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    Graf G5
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    Easton Mako
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    Reebok 4-roll pro stock
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    Reebok 8K
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    Warrior Hustler
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    CCM 05
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    Bauer Vapor x30s
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    Bauer Vapor x30s
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  1. I was looking at Ice Warehouse at the G755s. and I hear they are pretty good.
  2. I was just on IW and they had the 755 classics. What's the beta on those. They seemingly look like my old skates but at about twice the cost I paid some 12 years ago.
  3. thanks. I'll check them out online to see what they are and what's up. I'm not looking to buy right now but just getting my ducks in a row to make sure that I have an idea when the skates do give out. There are some deep divots in the boot and the quarter panels are all torn up. No biggie as I love them but who knows how much longer they will last. I'm hoping another few years. I'm also searching the interwebs for a pair that might be floating around out there.
  4. Thanks. I have look at that. Are the new "Grafs" still the high quality that the old ones were. I don't think they are made in Canada anymore which isn't the end of the world but I do know that my skates have held up to tons of abuse in 12 years.
  5. I have the Ultra G5 skate and love them. Heavy h as hell, clunky but they are my skates. However, 12 years of four times a week on the ice is taking its toll. Before the skates fall apart, I want to start to look. My first pair of skates (in the modern era) was a Supreme One20 (really low end) but they were okay until I got the Grafs. I tried to use them again and the profile was really different and I felt very unstable. I confess I don't know much about skate profiles but what's a good modern version of this Ultra G5 so I can start to look now. Sucks as my gear is all starting to fall apart at the same time. Andy in Peoria
  6. In need of a new stick. Loved my Mako5 but it just finally gave out. May it rest in pieces... (see what I did there..) Anyway, I'm looking for a new stick. I had the Iginla curve but have also used the P88 and P92. Now that I'm buying a stick. what's a good curve for a 51yo short slow player who is lucky to even still be playing. I don't need $250 for a stick as it's beer league. But I am on the ice about four to five times a week as I coach two teams. My son loves the Nexus but they stopped making those and I kind of liked using his occasionally. Warrior? Bauer? A buddy told me to go black stick but you need to know what you want before you to do that option. Just want to hear from people who really know sticks before I go buy something. I have a game this weekend so I might get a quick crappy stick to get me through the game before I get a real one. I appreciate all the answers and still love reading the forums even if I don't post as much as I used to. Thanks again. Andy in Peoria
  7. how is the lean. My G5s have a fairly aggressive lean forward or whatever it is called. Not up on the terms anymore. It puts you a bit leaning forward and it's more aggressive, say, than a Bauer Supreme (from 10 years ago).
  8. How did it work out. It's been a while. Are they are comfy as the old school Grafs. I coach, go to open skate with the kids and play in a beer league so when COVID isn't around, Im in my skates a lot too. Interesting to hear what you think.
  9. I have a pair of Graf Ultra G5s that are about 12 years old. Love the skates but the blades and the runners are getting worn down and the boots are all banged up. Mine are old school Grafs pre-sale and were among the last, I think, made in Canada. Are the new ones as durable as the old ones. I play beer league, coach and go out for public skate with the kids as well as on back yard rinks and they have held up to everything. They are heavy but terrific skates. Looking to replace in about a year or so. Sooner if I have to. thanks Andy in Peoria
  10. He started to use a T85 P26 Sherwood stick in August and of course, promptly began to crack the toe and now needs a new stick. He's 14, plays in the Chicago Northern League and his 4'9, 100 pounds. He wants a 50 flex and no grip. They have stopped making the 85 and I can't figure out what the new version is. Also, the pattern p26 appears to be limited to Sherwood. Is there a version in other brands and if so, what is it. He's a righty. I don't want to break the bank on a stick as well, he's 14. He's a winger so he goes into the corners a lot and I think that's how he is banging up his stick. Or, he's just being 14. :) You guys have always come through for me on advice. Looking for a cheapish way to replace his stick (he has no back up now either). Thanks. Andy in Peoria
  11. Be safe. This wasn't the best time to move back to Florida with Dorian barreling down on you. Be well, be safe. And best wishes for your mother. That's serious stuff. We'll be thinking of you guys in here in Peoria. Andy in Peoria
  12. Is there a way to see how the old Grafs compare to the new ones. I have a pair of G5s which I've had for about 10 years and they are starting to get old and beat up. So far, they are fine but in a year or two, I might need a new one. I've tried to skate in Bauers and CCMs but Grafs just work for me. I'm reading all this but is there a chart to tell what compares to what now. Andy in Peoria
  13. Our org here in Peoria, Ill. has a used gear sale where gear is sold for pretty much nothing. Shins $5 to $10 with half the money going to the org and half about going to the seller. Often times, however, as a coach, I have given old pants, shins, helmets, sticks to kids during the year as well, we have them and it helps them and me (empties the garage). The biggest thing stopping hockey from getting bigger is the cost. I'd love to set up an inner city team for kids as well, learning to skate and play levels the playing field for everyone.
  14. I'm good with anything that is free. You are far too kind. We are buying skates and everything else this year as the boy shot up (for him) from 4'5 to 4'10. He's a giant at 13. Doesn't help that his parents are 5'4 and 5' .... But yeah, sure, I have heard good things about those shins and if you don't mind, I'll message you. I wear 13-inch shins and mine are X30 vapors that are about 10 years old. They are too big for him but the 11s are too small. So we tired on 12s and they seemed okay at a store. We'll see. sure. Thanks. Andy in Peoria
  15. Yeah, he has always liked Vapors in the past as he likes a more narrow shin but I was looking online and they are so much money. Then I saw other brands and I was trying to think what was comparable for less money. Hockey dad. here. He's primarily a center but also the 7th D on the team as he used to play D for about four years before they finally decided he was better at center.
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