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  1. Find the equipment and go to a pick up session...that's what I did in January and I'm one of the better goalies in our league (I turn 25 later this week too). First off, you're crazy for trying...but then again you have to be a bit crazy to play the position so maybe you're onto something. It's a tough position to get into, considering the costs. I had a good way in because the weekly ball hockey game I was playing in needed a second full time goalie so I bought the cheapest gear I could find and played...poorly at first. For ice though, I have no clue what's the best way but if you access to the gear, just play every practice, pick up session, fill in game you can and you'll get better. Obviously try first, before you commit to anything crazy. I have friends who thought goalie was easy and came out of the game crying that it was too difficult and haven't looked back. If you play and think it's for you, definitely go out and find a goalie class to take. I took 4 sessions with a great goalie and he thought me the basics, properly so I don't make fundamental mistakes and it really does help.
  2. I scored my first goal last week. It was the game winning goal too after being down 3 goals early. Immediately after the game I posted on facebook: yeah...I scored but more importantly I'm super proud of our team coming back and winning. People kept congratulating me and I kept saying, it's all about our team etc etc fighting back and winning and playing hard. I made one comment about how amazing my goal was on some other person's facebook page and now a team mate of mine thinks I have a bloated ego. This is the same teammate that scores a hat trick in a 10-3 loss and celebrates it by shouting it from the roof tops. Same team mate that hounds the statkeeper to post the night's stats sooner, rather than later so he can see how many points he has. So yeah...I score one measly goal and I have a huge ego now.
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