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  1. Local rinks require near full gear for open hockey but very little for stick time. Been to more than a few drop in's at more than a few local rinks with guys playing in sweat pants, gloves, and a bucket. I suppose you could call it lack of enforcement if you're one of those asinine "I've always gotta be right" types. But unenforced rules don't carry much more weight than non-existant ones.
  2. I haven't seen many rinks that require adults to wear anything besides a helmet (and skates obviously) to drop-in games. Just because no one is going to grab my wrinkles to see if I'm wearing a cup doesn't mean it isn't a good idea to wear one.
  3. If you're dumb enough to show up to a drop in game with nothing but your bucket and gloves you pretty much deserve what you get. Never really understood the logic behind the "I'm so good I don't need pads" line of thought. Doesn't really matter whether you're Wayne Gretzky, or putting on skates for the first time, getting hit with the puck, falling, and running into the boards are just part of the game.
  4. 10-15 minutes is plenty of warm up for a drop-in game. It drives me nuts when everyone is yelling at two or three guys who'd spend the whole damn skate taking runs at the goalie if you'd let them to put the pucks in so we can start. Also, and I really don't think this should never need to be said, but behind the goal is not the place to drop down on the ice and stretch.
  5. Once, three years ago, I gave my cousin a job in the back of the house to help with the seasonal rush so he could have extra cash for Christmas. The job lasted literally from Halloween until the 23rd of December, minimum wage. I will now be drawn into his eternal child support battles with his batshit crazy ex every year. I'm hoping my "he hasn't worked here in three years and I don't have time for this shit" letter will work, but I'm not counting on it. He really should have done what his mom told him and pushed the nut down the stairs.
  6. When I was reffing beer league I used a pretty simple rule: the "home" team's jersey needed to be at the very least 80% white and the "visitor" could have no more than 20% white markings on the sweater. Occassionally you run into the jackass that thinks a jersey that is all colored save for the white shoulder boards is enough to pull a fast one. I just used to call guys over during the warm up and tell them if the sweater wasn't going to cut. Save for one repeat offender. I didn't say anything and the smug douche thought he got one over. Then someone tossed him a pass because they clearly thought he was their winger and was headed in on a good scoring chance. Let him get about three strides and then blew the whistle, and made the captain sit the bench minor for the jersey issue. On the flip side, I don't see being a huge dick about it. I found that the "everyone must have matching sweaters" rule was just unreasonable for adult league hockey. So as long as the sweater was either a home white or a colored away I'd let it slide.
  7. Actually ran into a guy from high school today. While I didn't give him as much shit as some, I wasn't exactly nice to him. He was the guy that came out for all four years of football and never actually played in a game. Smaller high school, so we only had a varsity and a JV team. Not what you'd call a talented athlete by any means. Over the years though I came to realize it took a lot of guts and character to do it, I know if I hadn't got to play I wouldn't have bothered. Always felt a bit guilty about it, so it was nice to get a chance to apologize and get some closure
  8. I'm kind of curious to see how the LAPD handles this. The top dog issued a statement saying if you didn't have a ticket to the funeral, odd of a concept as that is, they didn't want you going down there.
  9. Though, I think it's too early to rule out the possibility of a one armed man.
  10. Three straight days of pretty much cloudless skies. I know in some places that's not a big deal, but in Seattle it doesn't happen too often.
  11. You might want to start with something designed to be a less aggressive than a crotch rocket.
  12. In the mid-90's the state of California (indvidiually) came out with new environmental emission laws that in effect banned all two stroke bikes. It's not in the language that all two strokes are banned, they just can't meet the emission standards. This, naturally, pissed a lot of people off from Joe Rider to the dealerships that now couldn't sale the premier product lines. Also, and probably more of a factor in the reforms, the state was loosing a lot of money on bikes that weren't being registered. So around '98 the state came out with a red sticker and a green sticker. If you're bike has a red sticker you can ride it only in restricted locations and/or at certain times of the year. The green sticker allows you to ride anywhere, such as state parks. The family I have down there rides trails so have to have something that's approved for a green sticker. Yeah, I know, freaking California. I'd imagine the differing types of riding do make a difference, as I would tend to agree if you're doing the same things with a thumper that you did with a two stroke it wouldn't hold out much longer.
  13. They do require great maintainence, of course you get a longer engine block life. But primiarily I want something I can get a green sticker for, which is a no can do with any two stoke bike that currently exists. I was thinking of getting WR450, but I've also considered keeping the YZ250 and just getting a something on the entry level side to take down to Californa with me.
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