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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, just looking for some help with this. I bought a Hackva GM2608 goalie helmet quite a few years back to try playing in net. Long story short I no longer use it and it's just been collecting dust. I'm looking to list it on Sideline Swap and other marketplaces but I don't remember what size it is? I believe it's a junior but nothing beyond that, no indication on the mask from what I see. So whats the best way to determine this so I can accurately list it?
  2. Hey all. New to this place...hope I'm doing this correctly! Okay, background...playing for 45 years...college...adult leagues elite-level, coaching...the works. All of that led to my hips degenerating and the loss of...well...everything (other than 24/7 pain). One miracle later...two new hips as of last June, and I can do everything again...including returning to the game I love! It's unreal...I wake up every and I'm thankful. Onward...enough sappy stuff. I have been away for 10 years, and the technology is now another universe to me. Yesterday, I went to the only place in the region that has pro-level gear. The Bauer computer says I'm in a Vapor, the S2Pro felt much better out of the box. The CCM computer says Jetspeed, but the SuperTacks AS1 felt better out of the box. They also said that the Ribcor would be closest in feel to my last skates...Supreme 5000's (yeah...that long ago). Here's my question...Should those Vapor and Jetspeeds feel uncomfortably snug in the instep and forefoot UNTIL they are baked, at which time they will feel good. Conversely, will those Supremes and AS1's that feel good be too loose after baking? Thanks for bearing with the long post and my newly acquired ignorance! Oh and...glad I went in to try them on, I measured my feet and followed all online recommendations...they put me in 8.5's. Well...in a "pro fit" w/o socks (my style), I'm actually a 7 left, and 8 right. Will go with 7.5's unless I find my mirror image out there who wants to swap one skate!
  3. Does anyone know how the CCM Tacks 310 helmet fits? I have a rather round to wide head, and I struggle with finding a helmet that fits me well. The Warrior Krown PX3 and CCM FitLite 3DS both came close, but they still pinch a bit at the temples. I've read that the Tacks helmets are good for a wide head, but can anyone confirm this?
  4. I was getting some irritation from a pair of skates where the liner had rolled a bit and the tendon guard assembly was digging into the back of my heel slightly. The skates, over time, were starting to become a bit looser in the heel. I decided to pick up a pair of Ezeefit booties in the thinnest design to give them a try. Here's a pic what they look like: Background: 30 years old / 5’11 / 215lbs / left-handed Men's div B/C and shinny hockey (former minor league rep team player) On ice ~5 hours a week Fit I fit into a pair of M-L or L depending on the cut. I have a 7.5 skate size and anywhere between a 9.5-10.5 shoe size. I have a very high arch and the booties are stretchy enough to fit over this added volume. The booties do stretch a bit over time, but I find they shrink back when you toss them in the washer and then the dryer (which is not recommended by the manufacturer). The booties come in 3 different thicknesses at time of writing. You can customize how much protection or how much volume you're looking to add. 9/10 Protection These protect insanely well against abrasion, rubbing and pressure. If there's something awry in your skate, these might be enough to protect your foot a bit. They provide some protection against shots as they are slighly padded through their design. The thicker models would likely offer more protection. I'm not going to bill them as offering protection against shots, but they do add a layer of padding. For the purpose of their design they protect your foot from irritation and injury. The back seam of the bootie MAY irritate the back of your heel a bit. I noticed it at first, but I think I've gotten used to it and the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. 8.5/10 Weight There's nothing to them. Lightweight and fold up to the size of a small pair of socks in your bag. 10/10 Durability The logos have both worn off from washing, and the red interior has bled a bit onto my hockey skate socks, but they've held up design-wise. No problems with stitching, and I've been using them for upwards of 9 months, rotating two pairs. They do stretch out over use, but they shrink back after a wash and dry. 10/10 Intangibles These also work really well in Cowboy boots or in footwear that just isn't confortable on the heel or ankle. I haven't found any footwear in which they don't work to some degree. Your foot does get warmer, and I recommend that you wear the bootie UNDER your sock to prevent slipping. You can wear it above as well, but it holds in place better under the sock. I find that due to my insanely narrow ankle and heel (custom AA is still even a bit loose for me) these booties help by providing a bit more volume, yet are much more comfortable and adaptable than Stable 26. They also offer full foot booties (like a sock) and toe-box booties (for the toes only) - maybe this would help others who have issues with this area of their skate or footwear. 10/10 Conclusion I love these ankle booties for reducing pressure to the tendon at the top of my ankle and for adding a bit of bulk to my very narrow ankle and heel. They're very protective (when it comes to friction and abrasion) and they are extremely durable. They're washable and they are very economical when compared to something like Stable26 or using pro-wrap for a similar purpose. 47.5/50 - 95/100 = 95%
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