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  1. Sooooooo, I've never regretted a gear decision more than this one. The rubbing on my heel in the couple hours I had the Nexus skates on irritated my Haglund's so badly that to even get my old pain-free skates on, I needed to put both the bunga pads on the same foot over top of a few band-aids.
  2. I was actually wearing those at drop-in today and felt great for about 45 minutes, then somehow one of them slipped and I got a blast of the worst pain I've ever felt in skates. Immediately went into the locker room and put my old skates on...pretty sure now that I spent $200 on a confidence issue because I now felt just as good performance wise :(
  3. After trying out a bunch of things, I ended up with the Nexus 6000...there's a slight problem now, though. Felt great in the store, feels great on the ice for the most part, but when I really crank up my speed I get absolutely unbearable pain in my heels. I have pretty bad haglund bumps on both my feet from improperly fitting skates before, and I know they are what is causing the pain. Is there a "best" product to help with that?
  4. Thanks! Having access to the ice for free essentially whenever there's a stick and puck/open hockey etc certainly made it easier for me haha
  5. Little bit of an update...tried the skates of one of my coworkers at the rink that happened to be my size, I think they were older U+ 04s. I liked them about 100000000x more than my current skates to the point where I never want to use them again. I would still go up a couple levels in price but damn the difference was incredible in how comfortable I felt on the ice.
  6. I love this forum. Thank you for all the help guys!
  7. Started at about 230, I'm at 125 right now and I'm actually trying to come back up to 140 because I feel like I lost too much.
  8. Oooooh. I forgot that the Makos existed! Definitely gonna look at those
  9. I know that might be a weird question, haha. Some background on it: 'm not an AMAZING skater. I'm pretty good, but nothing that stands out. I've been in one.9s for a couple years (in a junior size, I have really small feet) and I feel like they're way too stiff for me now because I lost a significant amount of weight. That wouldn't normally be a problem, but I felt like I wasn't a great enough skater to take advantage of the crazy-stiff one.9s to begin with. Anyways, my question is...have any of you switched to a softer boot and found success? It's a fit issue for me too, I've always regretted not going Nexus because the Supreme forefoot just isn't wide enough for me— after two years of wearing them, I have a huge bunion below my big toe on my right foot. Provided they fit my feet correctly, I was considering something like the Nexus 6000. Thanks! My apologies if this has been covered already.
  10. Starting in Goal as an Adult

    Actually have a question of my own now: One of the benefits of working at a rink is that I can keep my equipment in a storage room and not have to lug two sets of gear in and out of my car every time I wanna play- this lets me easily fill in as the second goaltender when two don't show up. I feel like I'm getting better...but a good 80% of the goals I let in this past session were short side as a result of me not hugging the post correctly. Are there any specific drills I can do to help this, or do I have to just consciously figure it out? Thanks
  11. pick up hockey (shinny) pet peeves

    This is actually the opposite of a pet peeve but I wanted to share it: Every Friday at noon, we have generally the same group of guys that show up for pickup. Only one or two of the guys are beginners, but it's not the highest level skate around. Anyway, we're all in the locker room getting ready and two current UNH players walk in. (I won't namedrop) They were the nicest guys any of us have ever had the pleasure of playing with. I don't think they even scored a goal the entire time. All they did was make brilliant passes to the rest of us. Such a fun time. What got me thinking about this was reading the comments about not getting passed to after missing one. I saw someone miss one of their passes and apologize. Instead of not passing to him again, they looked out for him until he got one. Awesome stuff
  12. Starting in Goal as an Adult

    How do you feel about them?
  13. Starting in Goal as an Adult

    I'll have to look into that, thanks. The bruise looked pretty cool at least
  14. Starting in Goal as an Adult

    I'm gonna make another quick suggestion...make sure you buy goalie knee pads and make sure they're on snug so they don't slide down your leg...because the one time your kneecap is exposed, you are going to get hit with a puck there and it's not going to be pleasant. ow.