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JR Boucicaut

Bauer 6000

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Bauer 6000 RH/102 flex/PM9 Hossa


Blade- The blade is pretty thick and has the nice wood feel to it. holding up good. no big gashes in it. It stays stiff when you shoot, it doesnt flex back like some wood blades do.


Shaft/Flex- I have a 102 flex, its reel good for slap shots but you have to put some muscle behind it to get a good wrist shot. I would have liked a 87 flex but they didnt have a good curve. The geometry of the shaft is what you would expect from a wood stick. Its square but slightly rounded edges. It also has the stick-um feel on the shaft. I found out it is just like a type of glue because it burnt off when i touched a hot water pipe with it.


Stickhandling/Recieving passes- The feel is great. Its a pretty thick blade so the puck stays on it reel good. Hard passes stay really close to you. The stickhandling has been good. Thats partly because i have been using a smart hockey ball a lot and because of the curve.


Shooting- The slap shots have been harder than my Z bubble grip but thats probley because that stick was an 85 flex. The wrist shots are starting to come after a while because it was hard getting used to the stiffer shaft. Snap shots are ok but again the stiffer shaft doesnt help.


Weight Balance- The weight is good and the balance is exellent for a wood stick. It's not as good as a OPS but its better than most wood sticks.


Durability- The stick is holding up great. Not many gashes just the normal wear and tear. No signs of breakage or getting soft. The bottom of the blade is holding up better than i thought. Its not wearing away at all.


Conclusion- This stick is a great pick up. Its all you can ask for in a wood stick. For 34 bucks this stick will last at least half as long as your OPS. So either way it would be worth it to buy a couple instead of a OPS. For all those wood feel lovers, this is your stick.


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Bauer 6000- Pro Flex 102 - P88 Lindross pattern

Reviewer- 5'10" 190lbs Defence Bantam AA.


First off i saw this stick at my LHS, and thought it looked awesome, white on one side black on the other with clean graphics that really appealed to me. I decided that i would need a new stick so i bought it and $40 CDN later i was on my merry way. 9.5/10


I had never used the 102 pro flex before buying this stick, but i decided i could try a stiffer stick than normal. Wow this flex was perfect for me i could believe how i had gotten along without it before, it had enough flex for those quick snappers, but stiff enough not to flex too much on a slapshot. And it hasnt deadened much after about a month or so. it gets 10/10


Well this was my first wood stick in a long time (i usually use a shaft blade combo) the blade on this stick was great for catching hard passes, and for stick handling i find that having a heavier stick helps (PP). WIth the grip coating that comes on this stick its great to finally not have to tape rub your sticks and its not too tacky but just tacky enough like soft grip.but when i was picking up the puck in the corner it definately helped knowing the puck was on my blade, it gave me that one extra second to look up and read the play.


This has to be my best aspect of my game and if my stick cant perform here, im screwed. but this stick could definately perform i was shooting from any where i had 2 assists from rebounds in my 3rd game with the 6000. I have a very heavy shot and with this stick goalies were letting rebounds out from every where so that got my team points and thats what counts. 9/10 because i cant aim.


This stick wasnt the lightest stick ive ever used but i dont like incredibly light sticks it was very well balanced. not much more to say. 10/10


I didnt expect the blade on this stick to last very long but it has taken a pretty good beating and still comes back for more. the shaft is very tough ive given a couple really good slashes and even had it get stuck in the bench door and still kept comin back for more. 10/10


A great stick for players that like wood sticks and grip, i know ill definately buy another when my current one breaks. Its a tank and for players who like to go into the corners this is a good stick for you. 9.5/10.

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