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  1. Thanks for the info guys and the confirmation that I am a dumb ass :) Its feeling better but I am seeing a specialist next week and now I have put hockey on the shelf until I talk to the Dr. Its weird as it aches at night but feels fine during the day though it still hurts with various range of motion. It sounds like it is not nearly as bad as some cases described above as I dont have full tears. They will be going over my MRI with me next week and giving me more specifics around the tears I have in my shoulder.
  2. I don't believe he referred to it as a SLAP tear but he found it odd that there were so many tears in the shoulder. None of them are completely through but his worry was it may be fairly easy to rip though with so many smaller tears. In short no surgery required I am just waiting to see a specialist so he can give me a more solid prognosis and road to recovery. Thanks for the input.
  3. Just got an MRI back that indicated that I have 5 or so small shoulder tears on my left side. I believe it was several injuries/incidents until my shoulder finally gave out. The good news is that I am two months into this and it only hurts when I do certain movements. From a hockey perspective lifting shots and passes that require me to go outside of my body hurt. Am I a dumb ass for playing hockey with this injury? Yes, I will shut myself down for about a month since I got the MRI results. The point of this thread is I am about to see a physical therapist but want to get expectations on how long this injury will take to heal and what exercises might work to strengthen the area?
  4. As much as I hated him as a life long Red Sox fan and how he took advantage of his limitless money vs MLB's current salary structure I respect him. I true pioneer with the Yankees fan best interest in mind. In the end its hard to argue with that. RIP George and thanks for the many good and bad memories for us Red Sox fans.
  5. Yea lightning quick hands but as I remember from the video ... those socks! ;)
  6. Through I dont approve of Murray's tactics I have a feeling David will be better off with the experiences he had with him. I wont pretend to know anything that was going on but sometimes a person, in general, becomes even stronger after a negative experience has passed.
  7. Funny as hell reply by "the fag" in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... LOL
  8. Never! :) Fresh, The black and silver stick is the 2009 AK "Twenty Seven"
  9. Its just a Drury clone thats slightly shorter and has a stronger hook.
  10. I have not done this in a while so here are my two latest additons. The latest and greatest from Marc Savard:
  11. what happens if he turns out to play righty? Thats my hope. :) The real answer is then the whole ugly process starts all over again.
  12. Just to be clear about a few things regarding these sticks. 1. All of the stuff I am selling now are on eBay. 2. Yes I pay the bills, save money, invest in the market despite all of these sticks. My wife would kill me if I spent everything on them :) 3. Yes these are more sticks than needed in a life time but remember my son will pick up where I left off.
  13. My son will have one hell of a collection so he is free to take off the tags. Most of the stuff I get cheap at the Pepsi Center or through selective bidding on ebay. Right now I use a pro return Easton ST (Drury Clone) and a Warrior Dolomite - Barnaby pattern.
  14. If you go back a few pages the pics are posted there.
  15. Is that a Bourque pro stock in the top row? It is ...
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