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  1. I'm assuming the errors on orders in the past is the reason they cut down the options on the luxe gloves from 6 color/fabric zones to 4 on PSHG? I had noticed there were six zones the Saturday after black Friday and by Monday when I placed my order, there were now only 4 zones to customize...
  2. The Maine bauer's are just sick.
  3. Just arrived from warrior, obvious inspiration, but goes well with my Atlanta gear. Apparently they ran out of Pear Mustang, after finishing my gussets, and used the yellow mustang for the remainder of the palm.
  4. See what he did there?
  5. Good lord, did they have any more where you grabbed that?
  6. Or because they happen to like toe curves and they are in limited supply for those who shoot right, especially in a low flex for the smaller guys
  7. Just borrow my pics from earlier in the thread :lol:
  8. If ya like the 110 flex grip lites I can tell ya where to find one of those too haha. Sabres store has had one for sale for a long time, they just keep it in the back cause no one has been interested.
  9. the new Graf sticks have been out at my rink pro shop for a while now. From my limited experience with handling them I'm not overly impressed. I think for them to sell the price would need to be significantly lower. The lower end model is painted as a retro wood stick with blue decals and a fake "tape job" on the blade.
  10. Who's U+CL pro stocks are those?
  11. What flex is that one? 70 Flex, I have to cut mine down a fair amount being 5'8" its about an 80-85 now.
  12. Saw them and just had to jump on one, yet to hit the ice still.
  13. Patrick Kaleta comes to mind in having the chrome retail graphics on his 10k.
  14. Hey Too Old, Lovin the jersey, Z is the man, I'm looking for a red size medium jersey currently cause I got Hank to sign a number zero for me, gonna throw that and my cup patch on a jersey.
  15. Used the search but couldn't find anything I was wondering if anyone knew of something that would add texture to your blade, kinda like the pro stock Z-Tac coating, maybe something spray on?
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