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  1. Leafs equipment sale will be Saturday November 26th at 10am. You'll need to be there super early (3+ hours) if you want to have a chance of being in the first group.
  2. Ah you're right. I was looking at it on a smaller screen. I don't care, I'll take em anyways!
  3. I think you have a problem, and should donate those Caps creepers in the top left to me...
  4. Where are you guys grabbing the Mueller RS' from?
  5. Post a pic when you get it, eager to see what the Versteeg pattern in right actually looks like.
  6. Miseaujeu, Have there been any further internal discussions on possibly selling some of these patterns as blades only? Dropping the roughly $400 on a stick is a little steep, but I'd gladly pay $70 for a blade with the Versteeg pattern.... Thanks!
  7. Pretty much yeah... I broke my 2011 Dolomite and I'm going through some serious withdrawal... Well, $30 upcharge from retail I believe is what was said earlier. So $300 + $30 + shipping.
  8. Ahhh that explains the difference...Versteeg's stick has a noticeable toe kink at the very end, this doesn't. It's an absolute beauty curve though, I was trying my best to stay away from the stick customizer given that the Widow retail price in Canada is already $300 but you guys just keep dragging me back towards it...
  9. Of course my 2011 Dolo blade had to start cracking last night....as if I didn't want to give you my money already....
  10. Like the grip on the black/grey AK27 shafts...
  11. Versteeg's curve is a heel curve with a toe kink.
  12. Well he's not signed with them so they don't have the rights to use his name... Slovak is kind of generic but I guess it works..
  13. This is awesome. I was waiting to get an RS but I might have to go this route instead. I'm guessing pricing will be similar to MyBauer?
  14. Those are beautiful mitts Marcelo...
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