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  1. By the way, the Globe says they also got a fourth round pick.
  2. This makes sense. That actually had eight legitimate defensemen on the roster, meaning two would have sit every game without this trade. My guess is Grzelcyk will be the one sitting the most, unless they trade Krug for a decent winger.
  3. https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/bruins/2018/09/10/zhou-yunjie-helps-bring-nhl-china/fvZ992ZthuJNVAIPH6c4yK/story.html
  4. I've often felt Claude's system is too predictable, but I think he's the scapegoat for this. The roster has too many holes. Worse, they had the chance last year to trade Eriksson for futures, then use those and the other draft picks to replenish the system; instead, they traded for nobodies and diminished the haul from the previous summer.
  5. What Julien was saying, and what I've been saying, is the pounding wears down everyone, particularly smaller players. So if your smaller players are average to slightly above average i skills, and they lack fight — see Spooner — they come and go throughout the season; if they have superlative skills, they generally can produce more consistently, although I wouldn't suggest a whole team of smaller guys. It's no different than lineman in football. If they lack weight, they'd better be outstanding athletes; otherwise, they'll get pushed around.
  6. It took me a while to find this again, but it's not my imagination — some guy is tracking it. The Bruins are the sixth lightest team and eighth tallest. http://mirtle.blogspot.ca/2016/10/2016-17-nhl-teams-by-height-weight-and.html
  7. Interesting quote from Claude, because the fact that it's public suggests he's talking to upper management as much as us. "....speed is always a big part of it. Skill is always a big part of it. But you can’t overlook size. If you’re looking for just speed and all small players, I don’t think that makes it through this league. It’s too much of a grind to expect to win with too many small players. Do small players have their place? Absolutely. If they’re surrounded well, they have their place in it.” I think a lot of people today confuse a desire for size with a desire for fighting, but it's not at all that. I just think bigger teams wear down smaller teams over the course of a game. Unless of course it's the B's against Montreal......
  8. I think the B's reading of the tea leaves has gone too far to the "smaller, quicker, more skilled NHL," because they now have too many Smurfs. If you're small and skilled, you'd better also be tough and sturdy, and be willing to use it. Compare Marchand versus Spooner.
  9. If Marchand has a bout of muscle memory and gets suspended this year, I'm going to be pissed! Excellent game by that line.
  10. If bending loads the stick and allows for harder shots, I've come to the realization I am using too stiff a stick, and I'm starting to wonder whether many others do as well. I'm 5' 7" and weigh close to 220 with decent strength, but after cutting my 100-flex sticks, I have zero bend. Even if I try to put all my weight on top of the stick, I can bend it maybe one inch. I know cutting the sticks isn't helping my cause, but since I'll always have to shorten them, I intend to drop to intermediate the next time I buy one.
  11. Is the prevailing thought that the arms will be too long? I do have shorter arms, but I'm fairly sure my wife can modify the length for me. I just measured my chest, which is 48" and in the range of XXL, so I'm concerned about the Medium pads being sized to fit a 38"-40" chest.
  12. I'm often the relief goalie when we don't have two for drop-in, probably because the equipment fits me. However, the chest protector's arms are getting twisted around, so last time I stung my elbow when I dove to my side. This has led me to get my own protector, but I'd like some opinions on whether I should be buying for height or girth. What I mean is I'm 5' 7", so one of the sites said to buy Medium, but I'm fairly broad across the shoulders and chest and generally need 2XL shirts. It seems to me that the only disadvantage of buying the XL would be the length over my midsection, which doesn't seem too bad, because the current set leaves about a one inch gap between the chest and pants. Yet, if I buy the M, there's the possibility that the straps won't extend wide enough. I'm considering the Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG, because its reviews have been positive and $299 seems like a fair price. Gracias.....
