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  1. They used to… I had the Luxe, The DT 1, and the QR 1. I wish warrior would make a glove that fit like these again… I’m currently in the Bauer 2X Pro
  2. That’s a bummer. Did you try on the FT 4 pro? I wonder how the 2X Pro shins fit. None of my Lhs’s have that either.
  3. Currently have a pair of RBZ shins that I love, but are falling apart. What would be the closest shin pad in terms of fit? I’ve tried on the FT 1, but it fits bulkier. I haven’t been able to try a FT 4 pro in person yet. I’m open to anything that fits like my RBZ’s. thanks
  4. I definitely noticed that the boot, and padding is stiffer. I’m not sure how the tongue will break in. The 3S Pro tongue is very comfortable out of the box. Do you think that the stiffness level of the 3S pro will hold up over time. I don’t want the boot to go really soft in a short period of time. Currently skating in a pair of 7 year old CCM U+ Pro reloaded. They were decent for the first several years, and now they are super flimsy. I know they are old now, but they went really soft fairly quickly. Not sure what the longevity of a Bauer Curv Composite boot is like.
  5. I’m in the intermediate size of 6.5. The Ultrasonic seems significantly stiffer. Has anybody skated or tried these both on?
  6. Tried on a pair of both of these models in a Fit 3, and the Ultrasonic seemed to be tighter in the forefoot where the boot meets the toe box. Is there any difference in fit between these two models? The felt tongue in the 3S pro felt really comfy. how will both these respond to baking? I’m trying to figure out which model to go with.
  7. That would be good for me because my toes are crammed in the U+ anyone know where I can find a pair of the OG Jetspeeds, or the Jeespeed blacks?
  8. I currently am skating on the U+ Pro. Ccm has no skate currently like it. Do you have a wider or narrow forefoot?
  9. Absolutely loved the XN10. I had a couple of them. Would it be possible to find any of these new anywhere?
  10. Do you think baking the Trues will help that much? I recently tried on a pair of TF9’s, and out of the box, I wasn’t impressed at all. The shop I was at would not let me bake them, without buying them... I am intrigued by the Trues, but don’t want to drop 7 bills plus tax on skates, and not have them fit properly/well.
  11. Does anyone know if the width of the skate, and the width of the toe box has changed from the AS1, and the original Super Tacks? I’m not sure which one to go with between the AS1 and AS3 Pro. No stores near me have the AS3 Pro yet.
  12. Anyone know the launch date for these skates? Also, will they have step steel?
  13. Can anyone comment on how whippy or stiff the flex on True shafts is? i find it seems to vary greatly among manufacturers.
  14. Hey guys. Looking at picking one of these up. Just wondering how whippy/stiff True sticks tend to play. Not sure if I should grab a 75 or 85 flex. Also, has anyone tried this stick? thanks
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