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Found 14 results

  1. Hey, Does anyone know about these hagan helmets that look like Gretzky's jofa? Fit? Size? Do they really look like the jofa's?
  2. Hey guys, just looking for some help with this. I bought a Hackva GM2608 goalie helmet quite a few years back to try playing in net. Long story short I no longer use it and it's just been collecting dust. I'm looking to list it on Sideline Swap and other marketplaces but I don't remember what size it is? I believe it's a junior but nothing beyond that, no indication on the mask from what I see. So whats the best way to determine this so I can accurately list it?
  3. Before heads explode I KNOW that painting a helmet is dumb and weakens the plastic and comes off and looks terrible. And I already contacted Bauer and they will not sell just the ventsThis is why I ask. My little guy who is 10 plays rep hockey non contact. Well his regular team due to politics will be taking a year off to move leagues. Due to his regular team colors being Navy and powder blue will not work with the Black and Orange of the team he is playing for this season. Luckily he has a black Bauer Re-akt 75 in all black that we bought this summer for ball hockey. But the coach prefers the vents on the helmet to be orange. Well as he already owns 2 $160 helmets buying a 3rd is just not something I want to do.Sooooooo I was wondering if there was a way to paint the vents orange. I bought some 3M vinyl which works but it's a pain. I was thinking Orange krylon fusion and super light coats.
  4. Hi guys, Hopefully this is the best place to ask about this sort of thing (please let me know if it isn't). But I was going through our attic, and found this red Cooper SK600 hockey helmet still in its packaging. We're selling our old stuff, so my first impulse was to see how much I could reasonably sell it for. I came across this eBay listing which listed a similar helmet for $145 USD. But as we all know, some eBay listing prices can be totally bogus. Here's a few more pictures of the helmet: So with that said- how much should I be selling this helmet for? Chump change, or more than that?
  5. In your opinion what do you think is the best looking helmet and cage combo? I personally use a Navy Bauer Re-akt (color needed for team) with a chrome CCM FM460 cage that i think looks pretty sweet. So what is your favorite combo?
  6. What do people think are the nicest helmet/cage combinations? I'm currently switching between a black CCM Tacks 710 with a CCM FM480 chrome, a black Bauer 4500 with an oreo Profile II, and a black Bauer ReAkt with a CCM FM480 chrome. I'll post photos of the 710 and the reakt when I figure out how to
  7. After seeing a couple guys take a puck to the face recently I've decided to switch to a full cage for the first time. I'm not sure if the color/finish really helps with visibility. I've heard white is the best for blending in, anyone have experience with this? All help is appreciated.
  8. A2rhino

    Retirement Sale

    Retirement sale Listed are some items I'm getting rid of due to no longer (per my dr.) being able to play the game. Whatever is not sold here will soon be put on Ebay. Please contact me with any questions. Note that ALL ITEMS ARE CLEAN WITH NO STINK. Buyer pays shipping. Will only ship in the US. If you live in MI. I will allow you to meet me and pick anything up and even check out the sticks I have as well. Gear CCM Supra lower back protection $10 Pro Stock CCM 10K size 15 Habs gloves. Used 6 or so times $50 Jofa Pro stock 9144 elbow pads size 6. Used a few seasons. replaced the middle strap. SOLD tacki mack long grip (new in box) SOLD New Jofa 8k cup. Has been assembled but NEVER worn. $50 Bauer IMS 9.0 HELMET/CAGE combo. Size Med. Used for 1 season. No accidents $80 CCM RBZ Elbow pads, used for one season. Size Large $30 SOLD CCM Crazy Lite pants, used for one season size large $60 New with Tags, University of Michigan 2016/2017 Lowers with thigh pads in. $80 Jofa 6090 16" shin guards. $40 SOLD Blades New in box Powerfoot inserts. $10 SOLD New/never used, Size 280 heel lifts. was going to use these in my old S15 Skates with Tuuk holders. $10 Top blade is a used Innovative Mogilney (Taper blade) curve $10 Sold Next two down are Weight/Vanek (taper) curves. AKA DARBY curves $20ea Sold Next is a prostock Delmore slight to curve (Taper). $30 The last 4 are Vanek curves. AKA Darby curves (Standard). The two DD in the middle are brand new. $35 ea for the two new ones. $25ea for the others Sold Please feel free to PM any questions you may have
  9. CCM Fitlite 3DS Helmet (Navy Blue, Size Large, Paired with an Oakley Visor) Background: I have worn the original Reebok 8K helmet and Bauer 4500 helmet, but for the past five years-ish I have worn, exclusively, the CCM v08. The v08 fits my head perfectly, and I had/have them in a myriad of different colors. However, the foams, in a few of them, have started to turn yellow and hard. My navy blue v08 was the first to get to the point of being unusable (I used it the most of the bunch) and I replaced it with the Fitlite 3DS. I play 3-4 games/pickups per week, and I have a small history of concussions and long history of migraine headaches. So, it was important, in replacing my beloved v08s, that I be completely comfortable and feel very-well protected. Fit: This was, perhaps, where I was most worried about going to a new helmet. Because of my past history of concussions and migraines, I am very picky about what is on my head. From past experience, something as minor as a baseball hat fitting slightly too tight will result in a crippling headache. That being said, I am very happy with how this helmet fits. Between the no-tool size adjustment and the Micro Dial III occipital lock I am really able to dial-in the fit of this helmet. I also have a good deal of hair, and as the game goes on, and the hair gets soaked down, I am able to easily adjust the fit to keep the helmet snug, but not uncomfortably tight. The gel pads on the interior of the helmet are very comfortable, and as of writing, my hair is not getting caught in any glue, etc. (Which was something I hated about the Reebok 8K). 