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  1. Hi I have several questions about these pants as information seems to be lacking. I searched google and these forums and my questions got kind of answered but really I got more confused. Basic background: I'm coming from Bauer One75 pants in size medium that I got 5+ years ago when I was 5'9" 165 lbs. I'm now about 175-180 lbs and they still fit but I want more protection which I read Eagle/Tackla offer. None of the stores around me stock them as far as I know (maybe available to order?) so I looked online and saw some pretty good deals. I ended up measuring my waist and it was about 35-36" which according to Tackla size chart I should be in a 52. But since I'm coming from medium Bauers that fit pretty well I didn't believe it and ended up ordering 2014 Eagle Talon pro's in size 50. They were still wayyyyyy too big. They kind of fit the same in the waist as my Bauers, but they're supposed to be tighter in the waist. The rest of the pant was incredibly bulky (maybe because it was the Pro pant?), so I figured I should order a 48. Well I couldn't find any Eagle pants in size 48 so I went to ebay and found some new Tackla TP5000 size 48. I just received these and they are snug (maybe a little too snug, It is a struggle to get them to the 1" gap at the laces). Anyways, the big problem is the length. They are super short, well above my kneecaps. I'm just under 5'9" so I can't imagine a 48 regular being that short on me. Is it possible that these are 48 -2"? I don't see anything on the tag that would indicate that. Now my questions... If I was able to find an Eagle size 48 pant, would that fit me or somehow be too small again? Am I going to be swimming in a Tackla 50? I hear Graf pants are similar to Tackla and Eagle, would anyone know if 48 or 50 would be optimal here if I were to try that? I took some pictures of me wearing the pants, as well as the Tackla tags.
  2. I remember reading somewhere (probably here) about putting a piece of tape on the front and back of the blade so it overhangs the bottom of the blade to basically create a little crevice. Then fill that crevice with an epoxy or something. Never tested it but it sounded like it may add some life to a blade. EDIT: Found the post I think. http://modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/topic/45995-using-epoxy-to-extend-the-life-of-your-blade/
  3. My impatience got the better of me and I ordered 14" Surgeons shin guards online without trying them on. Shops around me either weren't getting them, or weren't sure when they were getting them. I'm 5'9" 170lbs and I think I have fairly big calves. I'm currently in 15" TotalOnes which I thought fit pretty good, but they were sliding around on me occasionally. I also thought the TotalOnes are pretty bulky and I was looking for something less bulky. So my first impression on the Surgeons was that they weren't as deep as my TotalOnes. In my old shins, I don't really have to stretch the calf straps to get them around my calves, and the pad basically wraps around my entire calf. The Surgeons were much more shallow I thought, and the calf straps barely stretched around my calves. I like the feel of the 360 wraps, but I can imagine the 2 foot strap getting annoying in my bag. The liner is removable, and the material feels comfortable, but HOT and not very breathable (Maybe this is because they're much more snug than my old shins?). The pads have 2 vents in the outer shell so maybe being in the rink and skating around will be better for this. I have roller on Saturday which there is no way I will wear these, but I have ice on Sunday so I'll give an update after that. Also, I was in 15" TotalOnes which I thought were maybe borderline too big and wanted to downsize. When I got these 14" shins, the outer shell was actually bigger than my TotalOnes, but the overall height of the TotalOnes is larger with the thigh guard. Another thing, the thigh guard on the Surgeons might be perfect height for me that they get stuck on my pants every time I bend my knees.
  4. I had a lot of nosebleeds growing up and my mom would use hydrogen peroxide on bed sheets/shirts/etc. Not sure how it would work on gloves, but it worked on those.
  5. If they're that bad, I would just cut them off and then buy some elastic and velcro at a craft store and sew on a new strap. I think I read about it here, but I use dental floss to do my repairs and it holds up real well.
  6. So that glue thing and the gap when I hold the steel together are normal? I played around some more today and I noticed that Runner#1 misses to the inside of the right skate heel, while appearing to be straight in the left skate. Runner #2 misses to the inside of the right skate heel, and to the inside of the left skate heel. Based off that it sounds to me like both holders are screwed up, and Runner#2 is straight, while runner#1 is not. I'm going to go to the LHS and see what they think because photos can only show so much.
  7. Alright I thought the holder looked a little twisted but couldn't tell. So is the steel fine? What should I do? Just go to the lhs and get them to fix the holders or send it back to Scott?
  8. I decided to invest in some VH skates and asked for LS Edge holders. I ordered the steel with a custom profile from noicing. I cannot for the life of me get the damn steel into the holders. Just to eliminate the obvious, everything is 288. I have to put my entire weight on 1 heel to get the steel to click in, but then the button is still compressed. The steel looks like it may be warped, but I can't really tell and it's hard to get a good picture. Also on the inside of the holder, near the heel it looks like there is glue or something on both of them which I'm wondering if it's supposed to be there. Looks like it can be causing the runner to not lock in fully. Pics are attached of the spot in the heel I'm talking about. Hopefully the steel isn't warped and it's just this glue thing, because I was really excited and now I'm bummed. That yellowish spot is slightly elevated and on both holders so I'm wondering if it's supposed to be there. I'll keep trying to see if somethings warped. Edit: Holding the runners together at the toe resulted in a gap at the heel. How bad is it? Edit 2: A look of my attempt to put one of the runners into the holder.
  9. A couple of weekends ago I went to pick up with like 5 of my friends and I ran into a highschool friend who I hadn't seen in about 5 years. He warns me about two guys who take 15 minute shifts, so we planned to be on the other team. On my first shift I was in a board battle with one of the long shifters and he repeatedly elbows me in the face. I was wearing a cage so it didn't really matter but I said something and he calls me a pussy. This guy then starts slashing or cross checking anyone who steals the puck from him and by the time our session was over everyone on our bench wanted to fight him. The next night we go to another rink and he's there again, but there ends up being 6 goalies and around 50 skaters so they opened both sheets of ice and we went to the other sheet. After our skates over, someone told us that he got into a fight with someone and left afterwards.
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