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  1. smu

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    A few years back I had a new set of Bauer X 60s and the LHS guy got me to stand on some HD plastic. He looked at me standing from the side and then fro the rear, Back on he said to put my hands on my knees and bend so my knees were just over my toes. He new immediately that I was back on my heels and over pronating on the right. The blades were the the Tuuk holders with the nearly flat Bauer steel that was known to have little pitch. He put in a 1/4" plastic between the heel and the holder on both skates and he put in about 3/8" on the lateral side, beneath the back and front right holder and with these adjustments my skating ability was great. He said putting the shim in the heel for the plus pitch was better than wasting my blade by profiling at this point and it gave trouble then other profiling changes could then be made. Alan
  2. smu

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I was told they stopped all requests for any changes and only send their brand of holders and steel. They would not send just the boot to have your own preference put on at the LHS. This was an option when I was first interested, they would almost do anything for you, but not now so I am told. Please let me know if this is not the case.
  3. smu

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    That's a help, the skate should be the length of my Bauer if they keep the toe box within reason and no slop in the sides unless it is needed by me. If what I am trying to repeat agrees with you then, that's what I should expect to receive. Thanks
  4. smu

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Nicholas, I agree, but if you purchased them have you noticed much difference in length or width? Is you toe box larger than it should be? Thanks
  5. smu

