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    Vapor XXX/ Custom Eagle PPF+
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    Bauer ReAkt
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    Custom Warrior Hustler
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    RBK 6K Padded Shirt
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  1. HUGE thanks out to JR for handling the order for me. I love them. 15" Standard Kovalchuk cuff Name and number- tone on tone Pro foam pack Nash palms- My preference
  2. I feel your pain. My left foot is an entire size smaller than my right. Also have very narrow feet- CAA
  3. Product Summary Product Model : WIDOW Handles : WIDOW Product Quantity : 3 Paint Color : BLACK Decal - Middle : WARRIOR BLACK Name & Number Plate : 18 Name & Number Plate Color : WHITE Shaft Finish : GRIP Shaft Texture : DIAMOND Product Size : SENIOR Shaft Length : 63 Shaft Flex : 75 Hand : LEFT Pattern : DRAPER Lie : 5 (135 DEGREES) Blade Finish : MATTE
  4. Somebody tried to hack my online banking. I can't stand people that think they are entitled to other people's things.
  5. Not sure yet. Doubt it, Brendan has been using one90/one95 for quite a while now.
  6. Early birthday present from my uncle, Shaone Morrisonn's from the Caps. I'm surprised they left off the last N in his last name. These are much tighter than I would have thought, maybe even tighter than my PPFs.
  7. Got laid off today with about 15 other people. Six years with the company down the drain.
  8. Fit – Coming from Tackla 9000 Airs, these fit very differently. They are looser in the waist and a littler tighter in the leg. Because of this, I started skating with the legs unzipped. I thought it would bother me, but I never have noticed- probably due to the fact there is material behind the zippers keeping the opening connected. They have one belt and a lace closure, but I’ve never touched the lace. They run big. My mediums (32-34) fit like a 34, so if you fit the larger size you should be ok- smaller size- try before you buy. I have a 32” waist and while they are big, I can live with it. 8/10 Protection- The pant has no gaps in protection that I have found. I ordered the beefed up padding so these are pretty close to “pro” pants. No complaints whatsoever. 10/10 Weight – Maybe a little heavy, but weight has never bothered me. 9/10 Durability- The shell's material is very strong with no rips or tears. I haven't had any problems with the belt or loose stitching. 10/10 What I Would Change – While I am happy with the pants, I would make a few changes: Two piece pant Split thighs More accurate sizing These are minor problems and I can live with them. It would be nice if the first two were available through the customizer. From what I’ve heard, the Pro pants aren’t even two pieces so it’s probably not going to happen. Conclusion – A very good pant despite being very expensive. It was worth it for me to go the custom route due to my frame size- skinny and tall. I was looking for a pant like this for several years so I’m happy my search is over. Overall Rating - 9.25/10
  9. CapsFan

    Eagle PPF

    Previous gloves: CCM Pro Tacks, Nike/Bauer One90, Nike/Bauer Vapor XXX Fit This glove fits mid tight- tighter than the Pro Tacks and looser than the One 90s- just a bit tighter than the XXXs. The glove is incredibly flexible out of the box and only gets better after a few ice times. My only gripe would be the “bagginess” of the palm. It will sometimes fold over on itself and that feels weird to me when gripping my stick. 8/10 Protection The glove does have plastic inserts and protects pretty well. I haven’t had any hard slashes to get a true feel of how it would handle that. There was one incident where a stick hit my left thumb just right and it ripped back my thumbnail about halfway. I feel this was a “freak” accident and, given the right (or wrong) circumstances, could happen with any glove. 9/10 Weight Very light. Sometimes hard to believe you are wearing a glove. 10/10 Durability The nylon has held up very well with no rips or tears. The palms look like they are brand new. MSH2 is definitely the way to go. I haven’t had any issues with slime/crustiness. 10/10 Conclusion Overall a very good glove. I would recommend them to anybody, but warn them they are pricey. If you go custom, I suggest you go with the mesh gussets as these gloves are hot. I would also take some of the slack out of the palm- I’m aware this could just be an issue with me and not others though. 9.25/10
  10. Decisions you make when you are 18 coming back to haunt you 12 years later. I'll post in the sweet spot when I invent the time machine.
  11. I've been a Caps fan since before I can remember, so I doubt I'll change my mind now. If they change their logo again, I'll get that one too. I'm thinking of getting the original logo along with the eagle at some point too.
  12. I realize the decision is mine, and getting a tattoo is for me and nobody else, but is there anything wrong with getting the logo of your favorite sports team? (Caps, duh) I didn't think so, but some of my friends are giving me a hard time about it.
  13. Is there anything that made you choose the XD over the XDm?
  14. I thought you retired? That information is G13 classified.
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