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  • Skates
    CCM Ribcor 50k
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    CCM Ribcor Reckoner (P38) Reebok 11k (P38)
  • Gloves
    Eagle PPF, Bauer X Pro
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    Bauer 5100 Combo
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    Notre Dame CCM MHP520
  • Shoulder Pads
    Bauer Supreme Classic (modified)
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    Reebok 9k
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    Reebok 9k
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    Alkali CA9 Backpack

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    LaPorte, IN
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    Hockey, Baseball, Golf, Music, Video Games, Hippie Music Festivals
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  1. That theory holds up with CCM and adidas as well, but that doesn't continue to UA. Of the three of them they would be the ones I would guess would be selling their branded hockey socks.
  2. Due to the effectiveness of their entry, I'd say that an employee was involved in some capacity. If the alarm sensors are only fixed to doors, then the alarm wouldn't have sounded till they exited the store.
  3. Do you usually put your shins in the bottom of your hockey bag? I have seen some shins split from dropping the bag onto concrete.
  4. I'm still loving mine. Only complaint is the grip/graphics are peeling off, but I usually candy cane my sticks so it isn't bugging me much. Blade durability has been solid so far, no chips or gouges to speak of. The shaft still has all of its pop, haven't noticed any dip in performance thus far. Quite impressed.
  5. Exactly. Corporate attendance policies that are too lenient is another vent on its own, but things usually have a way of working themselves out in cases such as this. As they say, give them enough rope...
  6. People who don't show up for work which causes a delayed opening of the store, then complain that they don't get enough hours.
  7. Went to lock up the store after a long day and my key somehow bent in half in my pocket. Of course the other manager that lives five minutes from the store couldn't be bothered to answer the phone, so I had to sit there for an hour till the other manager got there to lock the door. Come home and a random car that is parked on my street is sitting there laying on the horn every 5 minutes (it is midnight btw). Had enough after a half hour of that, called the non emergency number and had a cop come out and tell them to shut the hell up. What a wonderful evening.
  8. I wonder when his adidas deal officially starts. Still a strange picture as he would technically be contractually obligated to wear Reebok (if that contract was all encompassing ie on and off ice) until the adidas contract kicks in.
  9. I think my head is a magnet in the sports I play. When I played baseball in school I had a grounder pop up and hit me in the teeth at least once a week, or I'd get hit in the head with a pitch if the baseball gods felt spiteful that day.
  10. I will never take my cage off for this exact reason. I can't count how many times I've taken an elbow or a butt end of a stick off my cage. Seems like there is less recoil to the neck when there are metal bars in front of my face.
  11. Used mine for the first time today. Shots came off very nicely, puck feel was excellent, and it is super light and well balanced. There wasn't one area that the stick didn't perform well in. Time will tell with durability, but initial impressions are outstanding.
  12. I'm the exact opposite. I wish they would offer the old Reebok curves on all CCM sticks and not just the Ribcors.
  13. So last month I had a few suspect charges on my credit card at places I have never been (card was always in my posession). Fraud prevention did a great job getting my money back. Now I noticed today that about $100 of charges have shown up on my debit card, and this is the best part, from Tokyo Japan. Once again, card has never left my posession. Starting to get annoyed. Only thing I can think of is that I somehow keep running into people with a RFID gismo that pulls my card info.
  14. Paid my car off today. Looking forward to having an extra $220 a month I haven't had for the last 5 years.
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