10/10 Protection: I believe in the concept that a perfectly-fitting helmet is the most protective helmet. With how well this helmet fits, I feel well protected in it. Fortunately, I have not been put in a situation where the overall protectiveness of this helmet has been put to the test. Minor jostling for position and work along the boards has left me no worse for wear. 10/10 Weight: Again, back to the way the helmet fits… because it fits so well, the helmet’s weight is distributed really well over my head. I do not notice that the helmet is there, I am not fiddling with it during the game. It does not get in the way. So, I do not notice any weight. It feels lighter than my v08s did/do. This helmet also breathes really well, I do notice that the sweat does not drip off of me the way it does when wearing a v08. This is a pleasant change, as I do not find myself having to towel off my face/hair/visor anywhere near as much. 10/10 Durability: The no-tool adjustment is really nice, but there are some pretty ugly scuff marks on the shell of the helmet from sliding the two parts of the helmet in and out. It is something small that really does not affect anything, but for a $260 helmet that has not taken any real damage or abuse, I wish this was not an issue. 7/10 Intangibles: The helmet feels really well put together. Nothing seems like it is on the verge of breaking (My 8K’s occipital lock seemed like it was held together with bubble gum and butterfly wings.) The helmet also passes the “mirror test” in my opinion, it looks good. 10/10 Conclusion: I am thoroughly impressed with this helmet. I was upset when I found out that the v08s were being discontinued because of how great they fit, the great protection they offered, and the very reasonable price they could be had for. I was worried, especially after I tried on the Resistance line and a few other non-CCM helmets, that I was going to have a very hard time finding something to replace them when they needed it. I am happy to say that I found their replacement. I also will have another one on the way (black/black) to replace my black v08 that has had the foams go yellow/hard. The price is a little steep, but to me, it is a price well worth it for a helmet that fits so well, and (in theory) will protect my head/brain. I would definitely recommend this helmet to anyone that is in the market for a new lid, and happens to have the head-shape that this helmet works for. Final Score: 47 out of 50
  10. I had been LTRing the RE-AKT helmet over here - http://www.modsquadh...-re-akt-helmet/ and decided to wrap it up. For tear-down pictures, see the Teardown thread - http://www.modsquadh...oughtsteardown/ Length of use - 2 months Fit - Very good, for my head. Absolutely zero pressure points anywhere on the helmet, at any time during the review process. Very good feel around the temples/sides due to the block of PoronXRD padding there. Gives you the feeling of a well-fitting helmet without the bulk associated with other helmets. 10/10 Protection - New technologies, new foam, new concept. Unfortunately, there's no way for me to prove/disprove that it does as advertised. N/A Weight - Lighter - not Easton E700 weight (Bauer RE-AKT came in at 484g compared to Easton's 355g) but lighter than most out there. 9.5/10 Durability - No issues with any moving parts (size and occipital adjustment) or anything structural, however, did have an issue with one of the helmet screw pads. One of them decided to break free and spin. The procedure is to cut through the pad and use a pair of pliers to hold it in place so that you can take out the screw, which renders the screw pad useless after that. I was sent replacement pads and was told that the production model will have the updated ones, which will be stainless steel anchors. 8/10 Intangibles - The biggest test for me with the helmet was how it handled sweat, and I'll tell you that it passed that test. Ventilation also is good in it, on par with helmets on the market. A bit of bleed from the Vertex foam onto the back of the Suspend-Tech liner, but that is just cosmetic. 9/10 Conclusion - One of the things that it really has going for it is how much was taken out of the helmet and with what it was replaced with. It truly gives you a streamlined-looking helmet, however, with substance. The price may scare off a few potential buyers, but Bauer and other manufacturers with "ultra-premium" helmets realize that awareness and education is what is going to turn the tide to get players to invest more in headgear. Final score - 46/50 = 9.2 Thanks goes out to CJ Ficek, Helmet Product Manager at Bauer Hockey, who made it possible for me to test the product early.
