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    Bauer Vapor XXX's
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    Sher-Wood 9950
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    CCM Pro Tacks 4 Roll
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    Mission Intake
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    Rbk 6k's
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    Rbk 8k's
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    Rbk 5k's
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    NBH Velocity's

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  1. Edit: Krev linked me answer to my question.
  2. Nice Guild Wars poster :P
  3. At the Oilers' team sale there were tonnes of gloves never used in a game by the players. For example Visnovsky Torpso's, Cogliano Fuel Pros. They may however been tested in practice or warm-up and therefore still have the name stitched on.
  4. Should probably wait until you win the auction to post it in the "Show off YOUR Gear" Thread heh
  5. The nucks' sale was good to you mickz!
  6. Just got back from the Oiler's sale, lots of good stuff. Picked up some Gilbert Brule Synergy Pros with an attatched slash guard and some slightly used Edge socks. Maybe some of you glove whores (TBL, JR, Drew, SubliTWILL) can tell me what this little tab is for. Its got a plastic insert in it and Brule is a righty so it would be his top hand.
  7. Cool, thanks for the advice man.
  8. Hey troy, how was the transition from XXXs to one95s? I've been in my XXXs for 3 years and I'm just curious about the difference in fit, and yea I am going to try skates on before buying lol.
  9. i dont really like the screnned "SHERBROOK HOCKEY CO." on the upper cuff looks kinda cheap props on ordering some though Dupes
  10. Good stuff start, I like your gloves alot.
  11. The back of the jerseys looks realllllllly awesome, props mang.
  12. Wow nice pick ups mgo, those gloves and the xxxx are pure sweetness. Finally got an unused 0004 but it's kinda small on me
  13. Host them on a photo site of your choice (photobucket, imageshack, etc.) and then post the link to that image surrounded by [-IMG-] [-/IMG-] without the dashes (-). [-IMG-] www.photourl.com [-/IMG-]
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