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  1. I think the problem is the extra height in general. When I go to turn it feels like everything is flexing under my feet. I am a bigger guy and just think being lower to ice would be more beneficial as well for balance
  2. Hi there, I am skating in the Nexus 8000 with the LS Edge holders and LS3 steel. I am having an issue with what feels like flex in the holder and steel. I think this is from the extra height as I have never had this issue before. I have no need to change steel all the time and was only on the second set from my One95s that were worn out. How much of a problem is it to go back to LS2. The holes should line up correct? Thanks for the help
  3. I love how people try and profit off b reaking there hockey sticks. lol
  4. Loving the old gear. Now thats old school hockey at its finest. Need a leather helmet in there.
  5. Someone on here bought a pair from him. I have been eagerly awaiting a review of them as the price is decent for a backup pair
  6. The starting price is great, but look at the shipping and that just in Canada. haha http://cgi.ebay.ca/Bauer-5000-Helmet_W0QQi...=item25586a0a33
  7. Had a kid like this try out for our team last year. Went 300% in warmups and would fire pucks from everywhere when people were skating through and the goalie wasn't looking. Want an A@@ he was. Needless to say he was cut after the first practice as he was not a strong player, but he did get in a fight over this as everyone on the ice got fed up with these actions. Funny part he kept wanting another shot and would come and watch our practices. Funniest thing I ever heard and seen. Asked the coach if he could get another shot, and a fellow player told him he got a helmet without the big built in earpieces. Next practice he shows up with a new helmet with removable ear flaps. I just about died laughing He still didn't get another shot
  8. I totally agree with supporting my local hardware store that carries hockey equipment and carries a lot of brand names. I live in a small community and we have only one option. The brothers who own the store are great guys that I play hockey with as well. I just received my ONE95's today that I ordered off the internet. I got them baked and contoured at the store. I was only charged for the contour. I offered to pay for the baking as well but they said, we can't get those for you so we will bake them and just charge you for the contour. I think this shows how great a lot of small shops are. I buy everything there and even ask if they can order in something I want. If they cant I am forced to go elsewhere. The internet is a great place for equipment, but i agree we need to support our local shops so they dont disappear
  9. This may be insanity. Seller admits the helemt is cracked selling as is and I am sure you can get one new and uncracked for less http://cgi.ebay.com/RARE-COOPER-XL7-SZ-sm-...=item19b93d12c6
  10. Some people, if Juniors game was that important he would have checked the edges in the days leading up to the game not 15 minutes before it started. But gotta throw the blame somewhere because he and junior both were too lazy to take care of sharpening them before that. Have at least one of those parents on every team, normally those are the ones that end up sitting by themselves. What an ignorant person. Did he even mention that he had broke your picture?
  11. And lets not forget that when something breaks it is automatically your fault for poor quality. This is because you obviously went to work for Easton for the day and made this poor quality bag. Then brought it back and sold it to her. HAHAHA People forget you dont make it just sell it. And at 13 you can carry your equipment, I still prefer the good old carry bag over the big heavy take up too much space in the dressing room wheel bag.
  12. I agree, I recently purchased a pair online as neither store in my area had my size in the One95's. When they arrive later this week I am planning on taking them into have them baked and contoured. I would never expect that service to be free and am fine with paying the extra since it meant I was able to get the skates I wanted. I think people just see the bottom line price on the skates and forget about the extras
  13. Well you are making assumptions that make me out to be an asshole. I wasnt a dick to the guy, i just told him he probably destroyed his kid's skates. The truth is the guy probably thought he could save 10 bucks by doing it at home, and now has likely ruined a perfectly good pair of skates. Save $10? Most stores that I have ever been to never charge to bake the skates if you are buying a new pair from them. It is normally part of their fitting service included in purchase
  14. Ok, maybe I am just weird and like my gloves to match. Thanks for the clarification
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