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JR Boucicaut

Eagle PPF

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Previous gloves: CCM Pro Tacks, Nike/Bauer One90, Nike/Bauer Vapor XXX


This glove fits mid tight- tighter than the Pro Tacks and looser than the One 90s- just a bit tighter than the XXXs. The glove is incredibly flexible out of the box and only gets better after a few ice times. My only gripe would be the “bagginess” of the palm. It will sometimes fold over on itself and that feels weird to me when gripping my stick.



The glove does have plastic inserts and protects pretty well. I haven’t had any hard slashes to get a true feel of how it would handle that. There was one incident where a stick hit my left thumb just right and it ripped back my thumbnail about halfway. I feel this was a “freak” accident and, given the right (or wrong) circumstances, could happen with any glove.



Very light. Sometimes hard to believe you are wearing a glove.



The nylon has held up very well with no rips or tears. The palms look like they are brand new. MSH2 is definitely the way to go. I haven’t had any issues with slime/crustiness.



Overall a very good glove. I would recommend them to anybody, but warn them they are pricey. If you go custom, I suggest you go with the mesh gussets as these gloves are hot. I would also take some of the slack out of the palm- I’m aware this could just be an issue with me and not others though.


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Glove: Eagle PPF (2009 retail), Tufftek, being used since Feb 2010 (about 30 games)

Previous gloves: Bauer One95, CCM Vector V10 (2010), NB Vapor XXXX Pro, Eagle X88, Easton SE16

Fit- I slowly made the transition from traditional/loose gloves to contoured gloves like the CCM Vector and Bauer Supreme. After using those for a while and dealing with durability/protection issues I started researching Eagle PPF's. Although these are a 4-roll design, they fit much tighter than the Bauer 4-Roll or Easton SE16. The gap between the palm and backhand is tighter as is the width of the hand. I would compare the fit of the 2009 version somewhere between a Bauer 4-Roll and Vapor. They are longer than both models though in finger, backhand and cuff length. Since I transition from the contoured gloves, I was hoping for a tighter fit (which I got with the 2010 PPF, see below). The fingers on my 2009 model don't have the liner in the finger slots. This makes for a very "hollow" feel in the fingers. Overall, these gloves are in a class-of-their-own in terms of fit. Hard to compare with any other glove I owned. 8.0/10.0

Weight- Very light. The only other gloves I have owned which were lighter were the One95's and XXXX Pro's, but these gloves were a lot smaller overall and not as protective 10.0/10.0

Mobility- This is what I was worried about the most. Several members here helped me out before my first purchase. I use a long stick and "bend down" on the inner wrist-guard a lot. I previously owned a pair of Eagle X88's which gave me wrist problems on my upper wrist. As soon as I transitioned to the Vapor XXXX Pro, the pain went away. I also took two weeks off as well, so perhaps the wrist healed... Regardless, the PPF's allow me to bend my wrist just fine. It is not as loose as the One95, XXXX Pro or SE16, but I have not had any problems at all. The finger mobility is fine despite 2-piece fingers and I have had no problems with any other wrist maneuvers. Although it is not as 100% mobile as I would want, I have few complaints otherwise. 9.0/10.0

Break-in- Virtually non-existent. That is the beauty of Tufftek and the MSH2 palm. 10.0/10.0

Protection- This is by far the most protective glove I have owned. The foams are dense and there are plastic inserts throughout, which really helps. I play defense and also am the crease guy on the power play. I have taken several slashes and shots to the hand with no problems. I did get a wrist injury when a player ran into me, but that would have occurred with any glove. The only negative is that the MSH2 palm is sooooo thin that it does not absorb stick vibrations well. A small price to pay though and I cannot hold it against the glove. 10.0/10.0

Durability- Even post-Vaughn buyout, these gloves still have amazing build quality. I cannot compare it to pre-Vaughn, but I have very few complaints. There were some loose thread ends, but so far the exterior, palm and liner show no other signs of wear. I am very impressed. 9.5/10.0

Intangibles- The gussets on these gloves are made of MSH2 and I would have rather seen a spandex or mesh material standard. The thumb also has no flex at all which was a transition from my previous One95's. The Eagle thumb is locked and sits in the natural thumb position. The One95 thumb is bent in towards the palm a bit and can be moved rather easily. That was a bit of a transition, but I realize most people would not transition from a contoured One95 to a traditional PPF!

Conclusion- These gloves were close to what I was looking for. I found something even closer with the 2010 PPF (see post below), but I still use these gloves at least once a week and am very happy with the protection and build quality. I would not hesitate buying Eagle gloves again (and have!). 9.5/10.0

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Glove: Eagle PPF (2010 retail), Tufftek, being used since April 2010 (about 20 games)

Previous gloves: Eagle PPF (2009), Bauer One95, CCM Vector V10 (2010), NB Vapor XXXX Pro, Eagle X88, Easton SE16

Fit- I wrote a review above of the 2009 version of the glove. The 2010 version has, in my mind - a drastically different fit. The new 2010 liner is a different color (red/orange) and the padding is much thicker than the 2009 version. This gives the interior of the glove a much tighter feel, which I like since I transitioned from contoured gloves. I would compare the hand feel to that of the Vapor XXXX Pro, but if you were to remove the interior padding, it would be looser than even a Bauer 4-Roll! The other nice feature of the 2010 model is that the red liner now runs all the way to the finger tips. The 2009 model had no interior padding in the finger slots and had a "hollow" feel. The 2010 version has a much softer and comfortable finger. I personally find this to be the most ideal fitting 4-roll glove I have ever tried. YMMV. 10.0/10.0

