heaviest guy though so I would potentially of liked a little softer flex BUT I can't complain about the regular flex. The pro-feel grip doesn't bother me although I can't say it actually has helped me. Without gloves it felt pretty tacky, but once I got out on the ice I didn't even notice it which I think is a good thing. 9/10 Durability: So far this shaft has held up to everything an adult league can throw at it. I tend to spend my fair share of time in front of the net so this shaft has taken a good bit of hacks to it. The only evidence are scuff marks over the lower portion, no chips or anything. 10/10 Conclusion: I've been very happy with this shaft and wish I would have purchased a couple at the price hockey giant was giving them away at. I would have no problem recommending this shaft to another player. Overall: 9/10
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