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  1. True is good to work with, this is just a huge mixup, I had a problem and I know they can redo your skates entirely.
  2. CCM has responded by email that they feel something can be done. I have called and left a message with CCM so we can get on the right track, but no reply yet.
  3. Thanks, guys, I wanted someone independent, but my LHS has the Custom Bauer and that's where I will go. For some reason, when my foot size came out wrong, 6.5 and 6 in the first place on the CCM we did not do a second one. He must have sent that scan along with my size after trying stock skates on (size 5). Perhaps this is why the order was not correct. As I say it appears that both CCM and Bauer make a skate to the scan. I am going to start to reel in the reigns and say I want what I ordered. My LHS knows full well what I have been looking for and need for more than one year!
  4. I will get the Bauer scan done, thanks very much!
  5. You are right with regard to the boot, Vett88 and I have discussed all issues many times. In particular, loosening the laces, but I don't have the years left to learn to skate without laces. If I have a stiff boot it will help with pronation, but a proper heel width will reduce pronation as well, I have been told that the wide heel is what is mostly causing my pronation problems and trying to correct them with wedges in a large heel pocket is not practicable. If I have a tight heel the wedges will stay in place. Once I realized there was an issue with the CCM skates I had asked my LHS if he could contact CCM by phone or did he want me to call before I came back to the store? The LHS made the call. For the record, the Custom CCM FT2 boot is still as wide as my old Bauers. I had an inside measurement device with me at the LHS and compared the Custom FT2 with a stock FT2 skate off the shelf and it was agreed that it was the same size. The LHS did discuss my current skate issues with CCM and it would appear that my narrow heel was not accentuated enough in the order form (my opinion from what I heard) and advised I was advised of three options. CCM via LHS 1) The skates were to be baked for a second time and after that my skates were to be removed. After this, the skates were tied tightly to the top eyelet. I was to leave them set for 24 hours to see what change in the skate would be. I now have loosened the laces and (as I thought) the skate was much tighter, but the baking made the throat smaller, something I indicated I did not want. They do feel tighter, however, no change in the width of the heel and I don’t like the encroaching material near the top eyelets. I have yet to skate with them but like the Trues I had, size 7, 6, 5, if they were stiff enough to be still able to skate! 2) If the above is not satisfactory the skates are to be returned to CCM for further treatment to see if they can get the boot to suit my heel. (I am unsure of the method). 3) I guess then, determine if I want a refund or ask for the skates this time to be completely rebuilt. This might have to be clarified as I have said I have not talked to CCM. I hate to bring it up, but our last comment about the sizing, unfortunately, if it were two years ago the narrower heel sizes were there, in CCM and Bauer! With regard to the True skates, Rob Thompson said he could not make me what I wanted (a C width my words) and did say, “I will try and shave more off the heel” I tried to stop the process right there by asking Rob to discuss the issue with me first, before the build. He ignored that and went ahead and made the skate anyway. Of course, it was still wider than the D Bauer, I have the photos! Thanks for posting, Cheers.
  6. Thanks! I have also learned from CCM that if you clearly and specifically get it known that you need a "narrow heel" you have a chance to get what you want. My LHS stated, "please make a narrow skate" and it was not good enough, not even near! So I do say that someone has to touch base with CCM by phone about this. It is just about the best way that you will get the correct answer. CCM did say that if they can't bring the heel in, to my satisfaction, they will make a refund. My custom size 5, FTD2 have the correct length but the width is as wide as my old Bauer 5D skates. I could have gone to a 4.5 FTD but my right toe seemed to close to the cap, but the heel width seemed perfect. Unfortunately, there were no more size 4.5 to try on so that I could determine if the skate was out or my right foot. Both feet seem symmetrical. After my first bake and me doubting that the heel was narrow, I am now going through the process of just having my 5s baked for a second time and with feet in then after the waiting period I took them off. The skates then were then tied up tight to the top eyelet. I was told to leave them that way for 24 hours which is now. I have now untied them and clearly notice that the top eyelets have come much closer together, thus the throat of the skate is compromised, smaller and less desirable an indication that they were too wide! I will give them a try as I have been asked, but I clearly stated before this that in no way do I want the throat narrowed. I have been told that if they are not satisfactory CCM will take them back and try and see what can be done. Meaning I will be without skates for a number of hockey games. I understand that I can say no to this as I feel it's going nowhere and stretching the skate over my foot surface and towards the throat is not the way to start this fix, in my opinion. Could you PM me the contact of the product manager. It seems that if you don't do it yourself, nothing gets done right. Cheers!
  7. Thanks very much with your response, all done last year with True although I took the reigns and not the LHS. I contacted Rob Thompson directly instead of my LHS taking a backseat, although they were very helpful. This got me nowhere as True all but told me they were unable to give me what I want. All I wanted is a C width and even then my heel width was wider than my 5D Bauer. I did find out from CCM that if you clearly and specifically get it through their head that you are saying that "please make a narrow skate". I say make sure someone touches base with them about this. The only way you will get the correct answer and if they can't bring the heel in they will make a refund. I have found that a 4.5 FT2 will fit perfectly in the heel area, but my right toe seemed to be touching the toe cap and I was frightened to take that chance whereas the size 5 FT2 was way too wide, but had the proper length. I believe I have to visit a couple of LHS shops and see if I can get a 4.5 to fit as I believe my feet are the same length. If I can get that skate then I can have a Custom FT2 built on that platform.
  8. There has to be a heck of a lot of narrow heeled hockey players out there that are in very competitive hockey. I am thinking of many of the women and men teams. I am sure they are getting fitted properly, I just have to establish this so I can have a good argument when speaking with CCM. Can anyone help, I need a narrow skate to skate properly and also limit my pronation?
  9. Thanks, mojo122, it seems to say that the width is not asked, but taken into consideration during the scan. That would work I guess if there is no stipulation somewhere that only width size D and larger will apply, unfortunately.
  10. No problem, I will look again and try and find a link. I wonder if the narrow skate has been just deleted entirely from Bauer and CCM lines two years ago, by what I see. I wonder what can narrower foot guy like me can do, as well as many of the girls/women in hockey that may have a smaller foot? No need to answer.
  11. I should have a qualification from CCM tomorrow if a narrow width is possible so there is a chance something can be done. I have searched the web for Bauer Customs and found none with anything but D and wider. Can you give me an updated Bauer Custom link before I meet with the LHS tomorrow? Thanks for your help again!
  12. Thanks, but what does that tell me I need? Cheers
  13. Thanks, for the links, much appreciated. The FT2 indicates Size by a number and width as a letter - D +EE can't argue that. Not much to chose from, if you have narrow feet. We have the 2018 link already on the form. Would anybody have the 2019 CCM 3D scan Retail Guide.pdf?
  14. 1) Does anyone have an updated CCM Retailer's Guide PDF for 2019? I do see that the retailer can submit a tracing if the client wants it done (in "overcoming objections") on page 18. Tracings should be standard in my opinion. The PDF was submitted by one of our members a few posts ago, not the first PDF of this thread. 2) All my efforts to determine CCM's skate widths have come back with the express words of "select width" and I get D or wider. It appears Bauer is the same way. Where do the other sizes that have been given appear, such as AA, etc? My forefoot is fine, but my heel is narrow.
  15. This is what I was looking for, the width and if it translates to the Custom FT2 skates. Any knowledge of this? It seems the literature only has a D listed for width?
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