Weight- Although it sounds odd, the gloves weighed 2-3 gram more than the 2009 version. It may be the thicker liner, it may be denser foams heck - it may be the different color scheme! Regardless, they are still lightweight gloves thanks to 100% Tufftek construction. 10.0/10.0

Mobility- Same as my 2009 version, but with a twist. I feel that the 2010 version may be a little denser than the 2009. The rolls and fingers of the 2010 don't seem as "floppy" as the 2009. Perhaps it is because the 2010 is not as used as the 2009 (10-20 less games) or maybe it is construction. Who knows. 9.5/10.0

Break-in- As I mentioned in mobility, the gloves seem a bit stiffer than my 2009's, but they still required very little break-in time. The palm overlay on the 2010 version is a bit thicker than the 2009 but still required no break-in. 9.5/10.0

Protection- Same great protection as the 2009 model I reviewed above if not a little better.

Durability- The glove has been holding up very well. There were a couple of loose threads and there are some small holes on the outside gusset of the index finger (perhaps there was a tag of some sort attached there), but that is all. The 2010 glove has a thicker palm overlay than my 2009's and shows no wear at all.

Intangibles- Not much to say after my 2009 review. Oh, white Tufftek is a pain! If you like white, get portofino, carbon or invest in Tide-To-Go pens!

Conclusion- Personally, these gloves are as close to perfect as I can get retail. I would like to have mesh gussets and shorter cuff extensions, but that is personal preference and available through Eagle as a custom order. You get the fit of a semi-loose contoured glove (or tight traditional, horse-a-piece), but superior protection and build quality. 10.0/10.0

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Product: Eagle PPF+ Hybrid (pre-Vaughn)

Previous Gloves: Eagle L29 (14”), Eagle CP96 (15”), Itech I-96 (14”), Itech 745 (14”)

Fit: The PPF+ fit more snuggly than my two previous pairs of Eagles. Once the glove is on my hand the finger length and the size of the palm are perfect. 14” Eagle gloves are always overly tight in the palm and the webbing of my fingers always would hit the base of each finger, and with the 14” Eagle gloves my finger tips are pushed up against the gussets. Over time the gussets would stretch, but I much prefer the proper fit of a larger Eagle glove like the PPF+. One gripe I have about the fit of the glove is found when removing the gloves. As I remove the glove the padding on the back of the hand follows my hand out and bunches out. When I come to put the gloves back on, I have to make sure that this padding in pushed back into the glove and flush with the back rolls. This is more of a nuisance than anything else, and these gloves are by far the most comfortable gloves I have ever worn both when brand new and after a few seasons of use. The tapered fingers and the 2-piece fingers are welcomed additions from the previous eagles I have used. (9.5/10)

Protection: I have been using these gloves for around 9 months and have yet to get hurt due to something other than stupidity ( I tried to catch a shot on net). I know that the current trend in gloves is to go for a super short cuff, but I do appreciate the longer cuff found on the PPF+’s. (10/10 so far)

Weight: The PPF+’s are very light. Coming from an all leather glove like the L29, and much longer CP96’s, these PPF+’s feel like I’m not even wearing any gloves. (10/10)

Durability: These gloves have been holding up very well. The MSH2 palms are looking very good and the outer nylon and leather show no obvious wear besides a few stick/puck marks. The only defect I have found is a loose stitch on both pinkies where the piping is covering the edge of the palm. (9.5/10)

Conclusion: As far as I can tell I’ve found the perfect gloves for me. The only negative things I can come up to describe these gloves can hardly be called much more than minute gripes. If you are in the market for high end gloves, you have to check out the PPF line from Eagle. (9.75/10)

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Product: Eagle PPF (Pre-Vaughn) 14" Tufftek with MSH2 palm.

Previous Gloves: Warrior MacDaddy, Bauer 4-Roll Pro and Bauer Vapor X:60 Pro.

Fit: As soon as I put these gloves on I knew that I was going to like them. Coming most recently off the 4-Rolls these gloves had a much more snug fit coming out of the box. It took me a few skates to get used to a tighter fitting glove but once I did they felt great. They cuff had good movement and I rarely felt restricted in them. As another user said, the palms did feel a bit loose which wasn't great but overall the fit was great on these gloves. (9/10)

Protection: The protection on the PPF's is great. I have blocked numerous shots with the back rolls of the gloves and most of the time I barely feel a thing. The cuff is pretty thin on the underside and I have taken some slashes where I can really feel it. The backhand padding inside the gloves is quite thick and comfortable and I think that also really helps with blocking shots on the outside of the glove. Overall these are great gloves in the protection department. (9.5/10)

Weight: While playing I never seem to notice the weight of my gloves. That being said nothing was different with this pair of gloves so I will rate them a 10. (10/10)

Durability: The tufftek throughout the gloves have stayed strong throughout a full season of use. I did have a few problems with durability on these gloves as far as the stitching and palm. The stitching on the palm seemed to come undone rather quickly. Not only that but the palms ripped through the first layer in about a month. Another month goes by and a small hole develops, two more months go buy and the whole doesn't really grow but during a game the entire palm on my left glove just rips down the middle to the point where my hand couldn't even stay in the glove. It literally looked like someone cut out the whole middle of the palm with scissors. Overall the glove had good durability but the palm was quite awful in my opinion. (6.5/10)

Conclusion: For the length of the time I used my PPF's I loved them. After I had the incident with the palm on the first pair I even got another pair of the exact same glove. Unfortunately the same thing happened with the palm. I would buy PPF's again but only if they had a different palm that had some better durability. Overall the glove itself is fantastic other than my problems with MSH2. (8.75/10)

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