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Found 4 results

  1. My shins and elbows are both X:30 Vapors from maybe 2010 or so. They are okay but I worry that they are starting to break down. My question. How can you tell if the elbow pad or the shin guard is breaking down foam wise or protective wise before you take a spill. I'm 48. I don't really wanna wind up with a swollen elbow or blown out knee. Thoughts from the gear gurus. Andy in Peoria
  2. Height – 5’10’’ Weight - 190 lbs Pad size – Medium, used with Bauer Vapor Pro Gloves and Bauer Lightspeed Pro shoulder pads The 9K Kinectic Fit elbow is very similar to the previous 8K Kinetic Fit. From visual observation the new 18K seems the closest thing that Reebok has in the current line of elbow pads. Use: September 2013, playing 2-3 times a week Previous elbows used include: Nike Bauer Vapor XXV (used the last five years), Nike Bauer Supreme One55 (clearance sale cheap back-up set) and Bauer Vapor X40 (discarded) Level of play: Beer League / mixed level pick-up Fit – 8/10 The fit is comfortable overall. It took some time for the break-in to occur, but now I feel the pad forms to my arm very well and stay in place with minimal displacement, with no sliding or rotating. The interior liner is comfortable enough. The strapping system does not have a lot of stretch. While it secures the pad in place it does pinches a bit. The pinching is not enough to be hindrance, but rather an annoyance. In comparison I have been using Bauer pads with their “Y” shaped anchor strap. The Bauer strapping is more comfortable but with the stretch fabric used but it certainly does not feel as locked in and allows for the pads to rotate around the arm by a small margin. Mobility is somewhat restricted as the elbow pads are very solid and tight to the arm, making it difficult to extend an arm completely straight. There are no issues bending my arm or rotating the forearm. Protection: For beer league – 8/10 Protection is better than I had with the three piece Bauer pads albeit at the price of more restrictive mobility. I would prefer the pad to extend further down my arm towards the wrist. Used with my Bauer Vapor Pro gloves there are some gaps in coverage. For the heavy spills I have taken wearing these I have never felt sharp pain in the elbow joint. These 9K don’t flex as much as my older, and worn pads and I suspect that these accounts for the feeling of increased protection. Weight – 6/10 Weight is just a subjective measurement. Certainly there are many newer pads on the market that are lighter on an objective measurement, but these just “feel” heavier. Durability - 9/10 No issues to note for durability so far. The construction seems at least as good as my previous pads, which lasted five years. Intangibles/Other Without intangibles the pads would rate 31/40 (78% or 8/10). The only intangible is on the whole the I would suggest that the 9K should rate higher as “the sum is greater than the parts” Conclusion I don’t think about these pads anymore. Sure they felt awkward those first two or three times I wore them but now I put them on and never think about them until I come back into the dressing room to change out of my gear. That is exactly how I want them to be and I couldn’t be happier.
  3. Height - 6'2" Weight - 215 lbs Pad size - Large Forearm (at widest point)- 12.75 inches Bicep (at biggest) - 14.25 inches Length of arm from inner elbow to inner wrist- 11.5 inches Level of play:Beer Leaguer Location: Indonesia (and thus distance to nearest LHS that stocks my size, where I can try things on, is about 10,000 miles +. Special thanks to all the guys here who helped me sort out the details of proper sizes to buy, as most of my gear has been dialed in pretty nicely. As described in various posts of mine, I am overseas, far from an LHS, and thus I have to rely on reviews and sizing estimates to order my gear prior to having it shipped out here. And once I have it, shipping back creates an expense that is prohibitory. Fit - 3/10 According to the CCM sizing chart posted at IW, size Large (biggest size manufactured in this item) is to fit 5'9+. This has not been my experience. I think that a more accurate sizing chart would read: 6'0-, as in "Think twice about trying these on if you are over 6'0, or at least try on in the store. I list my measurements above for reference. The elbow and forearm straps are just too tight, and uncomfortable. The bicep strap gives me plenty of room. Granted, I have large forearms and small biceps. Also, the length of these pads is short. I wear 15 inch Vapor APXs, and can fit an entire Shock Doctor Wrist guard between the elbow and the glove, without anything bumping onto anything else. This is not due to short cuffs on the APX's, but rather, short forearms on the CCM CLs. Protection: For beer league, 9/10; for full body, 6/10 There is very little slash protection, as the forearms not only do not come down very fat, but they also do not give much of a comprehensive wrap. This is fine in beer league, where the hooking and slashing is pretty much non existent, but I would not feel protected at all wearing these in a chippy league/ game. Sure, I have seen pics of pros wearing these, but I suspect they have been modified from retail to give more coverage. These are good for protecting the elbows from falls, I will give credit in this regard. Weight - 10/10 In addition to being crazy short, and crazy non comprehensive wrapping, these are indeed crazy light. In defense of the product, I did know going in that they were short (and thus ordered the Shock Doctor wrist guards to bridge gap between elbows and gloves), and did not give the best