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    Easton stealth rs, Bauer total one
  • Stick
    Easton stealth rs, warrior widow
  • Gloves
    Easton stealth rs, warrior franchise
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    Easton s19
  • Pants
    Bauer supreme one 95
  • Shoulder Pads
    Easton classic with pro mods
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    Easton synergy 300
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer supreme
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    Warrior atl pro stock

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  1. prices wernt that bad at all, best deals were on skates, buddy picked up a brand new pair of 1x's for $225. got my bro a pair of brand new jetspeeds for $200.
  2. thanks optimus , I camped out over night and was 7th in line so there was lots to pick from.
  3. yea, these were the only retro gloves for sale this year, they said they lost a bunch of stuff when the dome flooded last year.
  4. My pick ups from this years sale, - Flames retro premier jersey - no name warrior franchise gloves -Mikael Backlund warrior luxes gloves - Juri Hudler warrior luxes retro gloves - Roman Horak totalone nxg gloves - Jake Virtanen ccm RBZ skates brand new - Brian Mcgrattan white 20ks with (BIG ERN ) on the heels - 6 flames hats - Kris Russel bauer 4500 st louis helmet - Mikka Kiprusoff Bauer Reactor blocker - 2 hitmen R32 totalone NXG sticks - 2 Lance Bouma Reebok ribcores - Sean Monahan STX Surgeon stick - 2 Lance Bouma ccm takcs sticks - 2 flames hoodies
  5. Me and my dads Pick ups from the flames sale, Modin thrashers Warrior Bag, easton S9 retro helmet, Cammy Easton E700 helmet, Iginla Easton S9 helmet, Bauer totalone skates, Cammys easton EQ 50 Skates, Bauer APX skates, Hannan Easton Epro retro gloves, Gios warrior franchies gloves, Iginla easton retro gloves, Sticks: Nystrom warrior dolo spyne, Modin Warrior widow, Butler Bauer Totalone, Comeau Bauer APX. Missing from pic, Easton Epro retro gloves, bauer totalone skates, easton flames bag, 2 flames practice jerseys.
  6. ya i can take some pictures later today and post them tonight.
  7. Uploaded with ImageShack.us my familys haul from the falmes sale over 20 hours of waiting and over $2k later, From left to right IGGY heritage classic pants, David Moss Bauer heritage classic pants, Easton classic shoulder pads, cpl hertiage classic hats, vapor x60 stock and 2 jackman torspo surge 421 sticks, 2 pairs of MLX skates no name, 2 pairs heritage classic pant covers,hertiage classic practice jersey,4 paie of hertiage classic socks, 2 pair phaneuf warrior creepers, 1 pair phaneuf rbk 10ks, boruque totalone hertiage classic gloves, no name hertiage classic vapor x60s, pardy warrior franchise flames vintage gloves, meyer rbk 10k gloves, pardy warrior franchise hertiage classic gloves, Meyer eagle panthers bag. missisng lundmark rbk 4 roll flames vintage gloves.
  8. no man, there Giordano's heritage classic gloves.
  9. Uploaded with ImageShack.us just got these today there beauts.
  10. My latest Pickups Flames vintage gloves and YES a pair of heritage classic gloves. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. hey just got a PS one 95 and noticed it has the same weave as the x60 /TO, does anybody know which one it is, the code on the blade says , borque rene 3 -H2O-B16-L and the code on the shaft id is 0782-A 107 O30
  12. MY newest additions to my glove collection Flames Vintage Jokinen Bauer four Rolls Oilers Vintage Brodziack Vapour xxxx Pros
  13. Skates: Iggy's one 95 skates, retail s15 Shins: bauer supreme 5000's Elbows: easton synergy 500 Shoulders: itech 995 tl Pants: Bauer one 95 Helmet: Easton s17 and mission nme Visor: oakley pro cut Gloves: Eagle PPF (Prust)/Easton epros (stralman),warrior franchise (Johnson),warrior franchise (Auccoin) Bauer 4 rolls (ritchie) Sticks: rbk 10k (Giordano) x2, se16 (Boyd)x2, one95 (Borque)x4, x60, dolo spyne (bertuzzi),vector u+ (Boyd)x2, se16 (dawes),se16 (Glencross) Undergarments: Itech shirt/Under Armor pants Socks: RBK Edge pro Jerseys: CGY flames design. Bag: Boston Bruins Pro bag.
  14. Sloppy seconds? lol thats awesome. are those with functioning pumps? nice pick up I havent really tried the pump yet, but they are like new, might of been worn once by him. Overall its a great deal and they fit me perfectly :) He just has massive ankles lol apparently Phaneuf uses a new pair of skates and gloves every 4 games.
  15. got this stick today, pretty weird.
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