  13. I'm surprised Recchi didn't make it in during a weak class, though it's obvious that the HHOF voters have thought of him and Lindros as borderline candidates. My guess is the knock against Recchi has been his longevity allowed him to amass numbers that hid his seasons were closer to the Hall of Very Good, while Lindros was the opposite; his lack of longevity obscured that his scoring was at a HHOF pace. The Hall has made allowances before for players whose career numbers fell slightly short due to injury — LaFontaine, Neely, Forsberg — so It seemed Lindros might one day be invited, but I thought the dearth of candidates this year would have opened the door for Recchi. For all we know, the voters are planning to bring him in in another year or two, while the classes are still weak. As someone once said, it is just a museum after all, so there is a touch of marketing involved.
  14. That's possible, but I read something that Jim Fassel relayed about his time coaching the Las Vegas Locomotives in the UFL. He said the team gave prime tickets for the casinos to comp their high rollers, but the casinos told them to get stuffed, because they didn't want their best customers leaving the building. So, at least initially, whatever team ends up there probably won't have much corporate help.
  15. If this is accurate, this is a marketing decision -- and a bad one at that. A hot, transient city that ranks something like 43rd as a TV market..... http://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/bruins/2016/06/14/hockey-ready-cash-sin-city/Wf4Kthbwja8TSMDO8YJBDO/story.html
  16. Gordie Howe, AKA Mr. Hockey, just died at 88. My funny story about him happened fifteen to twenty years later. I was visiting a friend and had the following exchange: Tails: "Jason, you remember the time we sat behind Gordie Howe?" Me: "No." Tails: "Yeah, you were giving him and Jean Ratelle grief." Me: "I did?!?" Tails: "Yeah, Ratelle was a scout for the Bruins, so you were asking how he thought the B's would do that year." Me: "Okay, I do kinda remember that!"
  17. If the B's make the playoffs, the good news is they'll feel right at home, because the power play has gone back to being anemic.....
  18. Early in the new year, I told my lovely bride, "If Pastrnak can have a second half like he did last year while skating with Spooner, this team could be totally different." He still has defensive lapses, but he and the trades are helping to change the flavor of the team.
  19. Probably the most fun game of the season. Even if I did fall asleep for the second period.....
  20. I have to admit the new additions have made the roster deeper. Dropping Loui to the third line and Connolly to the fourth seems to have increased the talent of each line, although I'd prefer to see Vatrano rather than Acciari. Twenty-five goals in twenty-five games already shows you're above that level.
  21. That's funny you say that, because I was telling my wife the same thing: "Usually, I'm more optimistic, while he's more the realist....."
  22. chippa, I don't see how it doesn't weaken them going forward if we assume that none of these the players resigns with Boston and they could have pulled off a Winnipeg type trade. I agree that not all players would make the roster, but I read an analysis of NFL picks showing that quantity is a better determinant of the success of a draft than quality of picks. I assume it would be comparable in other sports, because players don't perform to their pedigree. Bergeron and Lucic were second rounders, whereas Joe Colborne and Zach Hamill did nothing as first rounders. So if they made a similar trade as Winnipeg, they would have three first rounders (one likely toward the end), a second, two thirds, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh, plus a young player. Instead, they'll have two firsts, a third, fifth, sixth and seventh, but no young player or second rounder next year. I admit all those numbers are approximate, because I don't want to do the math, but a momentary step back over the next six weeks could have set up the team way better for the future than maybe a second round exit. Owners, Presidents, GM's, Coaches, players and fans have to be honest with themselves. This team wasn't and still isn't a contender for the Cup. It was like they felt they were playing with house money because they had extra picks, but they bet at the five dollar table, meaning they didn't risk enough to win big. Instead, they should have rolled the dice with the player in return and/or Vatrano this season to see if they still had enough to make the playoffs, then pulled the lever and hope that a couple of the picks over these two years pop. This seems like Jacobs said, "You WILL make the playoffs."
  23. They traded four of the seven picks teams are given each year for two journeymen. Someone suggested this was a play to pick up two (or more, if they're lucky) home games, but it weakens the team for the next few years versus trading Eriksson for a player and a pick.
  24. Wow, almost their entire draft for John-Michael Liles and Lee Stempniak? That's crazy.
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