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    Easton Mako
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    Reebok 4-roll pro stock
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    Reebok 8K
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    Warrior Hustler
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    CCM 05
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    Bauer Vapor x30s
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    Bauer Vapor x30s
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  1. I still love my Graf Ultra G5s. Had them for about 13 to 14 years or so. Yeah, they are heavy. I don't care. Yeah, they are all cut up and battered and bruised but I truly do love those skates. I am so worried that when I do need a new pair, I'll never find that "perfect" fit like my Grafs.
  2. I coach a 14U team and we have five girls. There's a raging debate on whether a girl, who is a 15yo, can play with peewees or even squirts. They feel they can. I thought USA Hockey allowed only dropping one age division for girls. However, I can't find the policy or the rule. Can someone help me out here. It's petty but I'm tired of the arguing. Andy in Peoria
  3. Thanks to all. sometimes, it's good being short. 🙂
  4. I think I know the answer as I think seniors are built with more materials but I'm at that size (yes, I'm short) where I can use both intermediate and senior gear. I use 13' shins, I can wear a medium shoulder pads, my stick length is shorter than some of the kids I coach. Looking to save money but am I risking getting hurt. I'm 52 but 5'4 and 140. I coach three times a week and play in a beer league. Just wondering if Intermediate is a viable option. IN some cases, it's a big savings. Others, not so much. You guys have always helped in the past so I figured, why not ask. Andy in Peoria.
  5. Getting old sucks. 🙂 lol. I'm a bit older than you.
  6. Thanks. That's kinda how I am with it. I don't want to get rid of my big. clunky heavy skates which I have grown to love but I have also tried others and the runners feel weird. the angle is off and I worry that I'll have to learn how to skate all over again. Not really but you get the idea. Thanks for the information and the story.
  7. I've had my Graf Ultra G5s for 12 years now. Love them but playing in two leagues, coaching and public skating is taking their toll. What's a good Graf skate that is akin to the Ultra G5. I know the company was sold and they aren't the same Graf anymore. And I know models come and go. I was looking at Nexus boots a few years ago but couldn't part with my Grafs and now they don't make Nexus anymore. I'm on the ice about five times a week, some times for two or three hours at a time. I'm not an elite player by any means nor am I am horrible. Just some average 52yo beer leaguer/rec league coach/dad. I'd look at other brands but I have found when I try on someone else's skate, it often feels funny (not in the fit of the boot, I get that) in the angle of the blades. Thanks. Again, this is to prepare for when my skates fall apart. Right now, they are okay shape but with a lot of nicks, cuts, scratches and bruises on them. Not a big deal but at some point, they will die. Andy in Peoria.
  8. This is cool. I'm a 14U coach in Peoria. Been coaching from 6U up to 14U as my kids age. For me, the biggest issue that I have, being a house (rec) league coach is the wide range of skills. I have some kids who can't skate. I have some kids who are used to going coast to coast and refuse to pass and I have some kids who are scared of playing but their parents make them. 🙂 So, I'm eager to hearing from others and watching the forum. I don't log in much as I'm busy but it'll be fun. Thanks. Andy in Peoria
  9. Thanks. Are the 2.9 bakeable? And Moldable? My son has arch issues in his foot so he needs inserts but also has a very narrow foot. Hence vapors. Me? I have big fat feet and the Grafs are my heroes.
  10. My boy, 17, is about 120 pounds, 5'1 and plays high school, is a skate guard and plays beer league with me. Not in a super competitive league like he was a few years ago but he is in his skates a lot. We need new skates as the seasons are starting but dad is not looking to spend boatloads for a kid who is still growing and might be one and done with the skates. He's in hand-me-downs now from other kids (CCM or other types) but likes vapors the most. What's a good skate that is solid, will last for a kid who is on the ice four to five nights a week but who isn't in need of the super duper fancy stuff. Our local store is about 45 minutes away, fyi. They have bauer and graf. I own Graf and swear by them but he's a Vapor guy. Thanks. Andy in Peoria
  11. I was looking at Ice Warehouse at the G755s. and I hear they are pretty good.
  12. I was just on IW and they had the 755 classics. What's the beta on those. They seemingly look like my old skates but at about twice the cost I paid some 12 years ago. 🙂
  13. thanks. I'll check them out online to see what they are and what's up. I'm not looking to buy right now but just getting my ducks in a row to make sure that I have an idea when the skates do give out. There are some deep divots in the boot and the quarter panels are all torn up. No biggie as I love them but who knows how much longer they will last. I'm hoping another few years. I'm also searching the interwebs for a pair that might be floating around out there.
  14. Thanks. I have look at that. Are the new "Grafs" still the high quality that the old ones were. I don't think they are made in Canada anymore which isn't the end of the world but I do know that my skates have held up to tons of abuse in 12 years.
  15. I have the Ultra G5 skate and love them. Heavy h as hell, clunky but they are my skates. However, 12 years of four times a week on the ice is taking its toll. Before the skates fall apart, I want to start to look. My first pair of skates (in the modern era) was a Supreme One20 (really low end) but they were okay until I got the Grafs. I tried to use them again and the profile was really different and I felt very unstable. I confess I don't know much about skate profiles but what's a good modern version of this Ultra G5 so I can start to look now. Sucks as my gear is all starting to fall apart at the same time. 🙂 Andy in Peoria
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