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  1. wetwilly17

    True Inline Skates with Revision Chassis

    good eye, i see that in the text now. i thought they were all 80. im glad they went the hilo route.
  2. wetwilly17

    Custom Skates / Ice to Inline Conversion

    wow what size wheels are those? perhaps the photo is misleading. is that your custom chassis? ive always dreamed of an 80-76-80-80 chassis that was lower than all setups and slightly shorter wheelbase. second wheel from front would be the 76.
  3. wetwilly17

    New mission skates

    i had the mission rpms also, i loved those skates except for the mini bearings that they came with. im glad that trend died. i miss that style of skate, where the boot would completely wrap your ankle but then flex more.
  4. wetwilly17

    New mission skates

    how is fit compared to nls1? thanks!
  5. wetwilly17

    Wheel options/questions

    what surface are you playing on? it sounds like perhaps wood tile or something else that is tough on wheels as you should get much more life using 74a at your weight on most sport court. if the floor is tough on wheels, id move to a single pour wheel like labeeda gripper. you could probably stay at the 74a if you need that grip.
  6. wetwilly17

    True Inline Skates with Revision Chassis

    Looks like the second wheel isn't recessed. I'm hoping that isn't the case.
  7. wetwilly17

    Supreme 2S vs S29 and Curv Composite

    thanks. the 2s seemed to offer really good forward flex while being very stiff in the lateral direction.
  8. I haven't purchased skates in a long time and there are no hockey shops near me. Recently when I was out of town for business, I was able to try on some Supreme 2S skates and vapor X800. As I've come to find, the Vapor line fits me poorly. But the 2S skates felt great and with good heel lock. The shop was extremely busy, I had limited time and didn't intend to buy so I ended it there, satisfied that I fit the supreme line. In a perfect world, the supreme skate would be a little more narrow though and slightly less ankle volume for me. Which brings me to my questions. 1) I really don't need the performance of the 2S, but was looking at them because I was under the impression that the Curv Composite would wrap my foot better during baking and provide a better fit and better support. Is this the case? If not, I'm sure I would be just as satisfied with the S29, enjoying the extra cash in my wallet. What are the benefits of Curv? 2) Would the S29s fit the same as the 2S? 3) Does the tightness of the heel pads relax during baking, losing some of the heal lock? This seemed to happen in my last pair of skates but it has been so long I can't remember for sure. By searching, it seems that others have experienced this too. Thanks!
  9. wetwilly17

    Custom Skates / Ice to Inline Conversion

    been awhile since ive been active on here. JR the site admin? thanks
  10. wetwilly17

    Custom Skates / Ice to Inline Conversion

    is there a reputable company in the states that i can ship my boots and chassis to for conversion? only looking for someone who is skilled at the process and not just replacing ice holders. no shops near me. thanks
  11. wetwilly17

    New mission skates

    keep posting guys, i dont have instagram...
  12. wetwilly17

    New mission skates

    looks hideous to me. hopefully there is some product improvement and not just cute colors.
  13. wetwilly17

    new skate help

    just tried on some supremes and they felt good - way better than vapors. how close are missions to supremes? i liked the depth of the supreme boot and the heel lock. forefoot was good. edit: i especially interested in knowing if missions have the same tight heel padding on each side of the skate like the supremes do.
  14. wetwilly17

    new skate help

    thanks for the suggestion. i looked at the verbero but couldnt find reviews of their inline skates. also, it appears that the second wheel isnt recessed, something many were critical of when alkali first came out, prompting them to correct it on their 2nd gen skates. all 80 is tall enough as it is. what about the new tacks that are coming out soon?
  15. wetwilly17

    new skate help

    unfortunately no lhs near me...im currently wearing alkali rpd max, size 8. i love the boot as i was able to mold them for a great fit but they're wearing out. i used to have vapor rx60 but they were too shallow for me and the heel fit wasnt snug enough or deeep enough for my pronounced heel. i have a skinny foot, medium to medium-high volume. the alkali boot wrapped nicely around my skinny foot during heat molding and was great volume-wise. i havent worn missions since mid 2000s when they had completely different fit. inlinewarehouse typically categorizes them as a wider fit. the alkali rpd max were wider also but the moldability allowed them to fit me perfectly. would the new missions mold in the same way? would i be size 8.5 in mission? also, do missions still have the super high arch they used to have 15-20 years ago? that used to kill my feet. any other suggestions for new skates based on my foot description? thanks!