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  • Skates
    Bauer One100
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    Warrior DT1 / Reebok 20k
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    Eagle PPF
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    Easton E700 w/ ReAkt Cage
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    Bauer Vapor XXV
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    Bauer Vapor x60
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    CCM Tacks
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    Reebok 10k
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    Grit Tower

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  1. You don't need to cross grind new skates at all.
  2. The current store I work at is moving to a new location and we are getting brand new everything. Yesterday my manager asked if I could come in and set up the new skate machine. We have a brand new Blackstone triple head machine with the revolver system, new jigs, new shaper system, new spinners, etc. It is really nice being able to use everything that is brand new, and the revolver system seems pretty sweet. Once I got everything set up I brought my skates in to put a 11' radius on them and a slight forward pitch. The machine was great to use, super smooth, and my skates felt awesome at my game last night.
  3. Bauer actually made the one.9 for everyone that wanted the one95 back. It is essentially the same stick as the one95, only minor changes IIRC.
  4. I typically will slowly move the spinner into the wheel until contact is made. Once it connects I wait until the spinner has stopped spinning, then I repeat the process. I sharpen machines at a store and typically dress the stone until the black line that develops on the stone is gone or at least has faded significantly. This may differ for you however since your doing no where near the volume.
  5. That looks pretty bad. If I was going to grab a pair of Mako's I would for sure get some skate fenders. I'm in one100's right now and last game a took a slap shot to the outside of my foot, it dented the boot and my ankle was even bleeding a little bit.
  6. I like step steel more, for the $20 or so more expensive it is, I think it's worth it
  7. XveritasX

    Step Steel

    A few months ago I needed to replace the steel on my one100's. I've heard great things about step steel so I decided to give a pair a try. Edge Retention: Since I work at a hockey shop I sharpen my skates a lot, when I was on ls2 steel I typically sharpened my skates after 3 ice times. With step steel I would say it would be comparable to me skating 4 times on these blades. I know that may seem minuscule, but I like to keep my blades in tip top shape so while I only get one extra ice session, it is still a 33% increase. A couple weeks ago I went on the ice 5x without sharpening my skates and they still felt surprisingly good. 9/10 Ease of Sharpening: Speaking from a skate sharpening perspective, I love this steel. It is my favourite type of steel to sharpen. It sharpens smooth and leaves a great edge. 10/10 Value: Where I live Step steel is about $15-$20 more than basic LS2 steel. So it is about a third more expensive, however I feel it is better steel. 8/10 Overall: I really like my step steel. I'm glad I decided to go with it instead of LS2. I feel there is a big enough difference to warrant the extra $20 if you are looking to replace your steel. 9/10
  8. What skate are you in right now?
  9. I got a chance to try them on this weekend. I am a 8EE in one100's and I would drop down to a 7.5EE in the RBZ if I were to get them.
  10. I think you have the wrong topic. Are you talking about the custom skates from VH Footwear? On another note, I have been really liking the step steel I picked up for my one100's. The steel sharpens nicely and seems to hold an edge longer. So far no complaints.
  11. I completely understand. Luckily I was able to find the sizing guide through my store's dealer portal.
  12. I'm interested in this myself. I have a chance to order a pair for a good price but without being able to try them first. I currently am in a 8EE one100, I tried on the RBZ 80's since my store got a few sizes in and I felt like I could drop down to a 7.5 possibly, but we haven't had that size shipped to us yet.
  13. Typically the senior holder will work with 90% of skates out there. Some of the really small skates, like a 10y may require a junior jig. Most junior skates will work fine with the senior jig.
  14. I like the look of the new logo. I need to pick up some new steel for my skates pretty soon, I am fairly certain I will pick up a pair of step steel. While I haven't used it before, reviews have been great. It's also my favourite steel to sharpen, just feels so smooth.
  15. Well he does have a portable black stone machine in the one picture. He could be using that for FBV. There was a video posted a while back with the Pen's equipment manager and I am pretty sure I saw some spinners in the back ground. I would assume their must be some members on the penguins that use FBV. Last I heard, Crosby was using a 1/2 ROH.
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