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  1. I think Base is just trying to get hype and generate orders with the 'available for a limited time' statement.
  2. I took a hard shoot to the side of the boot. The guy was 6'4" probably 300lbs. The boot was damaged but I didn't feel anything. It is the standard boot, so AfftonDad protection is not a worry. Boot getting damaged might be be a concern, but I think it was probably the spot the puck hit which was right on the edge where the sole and side "meet". Scott did the repair for free. He’s a good dude. Damage: https://imageshack.com/i/pae8nPOGj Repair: https://imageshack.com/i/ey6u9XKvj
  3. Initially, the t-nuts will settle, this depends on how rigid the midsole of the skate is. So, after a weeks use retighten them then again in a month. I never had the bolts loosen after doing this. Copper rivets are more malleable then t-nuts so this shouldn’t be a problem. As for the front four rivets, I use a drill bit larger then the diameter of the rivet to remove most of the rivets head. Until I can punch the rivet out from the outside in. I had varying success with this method. Is difficult not to damage the holders.
  4. I agree with loierev07. One thing to add is that sprungs allow you to be on 4, 3, 2, or 1 wheel(s). While the marsblade don't allow this. I notice the difference while stopping and making tight turns. The stopping control/feel with spungs is 10/10, marsblade 8/10, and rigid chassis 4/10.
  5. I had sprungs. It's been about two years since I last skated on them. I currently have marsblade. I will write a review once I play some league games with them.
  6. Eksempler, they were not advailable when I wrote that comment.
  7. ^ They have the same lie. The Z Pro has less toe rocker, more of a mid-heel, and a touch longer. Harrow #3 (Drury) is on top: Z Pro left:
  8. They look a little too far back. I would prefer the chassis to be moved 1-2 cm forward. But you may like them the way they are.
  9. That's a good idea and if they get a North American distributor. I would definitely give it a go if the price is fair. $300 is pricey but they come with the wheels I use but with limited information it would not be a smart buy. This would be a get product for a LTR.
  10. They like a really nice alternative to sprungs. With sprungs no longer available, its a great time to launch the product. It does not appear they ship to the US though.
  11. The Versteeg would be your best bet check out the pics here: http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php?/topic/57617-warrior-stick-customizer-program/?view=findpost&p=889540 The Slovak is an extreme toe curve. As far a less open drury, the only thing that comes close is a Roenick Pro.
  12. Hey Keith, When will the W12 be advailable on the customizer? Thanks
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