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Found 3 results

  1. darkhors

    Bauer Re-akt 75

    I finally switched to a new helmet and after using it for a few months, figured I'd give a review on it. Old Helmet - Nike/Bauer 5500 Med. New Helmet - Bauer Re-akt 75 Med. Fit - This was a major factor for me. Since my Nike/Bauer was getting old, it would move around on my head and I had to readjust it from time to time on the bench. So it was important that the next helmet I got fit properly. The 75 fits perfectly and I really like the padding that they have inside as it cradle's your head without having any pressure points or excess movement. The helmet just feels like it's part of my head and not something that's sitting on top of it. I use a Bauer Hybrid combo face shield and it fits the helmet well. Once I'm snapped in, my helmet feels like a part of me and that was a necessity. 10/10 Protection - I can't say whether or not this is going to protect me appropriately or not, but I will say that the padding in this helmet is 100% better than the 5500. It has a good mix of the high density foams and mid density foams that make it comfortable and give's me the "feeling" of good protection. N/A Weight - It's not the lightest helmet out there, but I would say it's average. It doesn't feel heavy on my head and the hybrid mask is a bit heavy too so that adds to the entire helmet. That said, once I strap up, the fit of the helmet doesn't make it feel heavy on my head. 8/10 Durability - So far no issues at all. I've adjusted the helmet to where I need it and I haven't had to think about it again. All the moving parts work as they should and the Bauer adjustment wings are easy to use when needed. As of now it's top notch. 10/10 Intangibles - For me the biggest intangible was ventilation. There were good reviews on it, but you just never know until you're out there sweating in it. I couldn't be happier with it. The vents work well and it allows for good airflow. It's heads and tails better than my old 5500 and I can actually feel the wind coming through at times. I never feel hot in this thing even with my hybrid shield. Sweat is also not an issue. The padding actually does a good job of absorbing the sweat instead of just letting it run down your forehead into your eyes. The other intangible is the price. At 119.00 I feel this is the best bang for your buck helmet that you can get if it's the right fit for you. It was also rated one of the better helmets for protection in the Harvard helmet study (take that FWIW). 10/10 Conclusion - I tried on a few different helmets before buying this one such as: Bauer IMS 11.0, Warrior PX+, Krown 360 and the CCM Fitlite 300 and the Bauer just fit the best. It doesn't sit too high on my head, it vents well and feel like a part of my body. For me, I don't think I could have found a better helmet for my head. I didn't try on the Re-Akt 200 because I wasn't about to spend $300 on a helmet, but I still feel like this helmet is right up there with it and again, for the price it's hard to beat. Overall Score: 38/40 - 95%
  2. I had been LTRing the RE-AKT helmet over here - http://www.modsquadh...-re-akt-helmet/ and decided to wrap it up. For tear-down pictures, see the Teardown thread - http://www.modsquadh...oughtsteardown/ Length of use - 2 months Fit - Very good, for my head. Absolutely zero pressure points anywhere on the helmet, at any time during the review process. Very good feel around the temples/sides due to the block of PoronXRD padding there. Gives you the feeling of a well-fitting helmet without the bulk associated with other helmets. 10/10 Protection - New technologies, new foam, new concept. Unfortunately, there's no way for me to prove/disprove that it does as advertised. N/A Weight - Lighter - not Easton E700 weight (Bauer RE-AKT came in at 484g compared to Easton's 355g) but lighter than most out there. 9.5/10 Durability - No issues with any moving parts (size and occipital adjustment) or anything structural, however, did have an issue with one of the helmet screw pads. One of them decided to break free and spin. The procedure is to cut through the pad and use a pair of pliers to hold it in place so that you can take out the screw, which renders the screw pad useless after that. I was sent replacement pads and was told that the production model will have the updated ones, which will be stainless steel anchors. 8/10 Intangibles - The biggest test for me with the helmet was how it handled sweat, and I'll tell you that it passed that test. Ventilation also is good in it, on par with helmets on the market. A bit of bleed from the Vertex foam onto the back of the Suspend-Tech liner, but that is just cosmetic. 9/10 Conclusion - One of the things that it really has going for it is how much was taken out of the helmet and with what it was replaced with. It truly gives you a streamlined-looking helmet, however, with substance. The price may scare off a few potential buyers, but Bauer and other manufacturers with "ultra-premium" helmets realize that awareness and education is what is going to turn the tide to get players to invest more in headgear. Final score - 46/50 = 9.2 Thanks goes out to CJ Ficek, Helmet Product Manager at Bauer Hockey, who made it possible for me to test the product early.
  3. So after my old helmet started to show its age, and the inside gel pads started to move with the hot summer and the immense sweat i decided to go with something a little newer and hopefully has a bit more ventilation. It was this or the e700 but the easton did not fit my head. previous helmet was the H8000 in large, Im keeping it as a backup as there are no issues and i upgraded for better ventilation. Length of use - 2-3 months Fit - GREAT!... for my head that is. For helmets you really need to fit your headshape for the helmet. not only for comfort but that is the best way to protect your dome! Absolutely zero pressure points anywhere on the helmet and its great feeling around the temples/sides due to the block of PoronXRD padding there. I thought my old helmet was comfy but this is legit pillows on my head. I also usually wear a L and got a Med on this helmet and i ended up adjusting it down a lot. Well fitting, comfy, no bulk. Only issue was my ears hit against the ear guards and its not comfy there are all, my old helmet had a grey foam there and it was great, this just has hard clear rubber and it bores on my ear. 9/10 Protection - Feels sturdy and looks like it can take a hit, but JR put it best "New technologies, new foam, new concept. Unfortunately, there's no way for me to prove/disprove that it does as advertised." N/A Weight - Light! Surprisingly light bc there seems to be a lot packed in, with a half shield i can hardly tell its on. its still noticeably lighter than the e700 but it wont bother you in game. i have to get a cage for the upcoming season and im putting on the matching re-akt titanium cage so im not worried about that 9.5/10 Durability - Nothing as of yet, helmet came a little scratched but that may have been a from handling and isnt a structural concern. all screws and moving parts still move well. 10/10 Edit: 8/10 see bottom post for more info Intangibles - One of the big things for me is the heat management. it did this fine and bye bye stinging eyes of summer and visor full of droplets! the hot spot on my forehead form my other helmet is gone and i couldnt be happier. the new inhaler was announced after i bought this or i would of held up. one issue for me was how the black looks, its not a true black. 80% of the time you wont notice but I have OCD and i just catch it in the light sometimes and it erks me. more on this in the pics below. 9/10 Conclusion - I pull no bars in protecting my dome, i need it for a long time and there are no ways of getting around it. i feel comfortable and protected in this helmet. it amazes me how much lighter it is and yet i feel more secure. Im hoping the day that it gets really put to the test never comes but if it does i feel prepared. it also is a great looking helmet with good ventilation. real streamlined but has classic looks. 9.5/10 Final score - 47/50 = 94/100! Pics - very deep black like in the stadiums and on tv right? well sometimes it also looks like this, and JR feel free to remove this but i found in this pic you can see from afar the helemt has a muddy look to it. it never seems to have a real deep "dip your hand into it" liquid black look to it. it looks like real dark dirty oil after an oil change, not saying it looks dirty but thats the best thing i can compare it to. back of the helmet with my "H" logo waterslided on. looks good IMHO
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