  11. Reviewers Specs 5'10 180 lbs Inline 4-5 times a week Elite level Past Helmet Bauer 4500/Bauer 5100 Time Of Use 3 Months First Impressions When I received the Inhaler helmet I was blown away(no pun intended) with the out of the box fit. Having used the 5100 in the past I was right at home with the Inhaler, my head sits really well inside this helmet. The adjustment system is extremely easy to use and get correct, same central location just like the ReAKT/9.0 and just as easy to use. I was playing that same night so I had to get the stickers off and the ear guards removed, I could really feel how well the ventilation was when using the heat gun to get the stickers off. The air blew right through the helmet. After all that was said and done I hit the rink. My first use was on an average fall day( not too hot or too cold) so testing how well the helmet vents might not be as noticeable as it might be in the summer but still a good test. Once again, coming from my 5100 I noticed a big difference in the air flow when skating and the amount of sweat I had dripping down into my eyes. The built in sweat band did wonders but the overall "coolness" of the helmet was noticed. Didn't really noticed I was wearing anything at all. First skate went well and just as expected. Fit The fit on the Inhaler is ideal for me. No pressure points at all. I found my head sat inside the helmet rather than the helmet sitting on top of my head like the 4500 does for me. Nothing to complain about. Not very bulky or any additional room. Very much like the 5100 fit. 10/10 Durability Having used this helmet for a few months now with hours and hours of game time I have noticed a little wear. The helmet it self is perfect, no issues with the foam or anything like that. Only wear I have noticed is the sweatband and where it attaches to the helmet. The pegs have started to come unglued a little bit. This is a replaceable item so nothing to be surprised about. I'm sure I could fix this with a little hot glue. 9/10 Protection This helmet isn't marketed to have the best protection or the latest and greatest tech/spec when it comes to safety. Fully HECC certified and everything so still a safe helmet to wear. Safety is on par with the VN foam style helmets. I have had a few shots to the head and unexpected hits and have not missed a shift. comparing this to other helmets at the same price point I would have to say this would get an 8/10 Conclusion This helmet is perfect for the inline player, we all know how hot the rinks get during the summer and even spring for that matter. This is a game changer in my opinion. I don't have to worry about having to wipe sweat from my eyes or being hotter than I should be. Would I recommend this helmet? Yes. Easy answer. With Mission you expect quality product. I feel very happy with this helmet and its worthy to wear the Mission badge. 27/30 90%
  12. So after my old helmet started to show its age, and the inside gel pads started to move with the hot summer and the immense sweat i decided to go with something a little newer and hopefully has a bit more ventilation. It was this or the e700 but the easton did not fit my head. previous helmet was the H8000 in large, Im keeping it as a backup as there are no issues and i upgraded for better ventilation. Length of use - 2-3 months Fit - GREAT!... for my head that is. For helmets you really need to fit your headshape for the helmet. not only for comfort but that is the best way to protect your dome! Absolutely zero pressure points anywhere on the helmet and its great feeling around the temples/sides due to the block of PoronXRD padding there. I thought my old helmet was comfy but this is legit pillows on my head. I also usually wear a L and got a Med on this helmet and i ended up adjusting it down a lot. Well fitting, comfy, no bulk. Only issue was my ears hit against the ear guards and its not comfy there are all, my old helmet had a grey foam there and it was great, this just has hard clear rubber and it bores on my ear. 9/10 Protection - Feels sturdy and looks like it can take a hit, but JR put it best "New technologies, new foam, new concept. Unfortunately, there's no way for me to prove/disprove that it does as advertised." N/A Weight - Light! Surprisingly light bc there seems to be a lot packed in, with a half shield i can hardly tell its on. its still noticeably lighter than the e700 but it wont bother you in game. i have to get a cage for the upcoming season and im putting on the matching re-akt titanium cage so im not worried about that 9.5/10 Durability - Nothing as of yet, helmet came a little scratched but that may have been a from handling and isnt a structural concern. all screws and moving parts still move well. 10/10 Edit: 8/10 see bottom post for more info Intangibles - One of the big things for me is the heat management. it did this fine and bye bye stinging eyes of summer and visor full of droplets! the hot spot on my forehead form my other helmet is gone and i couldnt be happier. the new inhaler was announced after i bought this or i would of held up. one issue for me was how the black looks, its not a true black. 