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  1. I've been told that getting a tat on your ribs is pretty damn painful, any truth? I want to get my fathers initials and was thinking of my side but not too sure of where to get it.
  2. The o-stick was over 200USD
  3. Definitly within the last 5 years or so. And very nice gloves TBLFan
  4. hitting a kid.. ended up hitting my own teammate.. diving much clearing out the net the net was in the way
  5. Too bad it's actually a Quebec plate. They're both yellow..i was uhh..sorta close
  6. Nice Fords and may I add, the Jersey license plate puts it over the top.
  7. THockey...I bow to you..that BMW of your's is just...just...beautiful. Question, you put any performance upgrades into it?
  8. Most if it is done in Caldwell. My grandmother loved passing by the houses that were in the Sopranos. Actually, one man just put up his house that was in it, and expects MORE money for his house just because it was in the Sopranos.
  9. Thought every Varsity game was filmed, thats how it is in almost every rink that has cameras set up here in NJ
  10. The logo is on the opposite leg, his glove is covering it.
  11. Where did you get them? A buddy of mine is looking to pick up a pair for his son. i got them for my jr team, team order Jersey Wildcats? Any chance you're on the Select or MAD team?
  12. It's squirts, he still has time. Time is gone!
  13. Sick helmet/visor RadioGaGa. What's the fit like in terms of other helmets? Wonder how the helmet would look with a cage too.
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