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  1. Russn have you tested it with CCM Rocket Runners.
  2. Tucker, everything JR keeps posting is that Bauer intends to enforce its patent on the steel for the LS Edge and at a minimum it will likely require a IP declaratory judgment action before any possible aftermarket supplier can sell so you are probably stuck with LS3 as your best option for the foreseeable future.
  3. If Kanya's size 7 UK Zooms are sporting a medium I would say you would probably want a large unless you are specifically looking for the slightly shorter frame for your other reasons than the mounting footprint.
  4. Love the white 9K's. And the black Humm'rs look like they so belong. Did you dremmel the sole or add some lifts?
  5. This is my first conversion and my first Sprungs. I built them up for my step son to use primarily for off off ice training as there really is not any roller for his age group that we are inclined to put him in any more. They are his old S400 ice boots that he absolutely loved but had completely broken the tendon guards on, with the A7's, the bearings and wheels are just throw away junk I had sitting around the house since he will use them for a little general transport outside and has historically never cleaned his own bearings anyhow. I did the dye job myself just to try something flashy for him. The picture makes the red look a little orangy but it is really a pretty dark scarlet. With a little practice I hope to do a pair for myself since I coach in the local outdoor league for the younger brother, unfortunately it does not go any higher than first year bantam equivalent. Let me know what you think. The mount is with T-Nuts and a lot of extra measuring to try and make sure I didn't bungle everything. So far so good. Hope the pictures show up ok as this is my first attempt hosting with image shack. Scott
  6. The thing about a sweet stick is that it rolls the edge in to create the "feel" of a sharpened skate that roll is actually a burr that takes time and steel to remove at the next sharpening. JR has discussed it several times in better detail. I think he talks about it in the miraclestone thread.
  7. SAK are the FBV spinners available for online purchase yet. The local shop has a blackstone sharpener and is running a 1/2" spinner but when I asked them about the FBV technology they just stared at me. If the spinner is in my price range I might just get one myself and take it to the shop to set aside for my skates and my sons'. And maybe that will beat their anxiety over the unknown. If I were to do something like that would the tech just sharpen as he normally does or am I just asking for problems.
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