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  • Skates
    Bauer Vapor X:60
  • Stick
    Sherwood T90, CCM U+CL, Easton S17, Warrior AK 27, Jason Blake XXX Lite
  • Gloves
    CCM v08
  • Helmet
    Reebok 8k w/ CCM 480
  • Pants
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  • Shin Pads
    Jofa Pro
  • Hockey Bag
    Custom Warrior Team Bag

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    Toronto, Ontario
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  1. what school? looks like the Elmira College color scheme not a bad looking helmet
  2. hahaha thats the funniest thing i've seen on ebay in a longgggggg time
  3. oh my god, those are unbelievable
  4. My Gear Helmet: 5100, 8500, 8k w/ CCM 480 Gloves: CCM v08's, Eagle Paragons Skates: Bauer Vapor X:60 & Graf 705's Shoulders: Itech Something Pants: Tackala Something Elbows: One95's Shins: Jofa Pro Sticks: Total One (x3) One95 (x2), S17, Pro Stock AK-27, Jason Blake Pro Stock XXXX & XXX Lite, Vapor XXX Lite, Pro Stock Vapor XX Cornell University Shaft, Original Synthesis Shaft, Pro Stock Rene Bourque One95, Pro Stock Dan Boyle Custom Coloured SE16, Sherwood T90, Easton ST 10', Pro Stock Dolo DD, Pro Stock X60 Cornell Uni, Warrior Kronik, Custom Painted Reebok 10k
  5. to me, its basically a combo or the ONe95 and x60 its a VERY good stick, highly recommened, very durable, great shots with it nope, i got em for free lol im not quite sure, its rene bourque pro stock
  6. thanks, <$100 great pickup
  7. my somewhat big, gear collection lol sticks: AK-27 09' 2 Piece Jason Blake Pro Stock Vapor 40 Custom Painted Reebok 7k New Graphic Bauer One95 Warrior Kronik 09' Easton s17 Sprayed Vapor XXX Lite Jason Blake Pro Stock Vapor XXX Lite 2-Piece One95 Shaft Sprayed 1st Gen Easton Synthesis Shaft Sprayed RBK Talon Shaft Cornell University Pro Stock Vapor XX Shaft Gear: Vapor x:60's Graf 705's 8k w/ CCM 480 Bauer 5100 CCM v08's Eagle Paragons Jofa Shins Tackala Pants One95 Elbows http://yfrog.com/4odscf0061vj (all 3 pictures accessible from this link) Cheers!
  8. do you know which player that was actually wearing the smashed helmet? i know cornell wears red helmets, so im assuming it was a colgate player..? correct me if i didnt understand
  9. great stick speedz can i ask how much did that run ya? and how long did it take door to door to get?
  10. gorgeous gloves barmish
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