slash protection. I opted for lightness and moisture repellant materials, and I got what I ordered. So, 10/10 here. Durability - 3/10 After about 8 ice sessions and 8 inline sessions, the elbow strap is coming undone. In reading some reviews on HockeyMonkey regarding the CCM Crazy Strong (which seems to use same mechanism and material where I had my problems), this seems like a rather common problem. I detail my experience on a thread on MSH (with pic) here: http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/topic/64699-how-to-repair-ccm-cl-elbow-pad-material-that-is-falling-apart/ Kudos to CCM/ Reebok for sending replacment pads. They say they fixed the shredding neoprene issue with the latest batch. Intangibles I love the concept of the U Foam. As a guy who sweats alot and seems to have a ridiculously heavy bag even though I try to buy all the lightest gear, I appreciate CCM's dedication to this concept, technology and material. Conclusion If you're 6'0 and under, sweat alot and play in beer league, then these pads will rock it, assuming that you do not strain the elbow strap and they hold up for you. However, if you are a bigger guy, and/or playing in full contact/ chippy conditions, I would advise against using these. Overall score - Not really fair to tally up, because of all of the "asterisks" in this case- the damage incurred on the pads, sizing and fit issues, and the different variables considered in who these pads would be appropriate for (beer league vs. full contact). For a smaller guy in beer league, these are perfect (say a 9.5/10), for a bigger guy in full body, these would seem just inappropriate (4.5/10). So, in this case, one score does not really do the product justice. And I do look forward to CCM/ Reebok's future offerings in this line, or whatever elbow they release that furthers the U+ Foam technology, as this is IMO the best material on the market right now in terms of protection/ lightness/ comfort/ moisture repellant properties. (Honorable mention: Vent Armour Foam)
  4. Background: 6’2”, north of 200lbs Adult Recreational player (both ice and roller) Product: 2012 Warrior Projekt Elbow Pads (blue and grey) – Senior Large Previous Pads: Mission Sub Zero, Bauer One90, Nike V14 (all Senior Large), and 2010 Warrior Projekt (white, Senior Medium) Timeframe: Late Spring 2012 - Present Fit Unlike the 2010 Projekts, the 2012 Projekts fit true to size and I was able to go from medium back to my usual large. The elbow slot is both narrower and deeper compared to the 2010 Projekts and this locks your arm in better. They’re very comfortable and lock your arm in very well. The forearm protection does feel a little bulky when you first put them on, but you don’t notice this once you’re playing. The bicep guard opens up to allow the shoulder pad to pad to slide in if so desired. This is carried over from the 2010 model and I think this is a good thing. I find the bicep pad feels more comfortable this way even when you aren’t wearing shoulder pads. 9.5/10 Mobility These pads don’t feel quite as mobile as the 2010 version when you first put them on, but in game situations they’re very mobile. They definitely feel mobile in comparison to all the other top end 2012 pads. There is a little slot cut out at the bottom of the elbow that helps with mobility. The bicep guards are also segmented like they were on the 2012 version, but are beefed up. 10/10 Protection These are much more protective than the 2010 version. The elbow caps are deeper, harder and more protective. The forearm protection is also beefed up. I have taken a hard fall in these and was no worse for wear. 9/10 Weight A very lightweight pad. Slightly heavier than the CCM CL U+ pad, but not much (a medium Projekt is 31g heavier than a medium CCM CL U+ if the measurements on IW are accurate) and are lighter than most high end pads. 9.5/10 Durability After a few months of use the pads still look like new and none of the stitches have come loose (I had a problem with the stitches on the middle strap of the 2010 version). The top elastic pad will likely stretch out at some point, but so far it's still in great shape. Edit 16/07/2013: After a year of use the top elastic has stretched out, but the middle and bottom straps are still holding up well and lock my elbow in pace. The bicep guard is looser with the top strap stretched out, but this really doesn't impact me when I'm playing. I also noticed that the splits in the plastic/rubber material before the forearm have enlarged - especially on the left pad which is on my top arm (I shoot right). They're still holding together, but the splits are significantly larger than on a new pad and are approaching the edge on the left elbow pad. Right now the inner material seems to be preventing it from completely splitting, but it is an area of concern. They're still very functional after a year of using them for both ice and roller hockey several times a week though. 9.5/10 8/10 Intangibles The pads are grey and blue instead of white so stains and dirt don’t easily show up on them. The elbow portion is a little pointy and is quite deep so they aren’t as low profile as the 2010 version. Conclusion These are mobile, comfortable, light, protective and stay in place, but the top elastic strap could've been thicker or made from the same neoprene like material as the middle strap and the splits before the forearm get bigger with use (although this has not affected the fuction so far). I prefer the grey and blue colour to white of the original Projekts. These are the best high end elbow pads I’ve ever owned and I highly recommend them. 9.5/10
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