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I want to purchase a new pair of skates - True, but first read below. I have a pair of Bauer X90s D width and I should have a narrow, none available back then. Using the scanner at True I can get a custom made skate that should be better than my Bauer skates. I have them fitting me perfectly now, with the one exception they are too wide. When I do put my Bauer skates on though, my toes lightly touch the end of the toe cap and are then pulled back and away from the toe area as soon as I laced them up. They are very comfortable, but I guess I could use the narrow version and they are getting old. Now I have two reasons to get a nice new pair of custom True Skates. QUESTION: For those that have purchased new skates from True, I would expect that you would compare the new with the old just to see the differences. I am just trying to understand what to expect when I receive my skates, since what I have now are great except for the size D width. Will the regular model (no additional padding etc.) of the True be wider, I guess narrower for me? Are they heavier or longer? I have read they may be heavier, but that does not bother me. More importantly though, would the skates be about the same length as my old skates? I have had the same length blade now for about 10 years or more and would like to keep it as such. I would appreciate any comments? Thanks!
  6. I am trying to catch up on posts and I know this on is out of order, but to answer the question if you have someone do it right, wedging the back and front of the holder will will correct a pronation issue, but you have to experiment with the thickness. I was able to have my LHS to put t-nuts like the Graf skate in. 4 fron and 4 back and with a Torx screwdriver you can take your holders off at anytime and change the thickness. My problem is that both my feet pronate at different amounts which makes it more than twice as hard as doing one. But, it does work! Alan S.
  7. Hi, In the last few years I have found that I have been chasing my pronation issue and it seemingly kept getting worse then I would be going in the other direction and having to removing some inside posting! At that point I was posting both boots equally and never knew if I was going too far with the posting, but when it worked it was great. With all this movement, up and down in the boot, I felt that I was making the boot bend inward giving rise to more pronation and breakdown, but on this I am not exactly sure. What I did feel though was sore heels from now improper fitting boots! A few years prior to this when I was first started having issues a LHS person promised he could help me. I had just bought a good pair of Bauer X60s (2009?) and I believe the top of the line back then. He promised that he could help me and bring my new skates to him before I do anything with them. Once at the LHS I put on my Bauer X60s with lose laces and stood on plastic with this guy looking at my stance, first some the side then from the back. Right away he said that I was leaning back in my skates and I needed a forward pitch as well he had me pull up my pant legs so he could look at my calf muscles, while in the skates. He said to loosen me to my laces a bit and put my hands on my knees and bend into a hockey stance with my hands over my toes. With that one thing showed him that I was pronating on the right. He said that if your tendon guard does not follow the calf muscle and goes inwards you are pronating, to the outside means you are supination. All you have to do is watch any NHL game on TV as it is up close and you will see that the tendon guard follows the calf always. So, my right tendon guard was leaning towards my left leg. With this he added 3 mm to my heels to give me a better pitch and so that a lot of blade would not be lost by additional profiling and also added 3 mm to the lateral sides (not medial as is done inside of the boot) of my right boot between my outsole and the holder, front and back. This is all he did, but when I arrived home I got on the ice as fast as I could and my skating was excellent, this guy fixed my problem and he knew what he was doing! Jump ahead a year or two and I was having problems again, no longer falling backwards do to the pitch, but I was pronating more on my right foot and decided to get orthotics. This did work, but then I was getting worse again and now my left lef was showing pronation and more orthotics were made and worked well for a time. Over all this time and all the podiatrists and chiropractors I saw, none felt I had much of a “arch” problem at all. They were just looking at my arch and yes, I could fit some fingers under my arches not like some that their feet are literally flat on the floor. I had even wetted my feet and stood on some time of thin cardboard showing a normal arch as well I have photos of the Dr. Scholl’s stand on “electronic device” all showing normal arches. How is this possible. It was only about a month ago that I was getting really frustrated about my game as to knowing what I could do as opposed to what I am doing by all my own corrections. I took phots of my Achilles’ tendons from the rear and I was shocked, in that my tendons were quite bent inward causing my pronation and leading me to believe that I am not a yo-yo of back and forth pronation, but I was just getting worse over time. Now I knew I had to add more, but by now I was posting only on the inside and going so high 5 or 6 years ago I did have orthotics made and I was told it was relatively minor in the right, but needed correction and it worked so that is why I stuck with the inside posting. My problem appeared to be that my problem really was ongoing pronation! At least I know I was not crazy and now needed some help moving my holders medially and using the old Graf T-bolts I could loosen the holders and insert my own wedges on the lateral sides of both skates. Last Thursday I was the ice for first the first time using this method (using only 1.5 mm wedges as I already have the holders shifted medially) and I was elated! For the first time in years I could feel that each blade of the skates were squarely on the ice and not like what I was saddled with. I always had the feeling that one edge was digging in, now I just can’t wait to get get back to my old game. Now if you have a problem with worsening pronation you can just insert a slightly thicker wedge in a minute or so. I hope this helps! Alan
  8. Good news Shane, I had a short 10 minute skate before the game started with full gear on and it was amazing! This is the first that I can remember having both edges of each skate on the ice at the same time and it felt weird to me, but fantastic! I was so used to having the feeling of being one edge only wondering why. This was not a game situation, but immediately was given the feeling that I was now back skating abilities that I once had! Prior to the game I inserted about 1.5mm on both skates, laterally, between the holders and the boot out-sole, back and front. I figured that since the LHS, in 2008, used 3mm to correct what I thought then was a mild over pronation problem with my right foot, I decided to insert just 1.5mm back and front since my holders have just been shifted 1/8" medially and and did not want to add that much right away. Also I used a pair of custom Superfeet made for me and I owe Superfeet a lot of thanks!. Superfeet did a great job of trying to help my situation increasing their posting to 5º with a special molded pair. I used these in my skates today and the wedges just to make sure I would not hopefully pronate and I did not! I left the rink early, wishing only that I could stay and skate. I am really going to try and play our last game in March and take it easy! I just can't help myself for the good felling I had today! Back to your design, my father was a machinists and I learned a little from that business growing up, but I am no machinists. Cut, weld, grind, drill etc I can do, but now I am not sure what your method needs in this regard. I again thank you for the offer to send my skates to you, but I really don't know what exactly is being done, especially after today's skate! I am unsure what my great LHS can do, but certainly not on their corporate premises. It would have to be someone with the background, would I be correct. I do have the resources fro me to my nephew that is in that business. It is not because I don't want to pay for it, but if I can get it done by your specs here in Halifax would be fantastic! Please email if you wish, the address is below. I am 69 this month and so much want to pick up my game again to where it was 10 or 15 years ago. I am a young 69 lets say I feal like a 44 year old when I first started Tae-Kwon-Do when I was 44 and reached 2nd degree black in 2007 and if my right knee was not giving me problems I would have had mt 3rd degree black just before stopping it in 2012 because of that! Don't forget to use my email, I am still interested in your fix. Cheers - Alan alan.sheppard@gmail.com
