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  1. eagle ppf are next on my list of gloves after my franchises.
  2. are these retail PPF?
  3. rbk shins are indeed large but you should still try em besides who like's chicken legs am i right ;)
  4. nice pads nice to see they improved the liner this year!
  5. well he's a cross breed dog mixed Shih Tzu and Bichon but he's more of a shih then a bichon :P he got trimmed recently aswell had hairs to the ground :D
  6. really good stick weighting in at 430g really balanced I LOVE IT! :D
  7. Ive lurked into this thread too many times without posting something so B) Sande The Show OPS duke 22 curve The Hockey Club OPS Hustler curve Warrior franchise Zbynek Michalek pro stock Mia//Rbk pro return and last but not least pro stock dog :lol:
  8. AK27Pro is $199. Glove is Made in Canada using the best domestic materials. CrossLink TriLaminate foams offer the most impact protection with very lightweight Contour Fit Pattern for mobility Thin and soft MicroNash palm SpongeMesh gussets for stretch and airflow. Another cool fact is that this is truly a signature product... The spec is THE same as Kovalev. Pro glove delivered to retail. will these gloves make it to the customizer?
  9. keep em coming this might be fun. we could also check on for enormous monster feets
  10. wow nice skates you got there and that's what i wear i wonder how many nhl players were skates in the 5 to 7 range.
  11. what the hell! ahaha.
  12. is the twig an ops?
  13. he's doing review of them and i hope it goes all good :) and yea they have compression blocks imo you can see em pretty good.
  14. It's lined with the new Warrior liner(as you pointed out) but the neoprene is the actual material that connects the wrist wrap, it's not really a liner. The neoprene can be seen at the base of the palm, connected to the cuff. It's solid black. I have only tried on used pairs of the old Eastons and I own a pair of 1350s. As tight as I recall the Airs are, these feel tighter... Keep in mind, they are brand new. ...For more recent comparisons these are tighter than the retail one95 glove. i know i have skate shoes with neoprene liner its just a really cool material if you ask me it's just great. and for the guy asking a question about tighter then one90's glove those are definatly tighter with that cuff.
  15. well its not exactly the same thickness but yea same liner. since i need to get a new backhand liner in my franchise(michalek broken hand gloves) ill prolly get that those must be sick to where with the neo liner. if you check Hockeyus review of the bully you see the inside very stiff glove i found.
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