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  1. Leafs equipment sale will be Saturday November 26th at 10am. You'll need to be there super early (3+ hours) if you want to have a chance of being in the first group.
  2. Ah you're right. I was looking at it on a smaller screen. I don't care, I'll take em anyways!
  3. I think you have a problem, and should donate those Caps creepers in the top left to me...
  4. Where are you guys grabbing the Mueller RS' from?
  5. Post a pic when you get it, eager to see what the Versteeg pattern in right actually looks like.
  6. Custom graphics/stick for Marco Sturm.
  7. Miseaujeu, Have there been any further internal discussions on possibly selling some of these patterns as blades only? Dropping the roughly $400 on a stick is a little steep, but I'd gladly pay $70 for a blade with the Versteeg pattern.... Thanks!
  8. Pretty much yeah... I broke my 2011 Dolomite and I'm going through some serious withdrawal... Well, $30 upcharge from retail I believe is what was said earlier. So $300 + $30 + shipping.
  9. Ahhh that explains the difference...Versteeg's stick has a noticeable toe kink at the very end, this doesn't. It's an absolute beauty curve though, I was trying my best to stay away from the stick customizer given that the Widow retail price in Canada is already $300 but you guys just keep dragging me back towards it...
  10. Of course my 2011 Dolo blade had to start cracking last night....as if I didn't want to give you my money already....
  11. Like the grip on the black/grey AK27 shafts...
  12. There is just so much wrong here.... http://cgi.ebay.ca/PRO-STOCK-REBOOK-P87SR-RB4K-HOCKEY-STICK-CROSBEY-85-NEW-/390323034108?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5ae110d7fc#ht_3299wt_1059
  13. Versteeg's curve is a heel curve with a toe kink.
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