  9. Shane (it is right?) I am thinking of your method, but today I may have taken one step further to see where it gets me. I have not tried it yet, but now I have 4 t-bolts (Graf) back and front on both skates and just finished making various thicknesses of wedges. Now I can just see if I can get close to my goal and go further after this. At least I do not have my grandchildren with me so I have plenty of time on the bench altering my skates. My buddies are now used to it. I want to try this first before I take your route that appears to be the best although I have never heard of you method before, thanks for getting involved. My LHS would have considered your method, but I said lets take this step first. After I had the 1/8" medial holder move at least I know this is not in my head etc. I want to see how far I can go with the quick insertion of wedges that I have just fabricated for front and back and should be on the ice skating tomorrow. One huge problem I found on any correction. I always felt that the skates did not feel that bad until we started an actual game then the problems would present themselves so it is so hard to tell how I really feel with just skating around with the guys before the game starts, then leave. But I am wearing my gear tomorrow and might play ten minutes of defence hoping I don't compromise my shoulder more. We only have until the end of March it would be a big deal if I re-injure my shoulder. I trust my LHS guy to be able to do your fix if you don't mind, if it were not for him I would send them to you. The problem there is that you are in Albany NY and I am near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and shipping would be difficult with customs and all. I hope you wait for my next post tomorrow, if I make it to the game. I am looking for it. My LHS will be waiting as well for my feed back. Again, I really appreciate your helping out, it would appear to fix all! You did see Vet88s proposal of a system as well although quite different. Cheers, Alan alan.sheppard@gmail.com
  10. Thanks so much for responding once again! It was not the intention of only posting the heel area, but both front and back. To my LHS your idea looked great, but I thought I would take the easier approach first to see where it might get me with not much left of the season for me in game and a shoulder injury that at least I am just pre-game skating. My only thoughts on not being over the COG bi shifting the holder by the constant 1/8" would be that the COG should be measured from the midpoint of the heel pocket and a line from that point to a point between your big toe and second toe, but this may be difficult to define. But, if you are suffering from over pronation and use the midpoint of the heel pocket at least that's what I see in any literature then you must be leaning towards that COG point. If you are going to change the COG then this allows the foot in the skate to follow a much better line by as it is the only way to go. Do you have any idea how the Pros do this, I would think there are many that need pronation help, perhaps it is the way you suggest, it does sound great. Thanks - Alan
  11. I really appreciate you sharing your information and for me trying to get the right fix over the last ten years is driving me nuts. I am literally apprehensive to step on the ice each and every game not knowing if my last medial posting would work this time and more often than not I would find that I need to play around with the correction again! I am trying to understand what you are telling me here, is there any others out there that share the same view so that I can have my LHS do this correction. He just finished my skates with t-bolts so that I can insert wedges outside (laterally) while on the bench. I hate to bother you, but I am desperate to get that proper fix. What if I got a new set of narrow inline holders that will take a skate blade, would this work at all, by pinpointing the middle rear heel pocket as the first point then trace a line up to between my big toe and the next toe to it with that medial move made on that plane, from the mid heel pocket the gradually over to the new placement of the front of the holder, although now now over more medially in the front toe area. Thanks for all the help! Alan
  12. Thanks very much for you offer, but what I decided to do as a stop gap measure was to use the t-bolt system and since I have moved the holders medially already I will just use wedges 1/8", 1/4" or whatever it may take. It will be a quick change on the end of the bench if I have the right screw driver and the can experiment until thing feel right. You method looked good, perhaps I will be going that way if my intended way does not work. Nothing lost, I can only see a gain with the outside lateral posting and I feel from my very first try with outside posting my "expert" at the time used 3 mm to start off and it worked well, I am sure I need more than that now. Cheers - Alan
  13. Allan, Thanks for your help along the way here, somehow I confused Playmakersedge and you and if you have been following my posts you will see that he has something that will adjust the angle of the blades to suit one's might work with less effort, but you might have a nice idea. Did you see the other post from Playmakersedge? Cheers - Alan
  14. I am really sorry about not understanding correctly with your comments along with Vet's involvement I thought might be trying to sell a new product. I was also confused about one of your first post I believe looking for help on the pronation issue. I did not want to ask to many questions because I did not know where this was going. I am not the brightest when it come to understanding your drawing. From what I understand this will move me over my COG and would do the job, exactly what I want. There was one person showing those floor hockey wheels that could be turned into a skate holder and that looked interesting in that the holder would be thinner than the Tuuk and fit on the Junior skate (not much room) much better. But, I still need better instructions if I am going to tackle the job you have in mind as simple as it maybe! I wait forever to start a project for fear of making a mistake, one of my biggest downfalls. I am just got the holder shifted medialy, but that was because my LHS said he could do it on my Junior boot at least the 1/8". Looks like I need a heck of lot more movement medially if I am posting 1/2"! Please, lete me know some more, now I am much more interested and it looks like I have lots of time before next year comes around. Oh. if I could only have body weight over my blades! Thanks a lot for responding! Alan
  15. Are you using two bolts on the lateral side for adjustment by having them go through the holder and the out-sole? I could see and adjustment on that make it as if you were adding material between the holder and the boot, but again I am not sure what exactly is being done. Thanks - Alan