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  1. helment-5000 with black itech cage shoulder-bauer 4000 elbow-ccm 652 pants-bauer6000 shins-rbk 7k skates-rbk 8k gloves-nbh one70 stick-ultralight shaft, prostock sickkicks
  2. beautiful, a work of art
  3. what curve are those sticks
  4. i got the exact same pairs of plain blk/red HGT's for 35 bucks on ebay
  5. how do you like the flexlite 12 woodie, it looks like the same stick as the bauer 6000 which i use now
  6. was that during the tournament at st a's last weekend? i went to a couple of those games cause i live in manchester.
  7. do the 6k pants fit the same way as the 8k as in the girdle part?
  8. Did you ever work all day on one then the first time you got on the ice it broke right away?That would have sucked.
  9. How could you forget SOPEL? For me, in order to have the flowing hair the player must play without a helmet. With the helmet, it is more like streamers poking out of the bottom of the helmet(e.g. Jagr, Sopel, Ricci). except for daniel alfredsson
  10. how come you have a left and right handed stick
  11. how many is that?
  12. i saw that book and was thinking of picking it up
  13. Skates: bauer 8000 Shins: Bauer 6000 Pants: Bauer Vaper 8 girdle Shell: Tackla Shoulder: Graf 705 Elbow: CCM 652 Helment: Bauer 5000 Cage: Itech chrome-UNH style_straight in front gloves: Eagle x70 Sticks: bauer 6000 wodies, Zbubble grip wth wood blades under cloths: long sleeve loose fit Under Armour shirt, wsi long pant joc
  14. i was just wondering if roller hockey is as intense as ice. i play ice and i always wondered if there is as much hitting in roller hockey as there is in ice?
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