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    Bauer Supreme S190
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    True A6.0 SBP
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    True XC9
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    CCM Resistance 110
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    Bauer Supreme NXG
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    CCM U+CL
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    CCM Tacks 6052
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    Warrior Pro

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  1. Warrior getting new PTV under Alpha name
  2. Thanks fellas, I only ask as I work in the hockey retail industry and think they may be worth a shot on an employee purchase program. Likely stick with my Mako II for a while though
  3. Hey guys I currently am wearing 7 D in the Easton Mako II skates (which I love) but I am thinking about changing it up and going with some Graf 9035. What is the sizing like on these? There aren't any retailers around me that stock the skate so I would be ordering blind. Anyone have any personal experience with the skates? Any and all help is appreciated!
  4. How does the Speed Plate stack up to an insole like Superfeet?
  5. Got out for my first skate on my Mako IIs. Best fitting skate I have ever worn (in the past couple years I have had Supreme one.9, APX2, RBZ). Does anyone know if Step Steel or Black Edge makes replacement steel for the CXN holder?
  6. Helmet: Bauer 4500 Visor: Bauer Pro-Clip Straight Clear Visor Shoulder pads: Don't wear any, padded UA Shirt Elbow pads: Graf Era 7 Gloves: Bauer Vapor APX Pants: Graf Pro Shin pads: Reebok 7k Skates: Bauer Vapor APX2, waiting on Mako II to come in Bag: Warrior Pro Sticks: Easton Synergy HTX (85, E4) & Sher-Wood Rekker EK15 (85, Coffey)
  7. Hey guys I work in the industry but our shop does not carry much in the way of Easton skates (the only one is a low end rec skate). I am just wondering how these skates would be fit compared to say a Bauer sizing. I currently wear 7EE in an Vapor APX2 and am thinking about pulling the trigger on some new wheels. Any help is appreciated!
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