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Just Bought a House Sale (Gloves, Pants, Shells, Lowers, Bags, Shafts, Blades, Socks)

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I'm currently working on getting pictures of everything and will have them up shortly.




Harvard Set 


Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/ApeHg


Franchise Gloves

  • 14"N
  • Had Pat put new palms, gussets, and liners in. Worn once since
  • Pearl Mustang palms tightened at the wrist
  • -1/4" white mesh gussets
  • Overall in good shape with minimal wear

Hustler Pants

  • Large
  • Two piece setup
  • Good shape with some wear

4500 Helmet

  • Medium
  • Foams still softer
  • Missing back screw and nut on left side


  • Large
  • Not from school but match well

$350 + ship





Weiss Wings WC

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/1cWlZ

  • 14"
  • MIC
  • Pro only model
  • New pearl mustang palms tightened at the wrist
  • New -1/4" white mesh gussets

$200 + shipping


Blues Franchise

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/gQx4r

  • 13"N
  • Carbon thumb badge
  • Skate cut on shell that was stitched closed at Pat's. Otherwise, shell is in great shape
  • Brand new blue Nash palms with -1/4" blue stretch gussets

$150 + ship


Little Caesars Bully Pro

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/XVe8c

  • 14"
  • Brand new

$100 + ship





Jets Heritage Classic Alumni Shell

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/G5eHI

  • Size medium
  • Fits like a girdle shell 
  • Legs are longer (maybe +1" or so)

$100 + ship





Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/jYoSz

Ryan Smyth Warrior

Bauer One95

Bauer TotalOne


Easton Mako

  • 85 flex
  • Used a couple times. Some minor marks on shaft. Nothing structural
  • Tapered
  • ~54"

$25 + ship


Warrior Evo

  • 75 flex
  • New
  • Standard
  • ~55"

$35 + ship


Pictures (labels in album): https://imgur.com/a/C1vUn
Versteeg Pro customs
  • One used once, the other new
  • Drury curve with toe kink

$50 + ship for the pair


Combat Pro custom

  • New but sprayed black
  • Taped and installed but never used
  • Sakic curve with a little more heel

$25 + ship


Reebok 11K

  • Datsyuk P38 curve
  • Well used.
  • Toes beginning to chip

$10 + ship for the pair




Pictures (labels in album): https://imgur.com/a/pTCkA


Bauer TotalOne

  • Lightly used PM9 - $25 + ship
  • Lightly used P88 - $25 + ship
  • 2x new P88 - $30 + ship each

Warrior Dynasty

  • W88 Zetterberg
  • New

$30 + ship


Warrior AK27

  • New Kovalchuk - $30
  • Used Vanek/Weight (blade going a little soft on one, second is more solid) - $15 + ship for the pair 

Reebok Pro Custom

  • P88 style curve
  • New

$20 + ship


Prices are in USD. Please send funds as gift or cover the fees if sending as goods.



Hemsky Stick

  • CX branded up does not have the elliptical taper. Traditional taper like on the HTX.
  • I used this stick twice at stick and puck. No slapshots. (Some tape and wax residue on the blade)
  • 62" factory made height from floor to end
  • ~85 flex
  • Grip
  • His unique blade profile and lie (~1" shorter blade than a P92)
  • This one is a true toe curve unlike his usual heel/toe kink combo

$90 + ship













Prices are in USD. Please send funds as gift. If sending as goods, please cover the fees.

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