80% of the time you wont notice but I have OCD and i just catch it in the light sometimes and it erks me. more on this in the pics below. 9/10 Conclusion - I pull no bars in protecting my dome, i need it for a long time and there are no ways of getting around it. i feel comfortable and protected in this helmet. it amazes me how much lighter it is and yet i feel more secure. Im hoping the day that it gets really put to the test never comes but if it does i feel prepared. it also is a great looking helmet with good ventilation. real streamlined but has classic looks. 9.5/10 Final score - 47/50 = 94/100! Pics - very deep black like in the stadiums and on tv right? well sometimes it also looks like this, and JR feel free to remove this but i found in this pic you can see from afar the helemt has a muddy look to it. it never seems to have a real deep "dip your hand into it" liquid black look to it. it looks like real dark dirty oil after an oil change, not saying it looks dirty but thats the best thing i can compare it to. back of the helmet with my "H" logo waterslided on. looks good IMHO
  13. Reebok 8K helmet Me: Me: 5'5, 155 pounds, C leaguer. Learned to play as an adult and been playing for about four years now. Mostly on Defense. Helmet: Medium Fit: 7/10I came from an old CCM helmet which is ancient, so old that much of the padding is gone so when I had a chance to upgrade to a 8K which I was told was a pretty good helmet, I jumped. It's not as easy to adjust as my son's helmet, a Bauer 4500, but it's not bad. The helmet has that tab system where you push up the tabs and move it to fit your head. It sticks a bit so you need to push a bit hard but not too bad. Reebok calls it a Fit Clip. There is also a dial at the back which can adjust the circumstance of the helmet. I like that a lot as i have a weird shaped head (no jokes) and it allows me to get a snug yet not too tight feel. I The difficulty of the Fit Clip is what led to a lower than excellent rating. Protection.I don't know how to rate this as I haven't been clobbered on the head nor been slammed to the ice. I will say it did take a stick to my cage pretty well and the shock was dispersed well throughout the helmet. The helmet has these really nice foam pads on the inside that gives it a well cushioned feel. I have used a 4500 from Bauer and again, my old CCM. The 8K by far has most cushiony feel to it. Weight: 9/10Very light helmet. I have a big cage on my helmet (it's a Bauer transplant onto a Reebok helmet) and you don't even notice the helmet on your head. It breathes well and is very light. My old CCM used to have some slippage from sweat but the Reebok stays dialed in. Tight but not painful and light enough not to notice. Durability. 8/10Used in 10 league games so far and it still looks new. Behind that, I can't comment. Intangibles 9/10I really like this helmet. I feel safer in it and I like the look. It's not as heavy, breathes well and just feels good. I can't put it into words beyond that i just like it. Overall, the helmet is pretty good. and it looks sharp as well.
  14. Fit After getting fed up with the EPP foam inserts in my Bauer 7500 moving around and having glue stuck in my hair every night, I decided to buy a new lid. Protection The main selling point of this helmet. The Messier Project was started to reduce head injuries in the sport. Rather than the typical foam guts, The M11 has what Cascade calls it's "Seven Technology" which places groups of cylindrical cells to "absorb impact through lateral displacement". It also claims to outperform EPP foam by 26% better than EPP foams on 1st impact, 107% better than EPP foams on 2nd impact and 140% better than EPP foams on 3rd impact. Shell is a one piece design with fit adjustment in the rear. I've had my bell rung a few times and this bucket has been great. 10/10 Weight Seems to be about average as far as weight goes. Not super light. I use a cage, so that adds a deal of weight there. I can't speak for the weight of the Cascade cage as I just moved my Bauer cage over. 8/10 Durability Been using it for 3 months now a few times a week. No issues at all thus far. 10/10 Intangibles This helmet is on the more expensive side. I for one have never had an issue paying for safety. We all have to go to work the next day (Unfortunately) Custom colors are also available if that blows your skirt up. Conclusion This is a well made very protective helmet. Pony up and replace your cruddy old helmet that all the foam is falling out of. 9.5/10
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